Living And Furnishing In Ethnostyle

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The world to have guest in their own four walls? No problem! You can do this with furniture and living accessories in a trendy ethnic style. It is not for nothing that this style of living is so popular and more and more favored by many innersign fanatics. It brings an unmistakable archaic exoticism, which provides soothing tranquility but at the same time also brings distant lands so close to us. Smooth shades, which appear visually very harmonious, a certain mix of different styles and epochs and noble natural materials let the senses float and the soul dangle.

The A and O of the Ethnostyle

What actually makes the Ethnostyle as a living trend out? We would like to take a closer look at this today. How does this style of design make the hearts of many designers and design fans beat faster and what is the secret of a wanderlust eraser?

Basically, in such a room, the influence of the colonial style, which brings together the living world of the North African Berbers with that of the South African peoples or the indigenous inhabitants of Peru, is clearly felt. The Ethnostyle can be combined perfectly with contemporary living accessories and small furniture, making it even more appealing and more effective. Even white-painted walls provide a harmonious contrast and serve as a neutral backdrop for the further ethno-production in the room.

It is best to arrange smaller decorative items in groups

ethnostyle living room african

Natural materials such as wood, cork, rattan, clay and leather are therefore indispensable for the ethno-interior design. They stand for proximity to the earth and look comfortable and relaxing both optically and haptically. How about a successful combination of a filigree Hairpin Legs side table, a comfortable wooden chair and the chic leather pouf”Duravel”- as can be seen in the photo below?

Fine materials and soft colors ensure comfort and comfort

An African-inspired, floating seat design by the Dutch artist Chiel Kujil

Ethnostyle can also be quite colorful…

As a backdrop for the magnificent color noise, neutral and warm natural shades are used again. This makes the bright colors even more expressive. A great example: colorful berber baskets. These have originally served as storage vessels and nowadays also make themselves as vases and decorative items perfectly in the house or on the balcony.

With such color pigments, the rest of the device can be held more calmly

set up in the ethnostyle dining room

Not only colors, but also patterns are quite daring at Ethnostyle. Graphic, geometric and organic patterns can be seen all over walls, pillows, carpets and tiles. These often have a symbolic meaning and additionally ensure a certain dynamic in the premises.

Black and white: The timeless classic from Africa

Blackened wood, dark yarn or porcelain in black and white with graphic patterns on it – quite rustic and clearly African. At the same time, the two non-colors in combination with wood tones and modern wire furniture look elegant and noble. Contrary to all assumptions, black and white in the Etno style does not look boring and cold, but very homely and inviting. The following examples illustrate this visually.

Berber wreath with graphic patterns in black and white

ethnostyle crockery and decoration black and white

The solid wood accessories collection by Maria Föster for Zanat

African lights in ethnostyle

Woven carpets in black and white striped combined with patterned kitchenware parts

living room furnishing ideas ethnostyle


The Ethno-Style is a multi-faceted living room that gives your home guaranteed homeliness and gives an adventurous touch. It is not a homogenous style, but rather a successful mix of different styles and epochs. Naturalness and comfort are always a priority, while new concepts and modern design are not neglected.

You will find more inspiration here ,

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ethnostyle ideas from wood and rattan

Colorful patterned and left out – decorative cushion in ethnic style

dekokissen chair in ethnostyle

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wall design in ethnostyle

A colorful feast of the senses

living accessories ethnostyle

Exotic houseplants round off the whole

living room in ethnostyle

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ethnostyle furnishings in the living room

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ethno style lanterns windlichter servierbrettkissen

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berber bedspread in wool bedroom

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