Rustic Wooden Walls At Home – 30 Examples Of Eyecatching Wall Design!

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The wall cladding made of wood is a trend that nowadays does not lose popularity and popularity. For one places great value on an interior design, where one can feel the proximity to nature and wood is perfect for it. Not simply wood is however in the modern interior announced, but rustic optics in particular!

A piece of nature must have the modern home and wood certainly contributes to it! Whether as a suitable material for the furniture, for the wall covering or flooring, wood gives the room a specific character and more comfort and naturalness. We are dedicated to the wall design with wood and in particular the rustic wooden walls. Everyone can agree that walls best impress the interior decor.

Rustic accent walls can also be chic

rustic wooden accent wall in the minimalist living area

Wooden wall cladding in a rustic look

Proximity to nature radiate wood walls, but they also seem to be eye-catching! Through a special surface treatment, the natural grain of wood panels is better exposed. This way you get a nice look from the old, fruit or colored wood. Sunburnt planks, rustic wood panels or chopped old wood, wood is a good solution for anyone who wants to invite nature to the home.

Particularly in the living room and bedroom, a rustic wooden wall makes for a spectacular appearance. Not only in private apartments is the rustic look striking, but also in hotels, bars and other public buildings. The rustic surface of wooden walls has a distinctive charisma. There are several options, such as the wooden wall. Relief walls made of wood, wood panels for gluing, tree slices… You have a really big selection available.

Rustic wood paneling excels in a white ambience

rustic wooden cozy living room with wooden wall

Living room with rustic wooden wall

Wood is used in the interior of the living area. This can be predominant in the interior design or can only be set as an accent. Walls are decorated with wood; There are several possibilities for design: to decorate the living room completely in wood or to create two accent walls at the same time. Also with stone one can combine wood and provide more comfort in the living area. A wooden wall living room can then be brought into the limelight by color contrasts. Wooden walls can be really eyecatching!

Wood paneling in dark colors ensures more warmth in the interior

rustic living room living room for real eyecatcher

Rustic bedroom design

The bedroom is another room where rustic wooden walls look great. In country-style bedrooms, these are even a must! The sleeping area benefits only from the warm and natural radiance of this material!

Wooden accent wall makes the roof room a fancy room

rustic wooden wall in the bedroom

Rustic bedroom design in neutral colors

rustic wooden bedroom country house wooden accent wall

Rustic wooden walls in the bathroom

Yes, in this room you can create real highlights by using the wood! Above all a rustic wooden wall evaluates the interior design in a natural way. Combine the wooden wall design with bright colors when you are looking for a harmonious bathroom or bring out the accent wall through elements in black.

A relief wall captivates the view in the bathroom

rustic bracing beautiful accent wall in the bathroom

Bathroom in rustic look

rustic wooden wall design in the bathroom

The noble look with rustic character of wooden walls fascinates in its own way. If you would like to stay in a naturally furnished and comfortable home, you will meet with a rustic wall cladding with wood…

Highlight the wooden wall cladding by means of works of art

rustic wood-paneled wall cladding in wood in the living room

Unusual ideas for the wall cladding in the living room

rustic wooden furniture unusual ideas for the living room wooden accents

Furnishings for the hallway in the country house style

rustic wooden walls in the hall
rustic living room design
rustic holzwaende the modern corridor
rustic holzwaende provide for more comfort

ideas to rustic wooden bathroom wall cladding with wood
ideas to rustic wooden colors and eyecatching
ideas for rustic wooden furniture modern bedroom design

living room with rustic wall cozy living area

living room with rustic wall modern interior design with rustic accents
living room with rustic wall rocking chair and colored accents
rustic woody accents in rustic style
rustic wooden furniture for the wall design in the living area
rustic wooden bathroom wall design ideas wall cladding of wood
rustic wooded accent wall in the living room
rustic wood-paneled wall decor makes the living area comfortable
rustic wood-paneled modern living area with cool accent wall
rustic wooden bedroom country house unusual accent wall
rustic wooden living room accent and fireplace
rustic wooden living room furnishing ideas fireplace and stones

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