Decorating A Table – Over 50 Spectacular Ideas For Everyday Life And Festivity

Even if the food tastes good, it only comes into its own with the right table decoration. Because colors and motifs combine in different designs and make the table and dining area look different at all. Therefore, we have prepared a rich table decoration inspiration and we hope you will find the most suitable solution for every occasion! Rustic, minimalist, playful or colorful? Depending on the occasion and the season, you can choose this according to your own preferences!

Decorate table according to the occasion

decorate table fresh accents plant floral pattern

Choose the right style

There are so many different deco wishes, the more diverse and attractive they are table decorations ! So you have a huge freedom to experiment with the table decoration, to express yourself or just to reflect tendencies and natural phenomena. So often less is also on the table more!

It is not a must to design a crowded table. Avoiding too much decoration gives you the opportunity to creatively deal with colors and shapes.

So you can make your table look minimalist. Even simple and factual decorations can be really fascinating! Do not completely renounce any decoration! Colors and plants from the interior can be picked up and presented on the table. Thus, the main features of the interior are enriched by the table decoration. Also geometric objects in black or white are perfect for the minimalistic decoration of a table.

If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a beautiful Scandinavian elegance, then you prefer simple materials and many natural elements. Elements from nature such as wooden slices as glass coasters or forest plants in modern vases wonderfully pep up the simple table decoration. So eucalyptus is perfect for the purpose. By small accents you loosen up your objective table decoration outstanding!

Table with a dramatic look

table decorate color contrasts beautiful flowers


Match dishes and accessories

Create a beautiful picture with the right elements

Your table decoration would seem somehow unfinished without a few complementary elements. So are flowers Classic on every table. You can always consider a fresh table decoration, depending on the season, of course! But do not forget that even without flowers vases are great eye-catchers on the table!

The tablecloth is an important part of the table decoration. For example, if you can not get enough of flowers, make a tablecloth with such a pattern. Often, however, the tablecloth is also a neutral base for dishes and decoration.

Bring a fresh flair on the dining table!

combine table decorate white green


Combine the dishes properly! This is often itself a nice decoration on the table! Stacked plates, for example, look great on the right tablecloth! The individual pieces should necessarily harmonize with each other. You could also decorate the cutlery with a binding thread.

The napkins also play a major role on every table! With the right model, you achieve the desired goal. Fortunately, you can choose from so many folding variants that it will find the right one for you! Made of paper or cloth and in different shapes like leaves, butterflies and cutlery bags, there is something for every taste and every occasion!

Let your creativity run free at the table decoration!

Even simple patterns can cause a sensation on the dining table!

table decorating cloth napkins stripes

The colors play a huge role

Determine the color of your table decoration at the beginning! The table decoration has a certain influence on the mood and the appetite, so colors are of great importance. To make darker colors for more elegance and if you want to whet the appetite of your family members and guests and make their mood cheerful, then happy-colorful shades are suitable. For example, purple and green or light blue and mint green are great color combinations in this case!

Pastel colors are also a nice idea with the modern table decoration. These can be combined with modern elements and achieve a beautiful look!

And when it comes to matching color combinations, napkins in anthracite color and white plates are a perfect match! Dark tablecloth and white dishes also create great color contrasts.

And if you decide to make the table in the colors of nature, spice it up with small colored accents!

Objectivity and simplicity create real fascination!

decorate table colors combine small accents

Table decoration with minimalist features

table decorate color contrast gray napkins

Special occasions also require special decoration! Always sit on a nicely laid table! Because this is how you determine the atmosphere at lunch or dinner in large crowds. And that makes eating and socializing more enjoyable! Treat yourself to a delicious lunch or dinner and spend nice time with family and friends!

Darker shades make the dining table appear more elegant

decorate table dark stylish deco ideas

The table decoration exerts an influence on the mood!

table decorate soft accents pink
decorate table garden party ideas rustic style
table decorating gray tablecloth white dishware
Decorate the table to determine the basic color

Table decoration can be rustic and at the same time so cozy!

decorating table wooden table natural colors

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table decorate rich floral decoration black plate
table decorate romantic ideas bright colors
decorate table rustic ideas garden party
table decorate rustic dining table fresh deco ideas

Do without a superfluous table decoration…

decorate the table simply stylishly
tablecloth white tablecloth decorate fresh green accents
decorate table white tablecloth plant fresh
white tablecloths decorate green leaves
decorate the table gardenpartz of course fresh

Focus on naturalness…

decorate table natural flair garden
Decorate table with red stripes
table decorate stylish colors accessories
Decorate the table to create a Christmas atmosphere

Make for a festive mood on the table!

table decorate abundant decoration colored furniture