Naturally Living: Practical Furnishing Tips And Inspiring Ideas

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Living, but please, of course! For it does not only us humans well, but also our environment. At the same time,”living naturally”is also one of the most popular living quarters this summer. Rattan, wood and shades of white are on the rise! It is also no wonder, in view of the negative effects of electrosmog and the pollutants in many furniture and home textiles. In healthy living you should start with the construction of the residential building. That’s why Ecological building Already a hot topic. However, the natural lifestyle is also of fundamental importance. How to set up? Which materials and fabrics are preferred for furniture and home textiles? What should you watch out for when buying? What about the colors and textures?

Natural living is healthy and sustainable

Solid wood furniture dining table dressing room furnishing

For all these questions, the styles of furniture are the Scandinavian style or the Far Eastern Feng Shui Of great benefit. These near-natural furnishing concepts impress with simple refinement and homely simplicity, and are gaining in popularity.

Materials, colors and textures

In terms of”natural living”, natural materials are simply recommended.

Natural stone, wood, cork and marble for the flooring or work surface in the kitchen, uncoloured cotton and leather for the upholstery, glass, rattan, wool and hemp for several living accessories and decorative elements.

Covered colors and fine textures

Living room natural furnishing plaster furniture white cooktop flooring

Choose not only muted and neutral colors like cream, white, brown or beige, but also more fresh colors like coral, celadon green, azure blue, nude or supple pastel tones according to your personal taste. In this way, you will not only amaze your living ambience, but will also introduce more dynamic and cheerful mood into your own four walls.

The haptics and contrasts in the surfaces are also not to be underestimated. For example, open concrete walls with parquet or Floor boards made of real wood combine. The interior is very comfortable and harmonious, giving the room a refined touch.

Tip: Do not varnish the wood surfaces but glaze or oil them. Thus the wood retains its ability to breathe and improve the room climate.

Harmonious contrast ensures more comfort in the room

establishment of ideas living room-course-live-deep-pile carpeting-upholstery-open-brick walls

Home accessories and decoration

If you want to live naturally, you should generally adjust to less – less furniture, less decoration… On the other hand, you should concentrate on optimally functional objects. This is definitely the case: less is more! Look at cheap furniture, home accessories and textiles. In the end you will not only save the environment, but also your bag – assuming you get the appropriate quality for your money. High-quality furniture and living accessories initially require a higher investment, but they always pay off later, because they are extremely durable and age even in a noble way.

Natural wood and genuine leather go hand in hand with natural living

Natural wood dining table white leather chairs dining room set up

In other words, everything that is handmade has a clear priority in this style of living – crockery in the handmade look, knitted, woven, coarse rope or fine wire mesh… according to your own taste and personal preferences.

Tip: It would be best to prefer only those products which are derived from regional production, are free from pollutants and are manufactured and sold according to the principles of fair trade.

Avoid contamination

Speaking of pollutants! Unfortunately, you can not really see and smell them in most cases. Unlike cigarette smoke, which is immediately noticeable, the harmful substances from solvents, plasticizers or adhesives are mostly hidden in wall paints, paints, building materials, cleaning agents and many plastics. These are logically delivered to the room air and then inhaled or absorbed by the skin. Numerous, unpleasant allergic reactions as well as headaches and circulatory disorders are the result.

Plastic furniture or those made of chipboard are, Eg almost always a safe danger with regard to the pollution load. Solid wood furniture, on the other hand, is largely unobjectionable in this respect and is particularly recommended for healthy living.

Noble, high-quality solid wood furniture bring more comfort and comfort

Solid wood furniture antique natural living décor 2017

For wood furniture and home accessories, however, you should always consider the origin and the processing of the material. The best choice is to choose such woods that originate from native, sustainably managed forests. The oldest environmental quality label in Germany” The blue Angel “As well as further quality seals such as FSC and PEFC, provide greater clarity and, above all, greater consumer safety. In this way, one decides for socially and environmentally compatible products and thus also simultaneously minimizes its ecological footprint.

Tasteful and simple

Couch day ceiling floor lamp

Tip 1: Regularly carry out blasts – at least 3-4 times per day – and avoid airing through tilting windows. In this way, the indoor air is exchanged more effectively by fresh air and the room climate is noticeably improved.

Tip 2: Also make sure you have the right house cleaners as the perfect air cleaner, even if you have no green thumb. These bind dust and pollutants and enrich the room air with plenty of oxygen. In addition, plants give your home an appropriate dose of genuine nature and comfort.

Consume less, but higher quality! Decide for”natural living”and create a healthy wellness oasis in your home!

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Look for furniture and home textiles of good quality

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