How To Design Your Festive Table Decoration In Autumn!

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The golden October delights and warms us with its sunny embrace and we hope this will last a bit longer, despite the inevitable winter cold. It is also slowly becoming time to create a comfortable ambiance in your own four walls. Or as the Scandinavians say beautifully: that Hygge feeling at home. Feel homely and relaxed, not just reading the book in front of the fireplace or drinking tea, but also at the table. That is why it is important to create a moody table decoration in the autumn, especially if you are looking for guests or would like to surprise your own family.

The beauty fall decorating is that the nature itself takes care of it – with magnificent autumn leaves in red, gold and orange, with shiny chestnuts and bright chrysanthemums and of course… with pumpkins!

Create a loving table decoration in autumn

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Bring nature to the autumn table

Yes, the gifts of nature – especially in the autumn. And these are fortunately ample to find around us. Even with a short walk in the forest or in the park, you can already collect a lot of natural decoration elements for your festive table decoration in autumn.

Above all, the beautiful autumn leaves, which were dyed like in an invisible hand in whimsical, warm nuances. You can either spread the leaves loose over the table or insert them into transparent glasses. Placed on tree slices, a table decoration looks fabulous – both natural and puristic at the same time.

The magnificent wintry leaves of the vine vines and their small dark berries are also real treasures, which will embellish your table decorations original. Be careful with the berries as they can stain the tablecloth. Use glass containers or vases for this purpose.

Walnuts, chestnuts and pumpkins – the perfect addition to autumn leaves and candles

dumplings red orange table decoration autumn leaves pumpkin

Other natural decorative elements of your autumn table decoration are chestnuts, walnuts, acorns, moss, dried twigs and mushrooms. Naturally, this also includes autumn flowers such as autumn anemones, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli, heather and Tagetes. This is not only the highlight of your festive dinner table, but also your daily table full of fresh accents and joie de vivre.

Lanterns made of moss, red rose hips and black berries, large, carved pumpkins on cake stands – everything is left to your creativity and pleasure.

Chrysanthemums give your autumn table decoration an unmistakable charm

table decoration autumn with chrysanthemum autumn leaves

As original table cards or decorations for the guest gifts are harder fruits such as apples and pears, autumn leaves, pine cones and chestnuts or mini pumpkins. These can be arranged in different ways and use materials such as parcel, linen, yarn or straw as needed when tying or fastening.

Candles and wind lights – the ultimate mover

It means: to experiment and play with the light! Similarly, as with the lighting design in the rooms, it is also here to create light islands. Particularly long tables should be best decorated with several light sources, so that the contemplative atmosphere spreads all over the table.

If you have more time for the design of your table decoration, you can even yourself Pouring candles or wind lights and fairy lights. Large dumplings can be embellished with cinnamon sticks as shown in the picture below.

Design your autumn table decoration as naturally as possible

autumn table decoration cinnamon sticks apple apple star anise tree

Smell the autumn at the table

The time of the light summer salads is already over and there are some more hearty dishes on the table. A nutty-scented pumpkin cream soup or a mushroom cream soup that tastes of forest, numerous tasty side dishes with autumn berries to meat dishes such as dumplings, charcoals or roasts, garnished with marron sauce: It smells wonderful after autumn and comfort!

Enjoy the golden season with full features and pamper your senses!

Do not forget to take care of autumn-tasting drinks!

table decoration autumn beverages cinnamon sticks autumn leaves

And here comes our concrete proposal for your festive table decoration in the autumn….

table decoration autumn itself design with gourds wind lights

You need:

  • Pumpkins of your choice – best from several varieties and in different sizes
  • green branches as desired – ivy, citronucucalyptus or fir green are ideal
  • lanterns made of glass or self-made
  • a tablecloth made of linen or cotton in a neutral color

If possible, choose the pumpkins in two or three colors

stacked gourds tealights wind table decoration autumn

Place the table runner and the pumpkins on the table

table decoration autumn pumpkins

Then, after your own taste, put the green branches between the pumpkins

green yellow white pumpkins table decoration autumn

Set the windmills here and there between the pumpkins and the branches

table decoration autumn natural materials windlight gourds

In the end your table decoration looks like this in the autumn

table decorations

Make sure you have sufficient space for your guests at the table!

table decoration autumn with gourds

When the weather is nice you can relax in the garden

table decorations autumn homemade gourds windmills natural materials

So a table decoration in autumn is also suitable for a rustic celebration

festive table decoration autumn natural materials

Chests of drawers and occasional tables can also be decoratively decorated

table decoration autumn with floral wind light

A simple table decoration for real purists

windlight table decoration autumn homemade autumn leaves

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