Living Room – The Food Preparation Had Never Been So Pleasant! – 40 Ideas For Modern Kitchen Design

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Combine a functional kitchen design with the high comfort of the living room?! The modern design of the apartment makes it easy to connect the kitchen with the dining and living areas. Of course, if the conditions of the interior architecture allow! This is a very popular design concept and can be seen in many modern apartments. This is also the reason why we pay extra attention to the living room.

Modern kitchen concept in white

Open kitchen with white furniture and green accents

What is typical of this residential concept?

A large space is therefore necessary to create a nice living room. This would not only be possible in a large floor plan. Even on limited space, this kitchen design is the perfect solution: apart from the kitchen row, you also need a dining table.

Fortunately, small kitchens can be enrolled in a larger living space. A folding table is just right there. One has a cooking, dining and living area in one. Comes so practical, does not it?

Even small rooms can be furnished modern and functional according to this principle

Living room on small area with modern working surface

The open plan has always been very popular. But what makes a living room? When designing it, one should consult an architect first. Modern materials and chic fronts give the room a nice look. There are not only kitchen appliances and cabinets, but also sofa, couch table and living room cabinets. Therefore, try to achieve a uniform overall picture! Cooking and living areas should harmonize with each other. Only in this way can the kitchen turn into a comfortable place for the whole family!

Provide room dividers, which optically separate the areas from one another

Open kitchen with chic wall design and hanging lamps

Choose the right furniture for your living room

Even if it sounds easy to create a living room, it is in fact not. An exact room concept is required if you want to enjoy a homely home. The selection of the right furniture and its coordination is decisive for the comfort of the home. Today, cooking is viewed as a hobby rather than a duty. For this reason, the design of a room is necessary, which promotes this process and makes it more pleasant. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with family and guests during cooking. Even a kitchen party is no longer impossible!

Open plan in minimalist style

Open kitchen in stylish colors and textures

Open kitchens are trendy and functional

Open kitchen with plants and white wall tiles

All electrical appliances and all kitchen accessories must be placed in the cooking area. There should also be enough space in the kitchen. The dining table is also a key piece of furniture in the living room. Often, dining tables also fulfill the function of working tables. So be prepared for a suitable model! A corner bench or a kichenofa are further furniture, which is perfect in the open kitchen. A kitchen counter or kitchen island with bar stools is another option.

Make yourself comfortable in the living room!

Open kitchen with cooker and bench

Stylish ideas for contemporary cuisine

Open kitchen modern white kitchen island with wooden barstools

Create an appealing interior design

A beautiful home kitchen does not work properly without a decent decoration! Plants naturally write beautifully in a residential kitchen. Bookshelves, on the other hand, give the space individuality. The living room can be lent by a series of decoides its own character. A wallboard, for example, is not just a decorative idea, but also a highly functional complement.

The modern apartment appealing

Open kitchen modern kitchen design with crisp colored elements

Even by the illumination of residential kitchens one could put beautiful effects in the room. Be careful that all the worktops are illuminated well enough. You can also set beautiful accents by using LED lights.

What are the disadvantages of residential kitchens?

The openness of the interior design encourages socializing, but is also the reason for some inconvenience. Actually, the only downside of a residential kitchen is the free spread of odors. Fortunately, there is also a practical solution for such cases, and these are the modern hood extractors.

Make yourself a living room and connect cooking with family life

Living room on large floor with chic wall design and modern flooring

In the living room a great emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication. Kitchen work and family life go hand in hand here! The food preparation had never been so pleasant! So you have high living comfort through a living room!

Open kitchen with shining floor and beautiful deco
Open kitchen with small kitchen island dining area and dark floor tiles
Open kitchen with chic kitchen island and functional kitchen cabinets
Open kitchen with white furnishings and cream floor tiles
Open kitchen with white kitchen island and stylish dining area
Living room dining area with corner sofa and round table
Large living area extra dining area
Living room in beige with nice lighting
Living room in brown with living area with light blue sofa
Living room in dark colors and lots of space
Open kitchen in bright colors and fancy room ceiling
Living room in white with blue accents and carpet floor
Open kitchen in white with wooden accents
Living room small dining area
Living room small kitchen with dining area and plants
Living room small room area with functional department of the areas
Kitchen living with dining area and kitchen corner
Living room with functional kitchen island with lots of storage space
Open kitchen yellow walls and dark kitchen furniture
Open kitchen kitchens with wooden furniture and mosaic tiles
Open kitchen with gray kitchen cabinets and living area with leather armchairs
Open kitchen with modern living area in gray and yellow
Open kitchen with kitchen corner and built-in lights
Open kitchen with kitchen island and floor tiles
Living room with large work area and dining area
Living room with small stylish dining area
Living room with rustic dining table and modern chairs
Living room with white kitchen island and blue living room
Living room modern open kitchen with beautiful lighting
Living room chic dining area and trendy living area with green carpet
Living room dining area and dark flooring

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