Select Kitchen, But What Criteria?

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If you set up the kitchen, you put a great value not only on the beautiful look, but also on materials and functionality. If you attach great importance to modern and practical kitchen design, then perhaps you also place high demands on the workplace? It is of fundamental importance, what kind of material you select for the worktops. However, much of the kitchen work is done on this: it is cut for years, pots are moved… In fact, this is a difficult choice, because there are numerous variants available for the kitchen worktop. As a rule you have to choose wood, plastic, stone and artificial stone. But ceramics, glass and concrete are also available. All these have their advantages and can be found in the modern kitchen. In our picture gallery with 40 beautiful combinations of worktops and kitchens you will surely find interesting ideas for your own kitchen!

Kitchen Kitchen, which meets all your personal criteria

workspace kitchen with rustic optics

What criteria should be considered?

The appearance of the kitchen is closely linked to the work surface. Be aware of this! So choose them carefully! The material is decisive, because of it depends also the overall picture, still life of the kitchen worktop. The following criteria play an important role for a workplace:

  • Robustness: Insensitive to impacts and scratches, is extremely important for a kitchen worktop.

    Stable and heat resistant as well. Actually, the surface thickness determines the extent to which the worktop is firm and resistant.

  • Easy to care for: The care of the workplace should not be particularly time and effort!
  • beautiful design: The work table should fit exactly to your kitchen and meet your own preferences! In what color, pattern and with what kind of surface structure this appears, is completely up to you.

The combination of work surfaces and cabinets makes the room look stylish

kitchen countertops stylish kitchen furniture in neutral colors

Wood or plastics

Wood is a natural material which is characterized by an individual appearance. It has a pleasant presence in the room and also has many advantages in cooking. If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, you are not wrong with a wooden kitchen worktop!

Solid wood worktops : These are made of solid wood.

Worksheets made of real wood : It consists of a wooden support plate, which is refined with real wood veneer. In contrast to the solid wood worktops, they are lighter.

Wood is ecologically and unfortunately very sensitive to water. This material is also not cut-resistant, scratch-resistant, shock-resistant or heat-resistant. Hardwoods such as beech or maple are therefore a better choice for use as working surfaces in the kitchen.

Not being equally hygienic is another disadvantage of this material.

plastics are a practical choice because you are produced in numerous looks. They can mimic different optics, such as wood, stone and concrete, but have different properties.

Worktops of wood imitation : This is a wood-trimmed and artificially made work-table. Thin plastic plates are connected to a carrier plate.

Workpiece with glossy surface captures the view

kitchen worktops beautiful wood optics and white floor tiles

Stone or artificial stone

Modern kitchens are proud of their elegant appearance! That is why stone is particularly popular for kitchen worktops. In the kitchen not only granite and marble find an application, but also artificial stone, because this imitates natural stone look quite well.

Natural stone countertops fascinate with a natural radiance. They fit well into every kitchen sign. However, natural stone worktops are not resistant to liquids or stains and can be so easily stained by some foodstuffs. However, they are resistant to heat, robust, harmless.

Marble is an elegant solution in modern kitchen

kitchen kitchen marble look chic

Artificial stone countertops are made of quartz. The beautiful look can be achieved by the addition of synthetic resin, sand, color pigments or glittering particles. Different designs are therefore possible. The surface can look matt, polished or flamed. These working surfaces are also hygienic and easy to clean. However, they are scratch-resistant, but ideal as a base for cutting and against heat! Improper use could damage them, but they are easily repaired. Their biggest disadvantage: plastic work plates are not UV-resistant, often color changes occur.

Work tables depend on the entire kitchen look. The right design would not only enhance the kitchen, but also make food preparation easier and more comfortable. Because in many kitchen worktops, sink or hob are integrated.

Hopefully, we could help you today to make an informed and conscious decision about which materials you can use to make the kitchen worktops. Ensure the right work piece for a completed kitchen sign.

Make a proper choice for the work surface, ensure a nice room climate

work kitchen kitchen kitchen wood kitchen

Kitchen worktops sometimes give the kitchen a spectacular look

kitchen worktops stylish combination of colors and materials

Place on mirror surfaces

kitchen worktops determine the kitchen look

Beautiful design is called for the modern workplace!

kitchen worktops beautiful design residential kitchen

Match the colors of worktops and cabinets

kitchen countertops beautiful optics wooden kitchen countertop

Fascinating color contrast in the modern kitchen create

kitchen worktops with beautiful wooden look

White work kitchen brings a fresh touch into the room

kitchen countertop kitchen in white freestanding kitchen island
workspace kitchen in wood optics and white furniture
Select kitchen worktops according to which criteria
kitchen countertops in bright colors and black kitchen furniture
workspace kitchen wood optic and kitchen backdrop with mosaic
kitchen worktops made of granite give a nice look of the kitchen
kitchen worktops in white have a nice look
workspace kitchen in black combined with white kitchen furniture and gray floor
workspace kitchen in black and white furniture form a beautiful color contrast
Select the right kitchen material
Carefully select kitchen worktops
kitchen white kitchen furniture and floral accents in the room
kitchen worktops with granite advantages and disadvantages
combine kitchen worktops of steel with wooden cabinets
kitchen worktops large kitchen with large worktop and plenty of storage space
kitchen worktops wood optics with matt black combine for a nice look
kitchen worktops in bright color functionality and nice optics
kitchen worktops in black have a nice look
kitchen worktops in white with red kitchen backdrop look great together
kitchen worktops kitchen countertops in trendy color
kitchen worktops modern kitchen island and orange bar stools
kitchen worktops modern white kitchen island with sink and cooker
kitchen worktops chic look and wooden kitchen cabinets
kitchen worktops chic kitchen design in white and gray
kitchen worktops black kitchen plate with glittering elements
kitchen worktops stylish solution for the modern kitchen
kitchen worktops stylish and simple neutral colors combine
kitchen worktops white kitchen plate and modern shelves
kitchen worktops white and black workplates stylish color combination

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