Scandinavian Lagom Style Facility: The Newest Trend In Sweden

The latest trend for Scandinavian furniture is Lagom. After the great hype surrounding Hygge, it is now up to the Swedish lifestyle to be invited into their own four walls. And this is highly advisable, because it is actually about the Swedish way of living relaxed and balanced. It is well known that the Swedes are some of the happiest people in the world and have long since proven that they should be followed as role models.

Scandinavian institution to Lagom

The word lagom itself means something like:”not too much, not too little, but just right”. Of course, finding the golden mean is not a completely new life concept. Already Aristotle spoke of it and Buddha has so beautifully expressed it in his world-famous saying:”If you stretch a string too hard, it will tear. If you make her weak, you can not play on her.”

So far, only a few have managed to integrate this way of life into all areas of life. Lagom now gives you a greater chance of doing it. Today we are mainly concerned with Scandinavian furniture after this trend. What are the basic characteristics of Lagom and how can you translate them into a stylish, relaxed atmosphere at home?

Scandinavian institution with optimal feel-good factor

5 basic rule of the Lagom furnishing style

The Scandinavian institution in general is characterized by some basic characteristics that should be maximized if possible. Only then can the maximum effect be achieved. Which are the five basic rule of the Lagom, you will learn in the following lines.

# 1 neatness and cleanliness

Good order and hygiene are the nuts and bolts of every successful household. Because only then can you always keep the perfect overview and at the same time take much less time in tidying and cleaning. In Lagom, therefore, this principle is the basis of all others. How to clean up efficiently and sustainably, you can read about in our article the Konmari method read.

Good order ensures a better overview in life

Scandinavian interior light wood white walls

# 2 balance and harmony

In order to feel well and happy in the long term, it is most important to feel an inner balance and to achieve it in all areas of life. This is to create the living through organic shapes and clear lines as well as perfectly adapted lighting. Nothing can be too much or too little. Intuitive calm and restraint are the beneficial result here.

Symmetry in the interior brings more harmony

Scandinavian interior design bedroom ideas

# 3 Natural materials and neutral colors

Of course, the colors and materials used also contribute to the desired harmony. Wool, linen and silk are particularly popular in the Scandinavian interior and are preferred by many. Light wood, rattan and stone are also widely used in the Lagom Wohntrend. The best colors here are the neutral and the earthy. Especially white, cream, brown, taupe and gray in all its nuances are among the most chosen in Scandinavian living.

The ultimate Lagom living experience

Scandinavian furnishing living room ideas lagom style

# 4 Optimal functionality

Furniture and home accessories are optimally functional in Scandinavian Lagom because they should be of benefit to people and make their lives easier. Exaggerated decorative elements or unusual design are simply out. Understatement and functionality are at the top of the list. At first glance, some of these furniture pieces become inconspicuous highlights in the interior.

A good example of this is this retro armchair in gray

# 5 Sustainability and fairness

Finally, or in the first place, the Lagom style of furnishing stands for sustainable thinking, not only from an ecological point of view, but also from a social point of view. Furniture and home accessories should come from certified organic materials and be fairly traded. DIY projects, recycling and upcycling are also very popular at the Scandinavian Lagom-style facility.

When buying, always pay attention to the appropriate quality seal

Scandinavian interior with natural materials


Mediocrity is not always easy. When it comes to housing, this certainly succeeds with the latest trend Lagom. The Scandinavian furniture in this style has long been favored by many and provides in homes and apartments for more comfort and harmony. There is even a Lagom Magazine and Ikea also has many suggestions and practical tips in their project”Live Lagom”. Also invite the popular trend into your home and enjoy a balanced living, which ensures more inner peace in your life.

Have fun setting up the Freshideen-Redaktion!

Scandinavian furnishing lagom in the living room

Natural lightness Scandinavian style

Scandinavian furnishing langom diy furniture

Wellness oasis in gray

Scandinavian furniture in gray tones

A few discreet color accents provide more freshness in the room

Scandinavian furniture in bright colors
Elegant Scandinavian furniture in the living room
Scandinavian furniture living room dining room ideas

Stripes in black and white are a classic here

Scandinavian interior striped textiles black white
Scandinavian furniture with upholstered sofa and round coffee tables
Scandinavian kitchen completely furnished

Just like knitted poufs and cuddly blankets

Scandinavian interior of a small apartment
Scandinavian style in lagom style
Scandinavian furniture in the living room
Scandinavian furniture designer furniture made of natural materials

A few designer pieces in the Scandinavian style do the rest here

Scandinavian furnishing designer furniture natural materials
Scandinavian interior with DIY home accessories
scandinavian interior living room bicycle wall decoration
Scandinavian furnishing wall mirror leather sofa round coffee table
Scandinavian furniture living room and bedroom

Color joy is of course not frowned upon

Scandinavian furniture living room complete

DIY projects are always welcome at the Lagom Wohntrend

Scandinavian interior white wall shelf and dark wall