Modern Furnishings – The Patina Effect In The Interior

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Old furniture from past years often evoke strong fascination. This is mostly because they tell stories… For this reason, patination is very popular as a design tool not only for furniture and accessories, but also for walls and ceilings. The patina effect makes the modern interior appear spectacular and gives it its own character. The patina look can not only be authentic. You can achieve this yourself by using oils, wire brushes, sandpaper, coffee and yoghurt (when it comes to furniture and accessories) and by appropriate wall techniques (when it comes to the wall design). We give you great examples plus 50 ideas on how to set up your own apartment modern and achieve the patina effect. Find out how to incorporate the patina effect into the modern interior design, giving you more inspiration for upscale home design!

Modern furnishings and living does not rule out patina effects. If you want to get a vintage look or you want to add Shabby Chic elements, you can rely on patinated furniture and home accessories certainly! But you can also combine wall plaster with patina and modern furniture quite successfully and thus ensure a great eclectic look…

Modern set up with care on a beautiful wall design

Modern decorating patina effect wall design

Patina wall paint is a hot trend

Patinated walls are trendy and attractive. Wall plaster with patina effect or simply wallpapers with patina look make it possible to give the modern interior design an authentic aura of the past. The patina walls are beautiful accent walls that add some dynamism to the interior design.

There are numerous wall design techniques, suitable for every style of living: rust effect, metallic effect and weathering effects are just some of the alternatives. The wall is finished with different layers of paint and glazes to achieve the desired effect.

The patina effect on the wall irresistibly captivates the view!

modern decor living room wall paint patina

Put accents with patina in the modern living room

modern furnishings modern living room fireplace patina effect

Furniture and accessories with patina look

Everything old has a wonderful charm. That’s why pieces of furniture with a patina look are so popular. It is not always about authentic furniture and decorative items, but you also patinate yourself furniture and accessories. Artificially created patina effects are so similar to real ones! So do not hesitate to place an old cabinet in the living room or put a flower pot with patina next to the modern living room sofa! They certainly provide real eye-catchers in the interior!

A massive cabinet with patina makes a strong impression next to this elegant sofa…

modern furnishings living room cabinet patina effect

Mason jars with blue patina are a great accessory in the modern home

Modern setting jars of blue patina

Also the kitchen island can have patina effects!

modern decorating home decor kitchen kitchen island patina effect

Old objects have their beauty… Are you also a fan of used looks? Then you have many options to bring an authentic flair in the interior of the living room, bedroom or dining room. The patina effect is always a good solution if you want to modernize and still give the interior design an individual touch!

Patina accent wall makes the bathroom a fancy place!

modern set up bathroom accent wall white bathtub plant

Set accents in the modern living area

modern furnishings accent wall fireplace patina effect

Give the bathroom a vintage look

modern furnishings bathroom wall design patina effect

Wall panels with patina effect enhance the bedroom

modern furnishings bedroom furnishings accent wall patina effect design
Modern decorating beautiful corner with patina wall color wall lights
modern furnish front door patina effect
modern furnishings furniture patina effect dresser
modern furnishings modern fireplace patina effect

Also, the exterior facade looks beautiful when it gets an outdated look

modern furnishings patina effect exterior facade
modern furnishings modern apartment patina effect
modern furnishings patina effect flowerpot living room
modern furnishings patina effect dining area accent wall
Modern interior patina effect interior staircase

Furniture and accessories with a patina look make the modern sleeping area more comfortable

modern furnishings patina effect living ideas bedroom
modern decorate bedroom patina effect wall paint
modern home decorating kitchen patina effect küchenrückwand
modern furnishings living room fireplace patina effect
modern furnishings living room mantel decoration patina effect

An old chest of drawers with patina evokes fascination

modern furnishings antique dresser patina effect
modern furnishings antique patina blue patina furniture
modern decorate bathroom design patina wall design
modern decorate bathroom ideas patina effect

The patina look can also give the room a luxurious look

modern furnish bathroom wall design wall paint patina effect
modern furnish dresser with patina effect mirror
modern furnish bathroom design patina effect
modern set side table with patina
modern home office patina effect wall wallpaper

An old dresser inscribes itself in different furnishing styles

modern furnishings dresser original patina
modern contrasts create modern furnishings antique elements
Modern decorating metal patina effect wall design
modern decorate patina wall paint white pieces of furniture floor
Modern decorate patina wall paint living room ideas

Patina look and several patterns provide a fascinating interior

modern decorate beautiful living patina effect
modern decorating beautiful patina patina effect metal look
modern decor beautiful wall design patina effect living room
modern furnishings living ideas living room patina effect accent wall
modern furnish living room ceiling patina effect

Minimalist and effective design the modern apartment

modern decorate home interior patina wall wallpaper
modern decorate trendy wall design patina effect
modern set up wall design dining room patina effect
modern furnish wall design living room patina effect
modern decorating living room design wall design patina effect
modern decor living room wall decoration patina effect
modern decor living room wall paint patina effect

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