How To Set Up A Child-friendly Living Room

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In the first part of our article you have read about how to make a child – friendly play corner in the Living room set up can. There the children can play and at the same time be close to you. We want to continue with the topic. Our goal is to give you some ideas on how to include in the plan the little ones some games that can not be cost much, be spontaneous, and have fun.

So we escape a bit the main theme, or rather – we extend it! After all, what is the best living room accommodation if there is no room for a great family experience?

The ideas are not only practical, but also totally transformable. Some can also be organized with normal household items. The games, which we show you as an example, can be organized quickly in urgent cases. However, they provide for the satisfaction of the children and thus for the rest of the family.

Living room child-friendly

Living room furnishing nursery playhouse playhouse

game balls

Have you kept your childhood balls? This is wonderful. Using these and maybe from a shoe box, we can organize various great games. On the net you will find many DIY ideas.

Homemade doll boxes

The doll houses bought are expensive and they often get bored with the little ones.

For them or together with their children, make some puppet boxes, which are arranged according to their own ideas and ideas.

Set up a nice game corner!

Living room furnishing child-friendly playpen toys parquet dining table rattan furniture

Playfields for jumping games

The little ones may be the best games that can only be realized outdoors. Some can also be realized at home. For example the jump games. You can, at certain points in the hallway or in the living room, circumscribe some figures with insulating tape.

DIY cars or trains

In the end, we left the most attractive. You will find many ideas for small cars and trains on the net. And that is really the best for many children. And not just for the little ones…

Spend as much time as possible while playing with the little ones

Children's room,

Games for socialization

The listed games are good examples of entertainment of the little ones in the living room. They are also a great starting point for your own ideas.

Handicrafts with children

Living room set child-friendly toys self-made diy ideas

If you want to develop these, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • The child corner in the living room should be designed to be used by several children at the same time: it can serve you when friends or relatives come to visit with their little ones.
  • The mentioned children’s games are good for socialization: they can be played by one or more children.
  • You can find jobs that are universally popular and can include the integration of adults on request.

The games for the living room must ultimately be risk-free for the children as well as for the interior furnishings. Choose only those that do not cause any mess or damage the expensive furniture.

Your children can even help you with the decor

Living room set child friendly furnishings ideas

A small maltafel is not a bad idea either

Living room furnishing childfriendly living room paint games

Or you can design a cozy reading corner

Living room set child-friendly living-room games reading corner

Children love colorful, fresh colors

Children 's furniture children' s carpet children 's furniture

Also choose a cute children’s carpet!

Children 's play area children' s play area children 's play area children' s play area

Soft textures and natural materials prefer

Childrens playstairs

Colorful storage bins and boxes are particularly recommended when setting up the play corner

Living room furnishings child-friendly furnishings colorful fabrics toy shelves

Put soft furniture and supple home textiles in the furniture

Children 's furniture

Carpet floors provide a cozy feeling when playing

Living room furnishing toys playpen residential ideas kitchen corner sofa carpet

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