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When it comes to multifunctional decorative elements for indoor and outdoor use, the planters are regarded as an absolute hit for year-round decoration. The design elements serve as a real eye-catcher in the garden, privately maintained, in many public buildings and pubs, and arouse interest. For this reason, they have also attracted the attention of the designer world. Planters are now available in very unusual shapes, can be executed in numerous colors or can be single-colored and offer us possibilities of use. In this article, our editorial team will work with you to examine the most important details and innovations in planting anchors for the coming year.

Betonoptik – a bestseller nowadays

First we want to start with the popular design, namely with the concrete optics. This type of design has been an absolute bestseller on the market for almost two years and this is not without reason. The planters of concrete are considered to be very durable and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. After the first decoration elements from concrete were presented, many garden owners have worked out different DIY projects with concrete. How to make your own bucket and various concrete figures here ,

Planter bucket made of concrete in various sizes


Planted bucket yourself

If you prefer to make decoration elements yourself, then you have several materials to choose from. In addition to concrete, the wood is among the preferred materials which are very easy to work and shape. You need a shape of wood and varnishing, and you can personalize it according to your own taste.

Particularly creative and perfect as a gift idea are the planters with textures, which you can engrave yourself. Pay attention to the quality of the wood, because after a certain time a possible color loss will be possible without varnishing.

Textures engrave themselves – a trend these days

wood and engraving textures

Where do I place the planter?

Compared to a large part of the decorative elements, there is no free choice when positioning the plant bucket. Of course, you can place the planters everywhere according to your taste, but you also have to think about the indoor plants. It is advisable to place the plants directly on the window or on the window sill. Before you build or buy a bucket yourself, you should have a clear idea of ​​the position. Do not forget that the light for your indoor plants is vital. In any case, avoid dark corners.

The light is vital for all plants

white-flower boxes

Use creative forms when you want to place the planters in the cafe or restaurant. So you will draw many curious looks very easily. Many entrance areas or lobbies are nowadays decorated with extra large planters and thus a welcoming atmosphere is created.

Large and creative shapes create a welcoming atmosphere

big-flower boxes

The decoration is an important part of today’s luxurious interior design. Let yourself be inspired by the most modern planting anchors on the market and create a personalized atmosphere at home.

yellow-color combination



ideas-tips-flower boxes


multicolored designs

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