Feng Shui Bedroom Set Up – What Should You Keep In Mind

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Certainly you have a lot about that Feng Shui rules Heard or read, but never tried to apply it to the setting up of your home? What exactly is it? Are you skeptical? Or do you find the advice is much too impractical for your specific conditions?

Feng Shui bedroom set up – what rules apply here

Feng shui bedroom furnishing candle stones room flowers

Many people have a not very accurate idea of ​​what exactly the Feng Shui teaching is. Setting up a small bedroom according to their rules is not so difficult. We would like to help you to get a better understanding of the term. So you might soon reach the desired results with much less effort than expected.

Quiet and seamless equipment needs to be Feng Shui Bedroom Furnishings Rules prevail:

Feng shui bedroom furnishing wood furniture bed wardrobe

In the first place, one should remember that the rule does not have to be strictly understood. For otherwise it can not be used in many modern premises, such as in small apartments, for example.

In open living areas, interfering influences can be shielded by partition walls

Feng shui bedroom furnished bedside wardrobe

Such a rule states that one could not unite the working area with the sleeping area. What do you do in a single room? If one is banished to this philosophy, always bad to sleep! Surely not. Because you can hide the workspace from a certain point in time by using different tricks. So you have the desired quiet atmosphere. This can help both niches in which something can be pushed in, as well as other flexible furniture pieces. Space separators are a great help.

Mirror in Feng Shui bedroom

Mirror in bedroom feng shui bedroom set up

Mirrors are after Feng Shui bedroom Setting up rules also is not a good idea. Because they are dynamizing the space. So you do not have the stagnation and the peace you need for the perfect rest. If, however, you do not have another room for the chest of drawers and the dressing table and want to lean against this mirror, then please! You just need to find a way so you do not see directly from the bed to the mirror.

According to Feng Shui bedroom setting up rules one must sleep with the head to the wall…

Canopies are always a good solution:

Round beds feng shui bedroom set up carpets floor oriental

If this is somehow bad for you, you should not despair. The point is that you feel a protection and support behind your head. It is also good that you have a view of the room. But you could also feel the same sensation through a room separator or another straight surface behind your head. An interesting and very great solution would be the canopy.

A canopy bed provides more romance and a relaxing atmosphere

Feng shui bedroom set colors baldachin bed sky bed white

If you have shelves, they should be aligned in parallel. Also the cabinets. So masquerade the edges, for example by a blanket.

Smooth surfaces and clear lines correspond to the rules of setting up the bedroom at Feng Shui

Feng shui bedroom set up bedroom bed white bedding

Colors according to Feng Shui Bedroom set up rules

Here one should definitely choose shades that have a soothing effect. In other rooms you can make a bright choice. But what do you do when you have a room? All nuances have a pastel note or transitional form, which has a soothing effect. So consider one such. Or again the same tip: Consider a canopy which blocks all external influences.

Everything that distracts must be placed in a niche and away from sight

Feng shui bedroom set colors white

A contemporary Feng Shui bedroom

Feng shui bedroom furnishing modern white red

Feng Shui bedroom furnishing – the furniture you need

Feng shui bedroom furnishing ideas feng shui rules

Decoration ideas – the Feng Shui symbols par excellence

Feng shui bedroom furnishing side table wood buddha statue

Rattan and wooden elements

Feng shui bedroom furnishing wall deco pendelleuchte nachttisch

A bright and romantic ambience

Feng shui bed sky bed baldachin bed bedroom colors white

The quiet atmosphere is clearly visible in this room

Feng shui bed sky bed bedroom colors white

Bedroom wooden furniture in Asian style

Feng shui bed wooden bed low located bedroom asian style

Feng Shui bed

Feng shui bedroom furnishing Asian style rooms bamboo

Rattan furniture in Feng Shui bedroom

Feng shui bedroom furnishing Asian style rooms

Modern Feng Shui furnishings in minimalist style

Feng shui bedroom furnishing colors pink feng shui bed

A warm accent in red

Feng shui bedroom furnishing colors red feng shui bed

Decent but meaningful

Feng shui bed bedroom colors red wall design ideas

Rattankorb in front of the sky bed

Feng shui bed bedroom heavenly bed

The wooden furniture gives the bedroom a welcoming character

Feng shui bed bedroom wood furniture asian style

Relaxing atmosphere through natural materials

Feng shui bed bedroom in asian style rooms

Love, peace, harmony is our message. And your?

Feng shui bed bedroom wall design feng shui rules

Sunny yellow in the bedroom – why not?

Feng shui bed wall colors bedroom yellow

Green day cover sets the accent in the snow-white bedroom

Feng shui set up bedroom bed wood flooring ideas white

Let the positive energy come into contact

Feng shui set up bedroom bed wood flooring chair

Bedroom fully furnished – consider wooden furniture

Feng shui furnish bedroom bed wood furniture

Combine the natural wood color with red

Feng shui furnish bedroom bed wardrobe

Modern bedroom furniture in black and white

Feng shui set up bedroom bed led lighting

Bedroom wall in warm orange

Feng shui furnish bedroom bed bedroom wall orange

A low-rise bed is typical of the Asian style

Feng shui set up bedroom design ideas harmony

Bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors in dark green

Feng shui furnish bedroom wardrobe sliding doors

Bright green

Feng shui color bedroom wall paint green

Enjoy a relaxed Feng Shui atmosphere

Feng shui rules feng shui bedroom modern furnishing

Green and yellow

Feng shui regulate bedroom set up color green yellow green

The blue color also finds place in the bedroom, as it has a very relaxing effect

Feng shui regulate bedroom furnishing brick wall carpet flooring

What color is your day blanket?

Feng shui bedroom wooden benches bedside wall design

Bed with wooden bed post

Feng shui bedroom set up wooden bed bed post

Bed with roomy upholstered headboard

Feng shui bedroom furnitures upholstered upholstered

Female color accents in purple

Feng shui bedroom set up cuddly soft bedding set

The colored decorative cushions play an important role

Feng shui bedroom furnishing upholstered bed wood chest of drawers

Feel secure in your bedroom

Feng shui bedroom furnishing wall paint green

A dreamlike bedroom for every woman

Feng shui bedroom colors furnishing ideas pastel colors altrosa wall paint

Pendulights over the bed – is that according to the Feng Shui rules?

Feng shui bedroom color green wood furniture bed carpet

Make it cozy!

Feng shui bedroom furnishing color purple baldachinbard gardinenideen

Feng Shui bedroom complete in white

Feng shui bedroom furniture feng shui bedroom furniture

Room green as Feng Shui accessories

Feng shui house plants feng shui bedroom set bed wood floor

Fresh green on white background

Feng shui bedroom sets color green room green plants

Cozy bedroom in a mountain hut

Wood feng shui bedroom wood bed natural light

Bed on a wooden platform

Wood deck bed feng shui bedroom set up

Mint green and brown – a harmonious color combination

Couch bed feng shui bedroom set up wall paint green

Cuddly soft in gray and silver

Couch bed gray beige shades feng shui bedroom set up

Cover for cuddly moments

Rules feng shui bedroom set up ideas daytime ceiling

Bed and curtains with the same design

Wall decoration ideas feng shui bedroom furnishing

Dragon tree in the corner

Room plants dragon tree feng shui bedroom set up bright bedroom

Feng Shui plant plants allow good energy to flow into the bedroom

Room feng shui bedroom set up ideas

Select harmonic colors

Feng shui bed bedroom furniture wooden bed low located

Feng Shui bedroom set up – rules for observing

Feng shui bedroom furnishing feng shui bagua

How to lay the bedroom carpet

Feng shui bedroom set bed carpet flooring

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