Decorate With Dry Flowers – 22 Alternatives To Fresh Flowers

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Plants are in any season a beautiful decoration for inside and outside. But not only fresh flowers are very popular, but also their opposite: the dry flowers. The unique decorative function has long been known. That is why today we will give this our attention. We hope you will also be fascinated by their unique beauty and use it to decorate your apartment!

Are you a flower lover?

By conserving the flowers, you can make an unusual housing decoration possible. We will not be talking about herbaria today, but we want to put the decoides with dried flowers in the spotlight. Perhaps you will get some inspiration for your own decoides!

Why is decoration with dry flowers a nice alternative to fresh cut flowers?

We all enjoy the gorgeous beauty of fresh cut flowers. But this one quickly goes by with time… There is, however, a solution: it is about their opposite – the dry flowers. Dry and squeeze flowers so that they can be maintained even after they have faded. And the esthetes also appreciate the unique beauty of the dry flowers! So many people put on an original decoration with dry flowers.

Be creative and tie a bouquet of dry flowers!

Dry flowers in a beautiful bouquet

However, it is not just an original idea to decorate with dry flowers, but also a practical one. Through the drying it is possible to use flowers also outside of their season as decoration. And another advantage of the dry flowers: especially people with no green thumb can create beautiful eye-catches in their own home.

A bouquet of dried flowers also captivates all eyes in a preserving jar

Home decoration ideas with dry flowers

By the way, if one hears the term”dry flowers,”one simply imagines dried flowers. But this is a collection of flowers and other gifts of nature, such as branches, leaves, fruits, roots, bark, mosses, grains, pine cones, and lianas. So you can speak of dry deco instead of dry ornamental flowers.

Variety of decoides with dry flowers

Dry flowers can be exhibited in many ways in the apartment: hang them on the wall, put them in preserving jars, arrange dry flower wreaths or arrange bouquets. There are many ways to get some great eye-catchers in the room! With dry flowers you can easily bring a rustic flair to the apartment. Besides, one not only decorated with dry flowers, but spread beautiful fragrances in the room. The dried lavender is a good example of this.

Dry roses are classic!

Leave your creativity free!

Decorate the home decor and decorate the apartment

Vintage decoration for the modern apartment

Home decoration unusual ideas with dry flowers

Weidenruten, wire or even a straw wreath are suitable as decoration for the wall or the door

Home decoration made of dry flowers deco

Fresh cut flowers thus evaluate every single room, but can be replaced by dry flowers during the dwelling decoration. If you are looking for an extraordinary decoration, then you could experiment with dry flowers!

Dry flowers have fancy beauty
Dry flowers in an ostrich
Home decor ideas lavender dry

Dry flowers in glass decals for interior use

Dry flowers creative decors for home
Dry flowers roses also look dried beautiful
Dry flowers themselves to hang on the wall
Dry flowers make for the home decoration
Dry flowers themselves make beautiful decoides
Home decoration ideas with flower vases with dry flowers
Home decor ideas with dried peonies
Living decoration ideas with dry flowers for a spectacular look
Home decoration ideas with dry flowers
Home decoration ideas dry instead of fresh flowers
Home decoration with dry flowers

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