Kitchen Back Wall – Which Spray Protection Variants Are Available?

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Kitchen backdrops have long been a must in the modern kitchen! They do not only have a nice look, but are a functional complement, which can not be dispensed with a clean and orderly kitchen. Tiles, glass, stone… A truly wide variety of materials, textures and colors leaves nothing to be desired. Because this design element deserves enough attention in the kitchen furniture, we will give an overview of its design possibilities. Are you taking part?

The beautiful contrast between back wall and kitchen cabinets makes this modern kitchen look wonderful

kuechenrueckwand fancy texture white stylish

The kitchen back as an important element in the kitchen

The function of a back wall is to protect the rinsing and cooking area from water and dirt. Because it costs a lot of effort to clean the walls after cooking. In contrast, back walls are much easier to handle.

That is why the opportunity arises to cover the walls in this area. Which one could be selected? It is entirely up to you…

Wooden furniture in combination with white kitchen cabinets is the focus of this kitchen

kitchen kitchen white kitchen cabinets

Stylish solution for a functional kitchen

kuechenrueckwand ideas kuechenrueckwand pictures schoene wallpaper

Wall tiles or glass back wall

The so-called”Fliesenspiegel”are a wonderful example of a country-style kitchen. When deciding to use wall tiles for the kitchen backboard, you have to be aware of something: cleaning the joints takes a lot of time and effort. However, in the case of tiles in a larger format, fewer joints are formed. Nevertheless, glass backings are often used as a seamless alternative nowadays. These are easier to clean and provide a modern kitchen look. Printed back panels also give the great opportunity to bring a very individual touch into the kitchen design. Because you could also make a glass back wall with a favorite photo made…

Simple wall tiles…

kuechenrueckwand white metro tiles color contrast

Mosaic tiles are an excellent way to convert the kitchen into a special room. The modern metal look of many mosaic tiles captivates the view and so the back wall turns into a real eyecatcher in the kitchen.

Spectacular back wall in metal optics

kuechenrueckwand ideas metal optics mosaic light kitchen

Modern back wall with beautiful texture

The areas in the kitchen, which are dirt-resistant, can also be clad with panel systems. These can be made of laminate, wood, stainless steel or glass. They correspond quite well to the modern vision of contemporary cuisine.

Another alternative for the kitchen backboard is to dress it with the same material as the work surface. For example, wood, plastic or stone can be used. If both are also in the same color, one ensures a particularly harmonious interior design. If, however, the back wall and the work surface are different in their colors, one places cool accents in the modern kitchen. Plastic and artificial stone are particularly easy to care for. Natural materials such as real wood and stone are more costly to use.

Some kitchen backcovers impress with modern optics of the kitchen back wall….

kuechenrueckwand fancy design modern lighting

Wallpaper for the back wall

Ensure easy care and more hygiene in your kitchen by dressing the back walls with a matching wallpaper! This gives you the great opportunity to lend your kitchen its own charm. The infinite variety of wallpaper patterns allow you to create a harmonious kitchen design or to create beautiful effects.

Kitchen back wall design with wallpapers

kuechenrueckwand ideas wallpaper fresh pattern

The modern appearance of kitchens makes the selection of a suitable back wall necessary. There is a border between work area and kitchen cabinets, or a harmonious whole of backboard and work surface. The amazing variety of materials and designs for the modern kitchen back makes it possible to create unusual kitchen designs…

Carefully select the color of the kitchen tiles


At first sight quite simply, but so attractive is this kitchen rear wall design!

mosaic tiles white plants

Kitchen back wall ideas for a cozy kitchen

kitchen wall tiles neutral colors
kitchen freshness ideas holiday mood
peeled back by plant peppers
kitchen wall greenery wall tiles kitchen country house cozy
kuechenrueckwand ideas country house style kitchen kitchens
kuechenrueckwand ideas marmoroptik kuecheninsel flowers
kuechenrueckwand ideas spiegeloberflaeche white wall tiles
kitchen white kitchen ideas
kuechenrueckwand ideas mosaic browns
kuechenrueckwand ideas mosaic tiled blue barstools
kuechenrueckwand ideas rustic cozy
kuechenrueckwand marmoroptik stylishly practical
kuechenrueckwand beautiful texture white beautiful color contrasts
kitchen wall stone modern kitchen
kuechenrueckwand stone optics beautiful color combinations
kitchen design stylish marmor look
kitchen wall tiles wall tiles blue accents
kitchen wall warm kitchen orange wall paint
kuechenrueckwand world map dynamics in the interiors
kitchen country house style
kuechenrueckwand white gray freistehende kuecheninsel

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