Multifunctional Furniture Combines High Aesthetics And Practical Design

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Through clever tricks and tips you can transform the small space into a fully functional living space. This is a main concern of modern designers and house residents. The following models for multifunctional furniture show wonderfully how such a thing can work.

The inspiration comes from the English-language magazine !

Work table integrated chair multifunctional furniture

Just a table or a table and a chair?

Sometimes you will certainly need chairs at home, but in a big part of the time they only take a seat. The solution could be such a great table, if a chair is integrated in these at the same time.

The integrated boxes can also serve as a wonderful storage area.

Bed and sofa multifunctional furniture

Bed, sofa or a comfortable seat with modern design

The next fabulous piece is called”Break”and is one of the most wonderful works by Meike Langer. It consists of a wooden frame and 5 large cushions, which can be unfolded. It was represented at IMM in Cologne 2012.

Recessed drawers

Multifunctional furniture: step ladder with integrated surface

Both the stepladder and the surface are often needed. And especially in small apartments, they are very functional. This is why a minimalist multifunctional piece will be well-written in every modern apartment.

Wall frame with integrated room for organization

Frame / Folding work table for a small apartment

Multifunctional furniture can also fulfill a decorative function. This is how it looks with this square frame, which can be folded out to serve as an additional working or storage area.

Wall shelves


We also see a related concept for these shelves. They can be folded out individually or at the same time and serve as a storage area or for other purposes.

X legs for a table multifunctional furniture

Folding X-table

Folding X tables are some of the most practical multifunctional furniture on the market. These can be set at different heights. At the top of the screen, you see a model of this type.

Ottomone with five different seats

Ottoman that can serve as one and 5 seater

Do you have a small apartment, but would you like to invite guests? Where should one go with the chairs, which one does not exactly need? The designer of this ottoman has a solution. We have a very clever jam here: In this ottoman you have 5 seats. Depending on the case, you can use them all. Afterwards, they are hidden in the ottoman again, saving space.

Caffeetically with mechanism to lift

Coffee table with a lift up mechanism

In small apartments, often one and the same room often have multiple functions. For example, The living room also as work space. Yes, but how do you create such a thing when you have space for only one table? The lift up mechanism of this multifunctional piece of furniture shows a possible solution. Depending on the case, use it as a coffee or as a work table.

Clothes hangers various variations multifunctional furniture

Convertible wall shelf

Next, we present an idea for the corridor. In a small apartment, the practical furnishing of the corridor is particularly important. If you have a comfortable and well-appointed entrance, the whole feeling of the apartment is a lot more pleasant. If you have little living space, such solutions as this transformable shelf are simply the best.

Seat with storage space multifunctional furniture
Chair and storage space multifunctional furniture

Seats with integrated storage space for books

The following two versions show sofas with an integrated surface. In both cases, they are mainly intended for books and documents.

Concentre de Vie for Campeggi mWohnlandschaft and sofa

Sofa and living area

Do you want multi-point furniture with an ultramodern design? The following residential landscape should be perfect for you. It can be used in various interiors. Also the colors are ideal for a modern apartment.

Shelf of several multifunctional units
Chair and storage space can be transferred multifunctional furniture

Steel Stool

As a last step, we will present you with a very genius modular article. Such multifunctional furniture brings a double and triple benefit to your home. What do you need right now – table or bookcase?

Multifunctional furniture is one of the most brilliant and useful inventions of modern design. Making these more convenient and useful is a major concern of the modern interior designers. What do you think of our ideas? Are you looking for similar solutions on the market soon or are you trying to realize similar DIY projects yourself?

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