Hygge – The Latest Lifestyle Trend From Denmark

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In our dynamic and highly digital world, there is a lot of stress and strain on all of us. Every new day still seems to be more busy and hectic than yesterday. Under these circumstances it is understandable that more and more people feel the need to sit back, relax and enjoy the little things in life. This urge for comfort and well-being has never been as widespread as it is now. Sociological studies show that stress levels are constantly rising in many countries around the world. But there is an exception – the Danes. They know how to appreciate the moment of simple happiness and to celebrate the joy of the cozy together.

A cozy corner in the apartment design

Hygienic style furnishing a cozy recreation corner

The Danes have established themselves as lovers of tranquility and new surveys show it again, consistently, they are the happiest people on earth. They regularly receive the title as the happiest nation in the world, according to the UN World Happiness Report. Only in this year, 2017, they were almost overtaken by Norway. However, the Danes remain the absolute favorites in”Happy Living”.

It is often argued that all this is due to the hygge lifestyle of this nation. The concept of Hygge is based on the lifestyle of this Scandinavian people and reflects its feelings and moods. The hottest trend from the cold north is now on everyone’s lips and the news and news about Hygge-Style make headlines everywhere.

The Danish lifestyle is also very popular in Germany. He has spread rapidly in the past few years and crosses national borders and wins new lovers. Hygge spreads wherever its concept affects people. And that happens more and more worldwide!

Certain textiles help to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere

To create hygienic style in the living room

What is Hygge?

The term”hoo-ga”or”hue-gah”is pronounced. It comes originally from an old Norwegian term for well-being. For the first time the word is mentioned in old Scandinavian writings from the 18th century and corresponds to the word”comfort”in German. For Hygge there are no cabinets in terms of time and space. You can live according to this life concept in winter as well as in summer and feel really comfortable. It is well known, in Scandinavia the summer is the shortest season and the winter is always long and ice cold. But precisely these harsh climate conditions have further developed the Hygge ideas. On cold winter summers you like to sit with good friends with warm tea or a glass of wine and enjoy a spirited atmosphere. The Danes have found the balance between work and life and developed the philosophy of life Hygge. They know how to appreciate the smallest things in their environment and to surround themselves with cuddly things. Thanks to this way of thinking, the inhabitants of Denmark, where most of the time outside are cold and uncomfortable and there is very little daylight, remain the happiest people in the world.

Have you heard of Hygge before?

Bring hygienic style to the living room

Frequently described as”cosiness”or”togetherness”in German, the term has no literal translation, so it would be almost impossible to determine exactly what Hygge means. Broadly defined as a feeling or mood, Hygge is more than a specific word. The concept can be interpreted as a mental state rather than a physical one. A few simple words such as cosiness or gathering might not be exactly right to the countless moments of pure enjoyment, such as dipping into a hot tub or enjoying the morning coffee slowly and watching the flame of a burning candle nearby. These are just two of the many examples of Hygge Feelings. You can sit with a good book in your hand on a comfortable sofa or chat around with friends around the fire or the table for hours. Even places can be hygge-like and show how far the idea has come.

This furnishing style is gaining in popularity

Hygge style furnishing ideas for the living room

Hygge is a way of life to create intimacy at any given moment. Normally, this is an opportunity for positively-minded people to meet, to experience their camaraderie, to enjoy the warmth and coziness of being together. A hygge feeling can also be felt alone, for example in the warm home cuddle and drink tea. This relaxes the body and soothes the senses. Hygge is an idea that not only combats the bad weather and skips seasonal barriers, but also social. This is the lifestyle in Denmark and every aspect of Scandinavian life is taken into account by all the people there. That is why the sociologists claim that Hygge has become part of their national consciousness. The Danes have discovered the small joys of life at all seasons, and this is their source of everyday happiness. So they face the rest of the world. Ultimately, Hygge can be understood as a counter-movement to the constantly evolving technological society and its digitization.

Drinking warm tea and reading an exciting book in the cozy home prepares great pleasure

Hygge live nordic life philosophy
Hyggestil create a cozy corner at home
Hygint stil home bring tips and ideas
Hygge in the living room furnishing and decoration in this trendy style
Hygienic style in the bedroom comfort and quietness
Hygge living room with decorative cushions and ceilings create cozy atmosphere
Hygge lifestyle a whole life philosophy
Hygge style comfort-create by a fireplace at home

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