Modern Sleeping Couch Is The Absolute All-rounder At Home

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No matter if you have a large or small apartment, it could happen that you are surprised by unexpected guests. Then you could suddenly get into a stressful situation: the available space is not enough, just the sleeping places are too tight! Do not forget in such moments, there is always a way out! Again, we can help with a great idea to avoid such”clamps”! At the same time, we offer you a real all-rounder for the small or big home and it is called modern sleeping couch. For a detailed research on the Internet or a tour of the furniture stores, you can easily find this super-practical and versatile furniture. It offers comfortable sitting space, its sleeping capacity is always highly appreciated and it writes great in every apartment. Even more, the modern sleeping couch is a must in the everyday life of the practical thinking people.

The sofa bed offers comfort and relaxation in the modern apartment

Sofa couch modern design create comfort through pillows and ceilings

You might find this multifunctional piece of furniture under different names. Apart from sleeping couch, it is still called sleep sofa, function sofa or day bed. Some even prefer the names of bedsheets or sleeping couches. Under Sofaliege or Liebesofa it is also to be found. It is always a practical all-rounder, which fits in every room and the decor in every apartment can spice up a lot.

The sofa couch can easily be integrated into your interior design, it never looks superfluous and bulky because its practical advantages predominate. Do you want to learn more about this modern and multifunctional furniture? Then stay with us and let yourself be surprised!

Often, day beds are real eyecatchers in the room

Sofa couch modern daybed in yellow leather

The modern sleeping couch has history

The modern variant of today’s Sofacouch has ancient ancestors. Even in antiquity, the people, the prosperity of this versatile piece of furniture, knew
estimate. The ancient Greeks and Romans spent a great deal of time during their lively conversations. In ancient Egypt the sleeping sofa was also known, there it was used mainly for relaxing moments in the afternoon. Interesting is the fact that these pieces of furniture were even used during the meal, which is something strange to us in the 21st century. It is important in any case that the practical seating and sleep functions of the Liebesofas since the antiquity are known to the people and are appreciated. Now it seems to be self-evident that such a piece of furniture also has its place in the modern furnished apartment, right?

The sleeping sofa is a functional piece of furniture

Bedroom modern ideas for living and children's room

What are the advantages of the modern Schlafcouch?

In our dynamic everyday life it often happens that you want to relax from time to time or a little nap between. You need a modern sleeping couch at home. In every living room there is enough space for this practical piece of furniture. Whether you want to read your daily newspaper or relax with an exciting book in your hand for a short time, the Schlafcouch is at your disposal and offers the best in sitting and sleeping comfort. After a stressful workday, you can take off your shoes at home and gather new strength for a few minutes on the sofa bed in the living room. This piece of furniture is also used well in the children’s room. There you could create a small resting place, where young but sometimes tired parents can close their eyes.

Enjoy the rest after an exhausting day

Living room living room modern furnishings with red lounge chair

In the hot months, the sleeping couch is an absolute must on the sun terrace or veranda, where you can rest during the day undisturbed in the open air. This piece of furniture has become so popular in our everyday life that it even has its place in the home office. You do not have to be a psychiatrist to use a sleeping couch. It offers comfortable seating for visitors and guarantees you a real relax after hours of work on the PC.

The sleeping sofa is used in every modern room

Sofa couch homeoffice with functional daybed

Practical thinking – that is the motto in the design of the modern sleeping sofa

This means that the advantages of the modern, upholstered sleeping sofa are not exhausted. These multifunctional pieces of furniture can be quickly transformed into comfortable sleeping places from comfortable seating arrangements. The latest models are elegant, extendable and have a bed box. That is, they have enough space. Various items, but predominantly bed linen, which is not used during the day, can quickly and easily disappear in the bed. Not to mention the space-saving function of these pieces of furniture. They look elegant and can complement the sitting set in the living room. They occupy little space, write themselves very well in the guest room and in urgent cases can easily be converted into comfortable sleeping arrangements. So you can give your guests enough space to sleep and relax. Or do you prefer to keep this feature for yourself?

Modern design with retro-vision

Living room living room modern daybed in brown

Hopefully we were able to convince you so far of the many advantages of a sleeping couch. If you need more inspiration, then take the time to look at our picture gallery calmly and admire the great designs of modern sofa couches. Here you will find the models you often dream about.

Have fun browsing through the editorial team!

Sleeping couch unfinished daybed in beige with white pillow
Sofa couch elegant design and several functions
Sofa couch fomfortables daybed in white in a cozy atmosphere
Sofa couch functional furniture pieces for more comfort at home
Sofa couch functional daybed with dekokissen
Sofa couch light color and comfort
Sofa couch in soothing color with blue side table
Sleeping couch in a cozy living room
Sofa couch decorated in black with cushions
Sofa couch in white with beige living room sofa combine
Green sofa bed and chic side table
Sleeping couch in white and zebra carpet combine great
Sofa couch comfortable bed sofa with colored dekokissen
Sofa modern living room with zebra carpet
Bedroom couch modern and functional recreation area
Sleepcouch itself make diy furniture
Sleeping couch itself in white with striped mattress
Sleep couch two functions in one
Living room living room day provides more comfort
Comfortable living room next to the fireplace
Living room living room modern white daybed and scoops brown living roomofas
Living room living room orange pattern and many dekokissen
Living-room living-room super comfortable sofa with dekokissen
Living room living room brown sleeper sofa and green living room sofa

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