Floor Cushions & Co. – The Clever Way To Sit And Loll

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Homely, more comfortable… Floor cushion! They clearly belong to the living-room accessories with the highest comfort effect in setting up and living. Cushions generally stand for comfort, not only during sleep, but also in everyday life – while reading, talking, working or even traveling. Even if you hear the word”pillow,”you think of softness and warmth, peace and relaxation… It is not surprising that decoration and floor cushions are one of the most popular elements in the modern interior design and are designed by many designers and designers Design lovers are very often and gladly used.

Conventional floor cushions and their alternatives

Floor cushions are not the same as floor cushions. Further alternatives, which have different advantages and disadvantages and can be selected individually or in combination depending on the personal taste and the specific requirements, belong to this genus. Today we would like to look at the three main variants of Bodenkissen. What characterizes it? What is the function and characteristics that they have, and why should you choose?

Bottom cushions in all shapes are preferred by many

Corner sofa from seat cushion in colorful colors

The classic floor cushion

It looks almost like a normal Sofakissen, just a bit bigger and more durable. Rectangular, oval or round – everything is allowed and the choice depends on your taste and style. Normally floor pads made of felt, velvet, cotton or another robust and easy-to-clean fabric.

Interchangeable covers are of course always to be preferred. Floor cushions, or even seat cushions, are very handy, especially for smaller dwellings and several unexpected guests, as these can be easily stacked and thus save you a lot of space at home. On the other hand, floor cushions can be laid down very flexibly everywhere.

Floor cushion with knitted covers for even more comfort

knitted floor cushion dull colors upholstery furniture couch

The trendy Pouf

The chic relative of the traditional stool makes itself very well as seating possibility not only in the living room, but also in the children’s or bedroom – even as a side table or storage. Its noble variant is usually leather-covered and has a supple, cylindrical profile. And if you are on vintage, then a few uses are very welcome.

Poufs in different colors and designs

eclectic living room with floor cushion and pouf

The word”Pouf”itself is actually derived from the French and means as much as foot or, to be more precise, seat stools. As a seat, he was very popular in the late 1960s and is definitely back in fashion. Poufs in the different colors and designs are therefore to be found in almost all furniture collections of renowned manufacturers. Especially homely, with a”hygge”touch, poufs with coarse knitwear made of fine wool, like our favorite Urchin Pouf by Thomas Eyck ,

Children especially appreciate the cuddly floor cushions

floor pillow red and yellow living room ideas

Seat bags and oversized mattress cushions

Voluminous from Cordvelours or optimally ergonomic, decorated in stripes – seat bags and cool mattress cushions have become more and more popular lately. Although they occupy much more space, they have sufficient advantages, for example – they can completely replace the sofa in the living room. The same goes for the couch table and why not for the side table and the chest of drawers?

From mattress cushions one can assemble whole sets with sofas and couch table

comfortable floor cushion in living room in bright colors

Common materials for filling

Classic down and feathers are not the first choice when it comes to filling floor cushions. These materials are too delicate and can not secure the necessary sitting comfort on the floor. There is also a lack of stability and insulation. Bottom cushions filled with foam, on the other hand, provide the perfect seating and are extremely ergonomic and healthy. Plastic balls or solid natural fibers are particularly suitable for poufs and seat bags and are no less recommended. Other innovative filling materials have also recently been introduced and provide even more sustainable comfort when sitting on the floor.

Cuddly warm and impertinently cozy in the living room

living room furniture carpet floor cushion patterned

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Here material and care always take precedence. You must never neglect these when buying your floor cushions, even though you are the first buyer of design and colors. Unlike seat cushions, seat cushions are subjected to more intensive use and should therefore be robust and easy to maintain. Please take a closer look at the care and material instructions as you purchase. Consider, especially with the smaller floor cushions, whether and especially where you will keep them. Do you have enough space and are these really the best solution for your apartment? And last but not least, you should also think about whether they fit into your interior and what colors and patterns they should have.

Often, seating furniture with the appropriate decoration and floor cushions is offered

designer seat furniture bodecovers

Carefully maintain floor cushion

Regularly placing the seat cushion in the air and in the sun as well as shaking it thoroughly is part of the care of these useful living accessories. In most of them house dust mites are very comfortable. In addition, molds and other bacteria are quickly found which can harm our health and, above all, our children. As an additional protection, regular washing of the removable covers is recommended, as well as wiping with an anti-bacterial soapy solution, in the case of delicate substances and fillings.

Ethno-style floor cushions are also quite stylish on the carpet in the living room

floor cushions ethno style sisalteppich living room ideas

Create a dreamlike lounge oasis with comfortable mattress cushions at the window

large floor cushion seat cushion striped

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