Kitchens Design, Which Has Proved Itself In Time – 30 Unusual Kitchen Designs

In modern kitchen design, the latest trends in kitchen design are often reflected. Before you start to renovate your kitchen or re-create your own kitchen, there are a lot of questions in mind. However, there are also tendencies which are based on classical kitchen design and which fulfill this with modernity. These are just the kitchen signatures, which have passed the test of time and are now trendy again. Such kitchen design is now the focus of our interest and forms the subject of this contribution. Should I set up my kitchen super-modern or prefer a classic design? How many kitchens do I need? Is a kitchen island now a must or does it rather disturb the kitchen work? Questions about questions…. Today we try to give such doubts an argued answer. We present the trends in kitchen design, which have lasted for a long time. Be rather pre-warned: Just because something is trendy, it does not mean that it always remains in the design. The trends come and go, they enormously enrich every design concept.

Modern kitchen design – what comes, what goes?

Kitchen design in black with kitchen island and unusual deco

Open ground plan

Small rooms are depressing, they are totally out! Now a new kitchen design is required! Straight lines and clear shapes prevail in modern kitchen. The floor plan must necessarily be open and the border between cooking and living space disappear. Tear down walls and forget the small, isolated kitchen space: Open lay-outs are here to stay.

The modern lifestyle is based on intensive communication, which is why one strives to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere when cooking. Every kitchen work appears to be childish. Open kitchen floor plans encourage communication and entertainment in the family and friends’ circle even with food preparation. Consider the space available before renovating and you can decide for yourself whether there is one L or U shape – Kitchen best fits. One line could serve as a kitchen island and can be perfectly integrated into your design concept. Is not that great?

An open reason has prevailed as a classic kitchen design

Modern kitchen open kitchen in white and brown

White kitchen and warm wood nuances combine

White kitchens Will never go out of style. White remains the dominant color in kitchen design. This contributes enormously to the fact that the space is optically enlarged. The wall design, kitchen worktops and cabinets can appear very elegant in white. A few color pigments are necessary in order to break through the monotony. Wood can be combined perfectly with white. To meet the classic kitchen look with modern touches, you can put on a wooden flooring or choose floor tiles in wood optics for your kitchen. Wood brings a lot of warmth and comfort into the kitchen design and that will not change soon!

White – the most popular color in the modern kitchen

Modern kitchen in white with kitchen island

Quartz stone worktops are now in fashion!

A classically designed kitchen could appear in new splendor. Let the constant scrubbing, it belongs to the past. Quartz stone kitchen worktops are now in high gear! These require less care than granite worktops and have a timeless charm. Their shimmering surface is less dominant than other materials. With these indisputable advantages, the quartz stone kitchen tops are a long-standing trend.

Quartz stone kitchen worktops are practical and attractive at the same time

Kitchen design quartz stone work surface in black and stylish kitchen cabinets

Innovations are in demand in the kitchen

Load the modern technology into your kitchen! Innovative kitchen appliances, usually built-in, make your kitchen work easier. They do a lot for you and are of great benefit to every housewife. From the built-in refrigerator to the dishwasher to the integrated oven, all these appliances are among the must-haves in the modern kitchen. The induction cookers are, for example, super trendy. They are safe and aesthetically pleasurable, cooked faster and more energy-efficient. So, there are many reasons for the fact that the induction cooking plates are not to be thought away from the modern kitchen soon. And something else: rust-free steel will continue to prevail in the world of kitchen appliances. Due to its neutral color shading, it can easily be inscribed in any style of the kitchen. That makes him popular and popular.

Set up your kitchen according to the latest trends in kitchen design

Kitchen design modern kitchen with lots of work space and cool barstools

Modern fittings facilitate the kitchen work

Kitchen design minimalist kitchen in white

Kitchen cabinets – pros and cons?

The debate about the successful number and arrangement of the kitchen cabinets continues. Without doubt, they are indispensable in every kitchen design, as the kitchen cabinets offer enough storage space. This can always be used well, right? Now, however, there is a new trend in kitchen design and it is called minimalism. According to the motto”less is more”, the upper cabinets in the modern kitchen are replaced by open shelves. There you can display timeless objects like old porcelain and polished silver. There is also news on the cabinets. These must have drawers as deep as possible, where the necessary kitchen utensils are kept. So in terms of kitchen cabinets you have a lot of design freedom. You can decide for yourself what suits your kitchen best.

Extra deep drawers are now in!

Kitchen design modern kitchen with open plan

LED kitchen lighting is the trend!

Finally, we look upwards and try to find out what’s new in the vertical plane. First we want to draw your attention to the room ceiling, because it is often neglected in the modern kitchen design. The classic exposed bars are currently high in the course. These can be designed in such a way that they can be perfectly integrated into a modern design concept. And get the necessary LED deckspots, spotlights, LED chains and other lamps that make up the entire LED lighting. This will soon not turn out from the fashion trends of kitchen design. Think about these trends in kitchen design and you can not go wrong with your modern kitchen design! Guaranteed!

Brighten the work area in the kitchen with matching LED lighting

Modern kitchen on small area with led lighting

The modern kitchen must be bright

Modern kitchen with modern lighting and unusual kitchen backdrop

From the ceiling to the flooring, your design concept has to be cleverly devised

Kitchen design in white and brown

Kitchen worktops made of quartz stone have a timeless charm

Kitchen design quartz stone work surface white kitchen furniture

“Less is more”- the minimalist basic principle has determined the trendy kitchen design for years

Modern kitchen apartment with open plan
Kitchen design in white with kitchen island
Kitchen design kitchen cabinets and open kitchen shelves
Kitchen design with wooden wall shelves and pendulums
Kitchen design with white kitchen cabinets and stylish floor tiles
Kitchen design modern kitchen with cool lighting and many barstools
Kitchen design open plan kitchen in white and green
Kitchen design white kitchen with wood floor
Kitchen design white kitchen cabinets and beautiful work surface
Modern kitchen open plan kitchen with dining table and pendellamps
Kitchen design white kitchen with open wall shelves

Modern kitchen flooring with wood optic and beautiful kitchen back
Modern kitchen functional kitchen design and beautiful surfaces
Modern kitchen in minimalist style
Modern kitchen with built-in appliances is a functional solution
Modern kitchen with wood optic and led stripes
Modern kitchen with minimalist look
Modern kitchen with black kitchen backdrop and white flooring
Modern kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and floor covering wood optics