Hygge Feeling For More Comfort At Home

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The Danish lifestyle trend Hygge is currently on everyone’s lips and is gaining popularity. It easily skips country boundaries and temporal and social barriers, and is also rapidly established in Germany. What Hygge means exactly and what really lies behind it, you will learn here , Today we want to deal with the topic again and give you a few good tips on how to invite the Hygge feeling to your home and create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in your four walls.

Hygge feel in the interior – small things with great effect

After a stressful and dynamic workday, everyone wants to return to their cozy home and reduce the stress in a pleasant atmosphere. According to the Hygge concept, the interior often contains very small things, but they have a great effect on our mental condition. For you to feel more comfortable at home, you can light some candles and enjoy their warmth. The flickering light gives you wonderful hygge moments, whether it’s raining outside, snowing or not. The scent of freshly brewed tea, a piece of home-baked strawberry, the beguiling aroma of mint or rose petals fill the room. This all definitely improves your mood and spreads the Hygge feeling around you.

Bring hygge feeling home

Hygge cozy home design and many candles use

If you think of cozy and warming interiors and perfect, relaxing moments at home, you can not reject the idea of ​​soft textures. Chunky knit pillows, throwing blankets made of artificial fur and fluffy wool carpets give each interior new dimensions. Made from the softest materials such as merino wool and cashmere, these cozy room accessories are very popular.

This Hygge trend makes every moment special at home. Combined with a soft candle light and a burning fireplace, these small things make the soothing atmosphere at home and leave you to forget the everyday stress.

The matching textiles ensure a comfortable feeling of well-being

To create a hygienic feeling at home

And since we are just in soft textures, we just want to encourage you to choose your clothes so that you feel comfortable and warm. From loose tops to wide harem pants, you have a wide range of options to express your personality and style, just after a hard day at the office or for a long weekend. Choose rather subtle patterns and classic colors that are timeless. From practical cotton to soft Kashmir, cozy fabrics are an essential part of the Hygge feeling at home.

Comfort and comfort – two key words for the Hygge style

Hygienic lifestyle and lifestyle

Our special tip: but you should definitely not cover your interior with such cozy stuff. They are just great addition to the decor, just like your favorite photos on the wall or other little things that enhance your mood at every sight.

Just put a few accents

Hygge matching decorative cushions and textiles make the ambience comfortable

Remember hygge feeling is not just for the winter

Hygge feeling is often associated with cosiness. But most people are of the opinion that much warmth, comfort and relaxation belong mainly to winter time. This is wrong! The Danish lifestyle concept can, of course, be enjoyed all year round. Organize your friends and go together in the park where you can Picnic Or Frisbee can play. Take the time to sit long in the sun with your favorite magazine and a cold drink in your hand to experience Hygge in the warmer months. Eat outside in the garden in the friends’ and family circle and enjoy further hygge moments in the summer. Take maximum advantage of the warm sun rays before the next winter recovers and it is time to sit by candlelight and cuddle in front of the TV or the fireplace.

Hygge-feeling in the summer

To organize hygge experiences in the summer picnic

Enjoy the space around you

The central idea behind the Hygge concept is to enjoy the surroundings around you. Nowhere is this more important than in your own home. Each room has to be a sanctuary for you to sink into it at any given moment and to easily forget personal and business problems. In our increasingly stressful life the emphasis is placed on the necessity to escape everyday life as often as possible and to relax. Hygge -Feeling stands up against the digitized outside world. According to the ideas of the Danish lifestyle, the general well-being can be improved by small changes in the everyday environment. So, whatever you do, take the time to indulge in the tiny moments that make you smile and soothe your soul to let.

Enjoy life after the Hygge lifestyle!

Hygge feeling danish life philosophy
Hygge in summer the beach of sand and the sun
Hygge in summer enjoying the hot summer vacation
Hygge in the modern apartment organize common food
Hygge into the bedroom soft carpet plants and white bedding
Hygge in the bathroom soft carpet and yellow accents
Hygge lifestyle living rooms for the living room
Hygge style the new furnishing trend for more comfort
Hygienic style in the bedroom candles and ceilings ensure comfort

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