Hanging Chair – More Relaxation And Joy In The Garden

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The summer with its high temperatures is getting closer and we are all looking forward to spending some time outdoors. With a good Landscaping There is a cozy recreation area where you can relax and have fun at the same time. With a good book or the tablet in the hand one could stay in this place for hours and the everyday stress completely. In the evening you can enjoy a glass of good wine outside and relax. Does it sound like a summer dream? No, all this can be a reality for you this summer, when you choose a suitable hanging chair for your garden. To help you orientate yourself before buying this great piece of furniture, we would like to give you clever and practical tips on the topic of hanging chairs. If you are already interested, then stay tuned and read on!

Perfect seating or anything else?

Garden furniture to the outside with comfortable and modern furniture

Certainly you have seen in the furniture shop many chic hanging chair models. Just do not think that’s something new for the outdoors. No, these peculiar pieces of furniture look back on a long history. We find its origin in the Maya about 1000 years ago. The English word for it was”hamack”and the spanish equivalent”hamaca”.

Both terms can be translated into German as a”thrown net”and thus the function of the former hammock mats as a fishing net clearly shows its effect. Practically one could sleep in such a net undisturbed as it was suspended between two trees. Christopher Columbus was also fascinated by this outdoor solitude, which he discovered in the Bahamas in 1492, and brought the hammock to Europe. Since that time, the hanging chair (still called hammock or hanging seat) finds a wide use not only in the outdoor area, these pieces of furniture are also stylishly integrated into the interior.

Christopher Columbus brought the hammock to Europe

Garden furniture comfortable hammock in the backyard

Size, design and manufacturing materials for hanging chairs

Size, design and manufacturing materials for hanging chairs have also changed, but the main function of the relaxation was maintained. The most popular models are now chic hanging couches that float back and forth on a wooden spreader bar. The models of rattan or polyrattan are preferred for hanging chairs. There is also a seat surface made of fabric or plastic and a cable system made of cords. The dynamic rocking is comfortable, but also extremely relaxing and soothing. But the size of such a piece of furniture is closely related to its design. For models for adults, the spreader bar should be at least 1 m high so that the chair is comfortable. There are also great designs not just for one but for two people. Various materials can be used in the production of this piece of furniture. The Maya used to use fibers from the bark of the Hamak tree for their hanging mats. The classic model is now made of lint-free cotton.

The modern chair fits perfectly to the shape of the body

Garden furniture modern hanger and comfortable seat cushion

Quality is important

The hanging basket chairs made of rattan have enjoyed enormous popularity among young and old in recent years. They are stable and comfortable, the weather-resistant material makes them suitable for use in the sun, wind and rain. Enjoy your time out and spend an unforgettable summer! Moreover, such modern models have a high aesthetic value and are often transformed into a true view in the exterior. Located on the sun terrace or next to the pool, these hanging chairs always attract attention. As is well known, high quality and comfort go hand in hand. So that you feel really comfortable in your armchair, please take note of the fabric used for the cloth surface. For example, weather-resistant synthetic fibers or organic cotton are particularly recommended in this regard. Web density also plays an important role – the thicker and denser the more durable. With such models, you will have a lot of pleasure in your garden chair for many years to come. And we wish you that!

Chic models combine comfort and high quality in one

Garden furniture rattan armchair and magnificent view

Armchair secures more comfort in the garden
Armchairs in the garden and a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere
Garden furniture hammock in the backyard and ample garden plants
Garden furniture hanging around the swimming pool
Garden furniture made of rattan ensure modern appearance and high comfort
Garden furniture basket furniture make the outside area more modern and more comfortable
Garden furniture contemporary hammock with dekokissen
Armchair in the garden for two people
Hanging chairs in the backyard gravel and many plants
Modern garden furniture gardenide with hanging chairs
Garden chair with modern and comfortable furniture

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