Moroccan Carpets Create A Unique Feeling Of Space

There are textiles without which one somehow feels that the furnishings are unfinished… For this reason, carpets are an indispensable home accessory in many interior designs! Because carpets fundamentally change a room! They create a feeling of comfort and perfection of the interior. Moroccan rugs are very much in fashion! That’s why we want to draw your attention to this today. Just look at the following picture gallery! It would not be weird if you fall in love with these carpets too!

Moroccan rugs fascinate with their colorful design!

Moroccan rugs colored azilal rug

How do you recognize Moroccan carpets?

Morocco is proud of its century-long web tradition. These North African rugs are genuine unique items because they are usually not created in mass production, but the mothers in this country pass on the knowledge to their daughters. Handmade without pattern, they are made of high quality wool and typically geometrically patterned.

However, commercial productions are made of cotton or synthetics, or even produced mixed. It used to be used as a sleeping pad. The patterns of the rugs in most cases symbolize love, happiness and nature and come in the colors blue, red, orange, yellow and purple. The Moroccan rugs fit in different interior styles, but in a Scandinavian interior, these come out to best advantage.

But how do you differentiate an original Moroccan rug from a handmade one? Not only on the price of course! Also, because well-knotted knots are visible at a distance from the bottom of the rug. The quality of the wool itself is different.

Beni Ourain rug with black diamond pattern

Moroccan rugs bright design colored living room furniture

Brilliant colors make a Moroccan rug even more beautiful!

Moroccan rugs colorful inviting attractive

No Moroccan carpet is equal to the other…

As mentioned above, Moroccan carpets are never the same! But not only that makes them unique and special. In terms of Moroccan carpets, there are different types of carpet. They all have something in common, but a different charisma. So are Beni Ourain carpets, Azilal Carpets and Boucherouite Carpets soft and fluffy and provide a comfortable living, but visually they differ significantly from each other. But while Beni Ourain rugs are white or cream-colored and embellished with diamonds or symbols of soft dark lines, the other two types of carpet are characterized by a much more colorful design.

Beni Ourain rug in a super modern living room

moroccan rugs arne jacobsen chair plank floor

This Moroccan carpet makes for a really cuddly feeling!

Moroccan rugs Boucherouite style colored fresh

So, if you want to buy a new rug, be sure to consider a Moroccan rug! These high quality vintage rugs bring an African flair to your home!

Complete the carpet with other patterns

Moroccan rugs beni ourain rug many different patterns

Moroccan rugs in the Beni Ourain style are not dominant in the interior design

design Moroccan rugs Beni ourain living area

Simply inspiring design!

Moroccan rugs Azilal style stark colors

In a retro living room, a Beni Ourain rug looks great!

Moroccan rugs Beni ourain rug leather armchair seat cushions
Moroccan rugs Beni ourain white black diamond pattern
Moroccan rugs Boucherouite style plant rocking chair
Moroccan rugs noble design Beni ourain style
Moroccan rugs elegant carpet runner living area

Pick a pattern that can be beautifully combined with other textiles

Moroccan rugs colored rustic dark gray sofa colored throw pillows
Moroccan rugs colored vintage look cozy
Moroccan rugs colored designs beautiful home accessories
Moroccan rugs colored design retro pieces of furniture
Moroccan carpets bright colors cosiness

Modern living room with vintage carpet

moroccan rugs bright design blue sofa beautiful pillow pattern
Moroccan rugs cozy reading corner
Moroccan rugs pink accents colored furniture
Moroccan rugs pink pattern fresh elements
moroccan rugs red carpet black armchair

Broken white and blue make the rug irresistible!

Moroccan rugs beautiful pattern brown leather furniture
moroccan rugs scandinavian flair light gray sofa
Moroccan rugs stylish vintage carpet hallway
Moroccan rugs stylish living room dark flooring
Moroccan rugs vintage carpet modern side table

Create a nice room climate through a Moroccan carpet!

Moroccan rugs white black pattern hallway set up ideas
Moroccan rugs white living room bright living room sofa
Moroccan rugs home decor living room stylish deco
Moroccan carpets Living room Cozy design
Moroccan carpets living room bright decor