Open Kitchen – 44 Ideas On How To Set Up The Kitchen Trendy And Super Functional

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Open kitchens are popular because they are modern and functional. If you are in the process of setting up your kitchen, we advise you to: Plan a living room! So you’ll enjoy a nice kitchen sign that is also particularly advantageous. Why?! Below we will mention the amenities of an open kitchen.

The living room – fresh, trendy and practical

What should you watch out for when designing a living room?

If you decide to create an open kitchen, you should make detailed thoughts about the room concept in advance. It plays a big role that the kitchen forms together with the dining or living room a whole. In both cases you should be careful about two things: a well-functioning hood hood and a uniform look.

The optical uniformity between the two areas is a must. This can be put into practice by matching color combinations or repetitive motifs and textures.

The open kitchen and the dining area in the same color scheme

Before deciding on a living room, you should consider carefully whether the room conditions allow you to realize an open plan of living. But the living quarters are a great solution for the modern apartment.

Cooking is more fun in an open-plan kitchen

The living room gives you the great opportunity to talk with family and guests even during cooking. The cooking does not have to be interrupted, even if children need help for their homework. Moreover, children are never left without control. One can therefore conclude that cooking in the open kitchen is more pleasant than in the classic, often closed kitchen sign.

Modern kitchen with a fresh flair

Living room in white spacious and stylish

The living space is enlarged in quality

In fact, one not only cooks in the kitchen, but one lives here. For this reason, cooking in the open-plan living area can be described as a multifunctional occupation. The functional design of the room is therefore of fundamental importance for good living comfort. Draw an appropriate arrangement of the kitchen furniture And appliances, since cooking requires enough free space and easy access to everything necessary.

The living kitchen modern lighting

Open kitchen small kitchen area combined with dining area

Living kitchens can appear in different ground plans. One or two-line cooking sign is next to L-, U- and even G-shaped kitchen possible. A freestanding kitchen island is a popular element in interior design. It offers additional working space and even more space. Of course, there should be enough room to make this design concept work well. In small kitchens you are therefore integrated a peninsula.

Super modern living room with minimalistic features

Beautiful kitchen design in stylish shades

Open kitchen in neutral colors and with beautiful lighting

The operating noise in the cooking area, which can also be heard in the living or dining room, could be a small disadvantage of the open kitchen, but these can also be avoided if one insists on silent kitchen appliances. But the advantages of the kitchen are really numerous and are a good reason to opt for one.

Create stylish color contrasts in the living room

Living room white kitchen cabinets and black living room sofa

The color duo white-black is also a classic in the furnishing of the living room

Open kitchen bright flooring and black kitchen furniture

White kitchen with brown accents

Open kitchen in brown white with hanging lamps

Quite comfortable and stylish

Open kitchen trendy and functional solution for the modern kitchen

In a residential kitchen, a high value is placed on the communication

Open kitchen with white furniture and stylish flooring

Open kitchen with exposed beams on the ceiling

Open kitchen in country house style with beautiful room ceiling and beautiful chandelier

A functional kitchen island provides great relief in the modern kitchen

Open kitchen small living room with nice color contrast
Open kitchen with stylish flooring and ceiling lighting
Open kitchen with functional kitchen island and stylish textures
Open kitchen with gray kitchen island and brown kitchen tiles
Open kitchen modern open plan with green accents
Open kitchen modern and functional kitchen area with floor tiles and kitchen island
Open kitchen nice color contrasse and cozy atmosphere
Open kitchen with cassette top and dark flooring
Open kitchen beautiful patterns and neutral colors
Open kitchen stylish furnishings and plants for freshness
Open kitchen to combine stylish colors and elegant decor
Open kitchen stylish kitchen in dark brown and pendulum lights
Open kitchen stylish kitchen furniture and plenty of open space
Open kitchen stylish furniture and crass accents in yellow
Open kitchen stylish and spacious the kitchen area
Kitchen and living room functional kitchen corner and carpet
Living room cozy atmosphere and fresh ambience
Living room is a practical solution in the modern apartment
Living room small kitchen with comfortable dining area and beautiful flooring
Kitchen kitchen in white gray
Living room with round dining table and floor covering with wood optic
Living room modern and fresh and decorated with plants
Living room open plan modern kitchen facility in white
Living kitchen stylish kitchen furniture and beautiful wood optics
Living room advantages and disadvantages
Living room in stylish brown color schemes
Kitchen living room with freistehender kücheninsel
Living room small kitchen with brown kitchen cabinets and light blue living room sofa
Living room small kitchen combined with dining area and living area successfully
Combined kitchen and dining area
Living room with dining area and small living room in brown white
Living room with white kitchen island and pendulum lights
Living room stylish small kitchen and elegant dining area with gray chairs
Living room with cool color contrast
Open kitchen in white combined with dining
Living room cozy kitchen with open plan
Living room with rustic dining table and beautiful wooden floor

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