Loving Table Decoration For An Even More Refined, Culinary Experience

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As is well known, the eye always eats. That is why we should not only care about the taste and quality of our daily food, but also about the right table decoration when dining. Only when the food is eaten in peace and a pleasant atmosphere can it achieve its healthy and energizing effect for body and soul. Especially on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas or New Year, the right table decoration plays an important role for the wellbeing of your guests and family.

Place the table sounds quite simple. However, if you are looking for special occasions that you really value, you should follow some important rules as well as creativity and time. They will certainly assist you in arranging the festive table.

Table decoration lovingly

spring flowers as table decoration

We have listed five of them for you:

  • Always ensure sufficient free space on and at the table
  • Place a placard, which remains in its place until the last turn and serves as a placeholder
  • Arrange the cutlery according to the order of the menus next to the plate – from the outside to the inside
  • Always place the glasses above the knives – the order of use also starts from the right to the left
  • Position the napkins correctly – in the beginning on the top plate and then on the lap or left on the bread plate

Extra tip: The thumb rule

In order to make everything optically and ergonomically a bit more accurate, you should always leave a gap between the cutlery and the edge of the table as well as between the plate and the edge.

You will find more useful tips and tricks when you can set the festive table here ,

Stylish, puristic table decoration with white lilies

white lilies as minimalistic table decoration

Design your very special table decoration according to your own ideas

When choosing table linen, materials, dishes and other table decoration items continue to suit your own tastes and personal preferences and check out the remaining examples from our picture gallery! These serve as an additional aid and inspiration source when arranging your table.

Beautiful table decoration with pomegranates

pomegranate green leaves as table decoration rustic

Get even more inspiration from nature!

Table accessories for every occasion can also be found online, for example at the westwing , Rustic stoneware or fine porcelain , Linen or silk napkins, fresh flowers of the season or artificial flowers – the decision is only yours. In addition, each season offers its very special gifts of nature, which you can use quietly at your table decoration. In addition to flowers and autumn leaves, chestnuts, moss, apples and mini berries, you can also enjoy plenty of natural treasures. Used with great sensitivity and imagination, these will make your festive table simply stunning and unique.

Have fun decorating and have a good taste!

Delicious table decoration idea for autumn

gourds as table decoration

Delicate carnations in ice waffles – fresh and imaginative

ice cream and carnations as a birthday table decoration

Simple table decoration made of fresh flowers with DIY touch

fresh flowers in wooden box as table decoration

Less is often more!

New Year table decoration with white plates and fir green
table decoration self-made tealight lavender diy ideas

Delicate pinks and violets have a lightening effect and also promote appetite

fresh flowers pink fabric pastel table decoration
roses orchid table decoration in glasses

Sometimes only a single flower is able to create good humor at the table

fresh flower as table decoration

… or even a succulent

succulent dumplings as a rustic table decoration

Original table decoration ideas for vintage fans

rustic vintage table decoration with white candles and old candlelights
vintage table decoration from old paper

Or are you more inclined to gold and silver?

silver gold plate fresh flower table decoration

table decoration diy ideas golden cutlery white plate

Egg sweets and artificial flowers are also to be underestimated in decorating the Easter table

easter table decoration with flowers and mini eggs

If you like it exotic…

table decoration with orchids and white stones

Puristic table decoration for Easter with gifts of nature

table decoration for easter with mossprings and easter eggs

Decorate the festive table with Christbaumschmuck

christmas decoration table decoration with cookies and christmass jewelery

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