Shabby Chic Furniture – 35 Interior Designs Where Furniture Creates A Feel-good Oasis

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The Shabby Chic enchants with its own charm. As soon as you enter a room in this style, you immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, where everything is predestined for well-being. The furniture is part of this overall picture and must therefore be the right one… Why are Shabby Chic furniture so striking and charming?

Shabby Chic furniture has a unique look in the room

shabby chic furniture beautiful design transparent doors

What characterizes Shabby Chic furniture?

In most cases, these are unique pieces that give the interior design an individual touch. Shabby Chic cabinets, tables, chairs, upholstered furniture, chests of drawers, wall cabinets and chests are all made of reclaimed wood or recycled wood. They are colorful, with a feminine flair.

The typical shades of this old furniture are mainly dull colors and natural wood tones. So they appear in creamy white, old rose and even light blue. The Shabby Chic furniture is recognizable by its exclusive ornaments. Old inheritances or noble individual pieces, these pieces of furniture are characterized by high quality and long life. In design they have experienced influences from different countries: from Scandinavia, England, Italy, France…

Shabby chic furniture is preferred in the bedroom

furniture shabby chic fresh fabric pattern bright floor

Beautiful wood look in the kitchen

furniture shabby chic kitchen set up white cozy floorboards

The Shabby Chic furniture can be recognized at first glance. The used look is typical for her. So chipped paint, worn surface, peeled paint and untreated wood are the characteristics of Shabby Chic furniture. Furniture in shabby chic style can also be newly produced. The artificially created signs of use make these pieces of furniture appear like real antique furniture.

Why are Shabby Chic furniture so popular?

In his four walls, one strives for a personalized space. Simultaneously creating a harmonious ambience is nowadays also a must! That’s why shabby chic furniture has become so popular in recent years. They captivate the eye, but at the same time help to create a comfortable ambience.

Furniture with the typical Shabby Chic patina can be real eye-catchers in the interior or create a perfect oasis of well-being. Their nostalgic flair and feminine charisma make them in demand, if you want to set up a romantic home to feel good… And that’s easy to achieve, because Shabby Chic furniture combines well with other interior design styles. They look best in combination with country house and Mediterranean furniture.

Furniture in shabby chic brings a fresh flair to the living area

furniture shabby chic living room white plank floor bright fabric pattern

Shabby chic style furniture is used in all rooms of the apartment. In the kitchen, Shabby Chic chairs bring a cozy flair, while Hussen-covered sofas make the living room look livelier.

The Shabby Chic trend has several followers because of its uniqueness. If you value natural materials and comfort, consider shabby chic furniture for your home!

Dining room furniture with typical patina

shabby chic furniture inviting dining room

Spice up the shabby chic decor with fresh patterns

furniture shabby chic modern bedroom furnish fresh accents

Fresh floral patterns make the furniture stand out

furniture shabby chic bedroom decorate floral pattern flowers

Shabby chic with vintage elements

furniture shabby chic round table fancy flooring shabby chic deco

Cozy bedroom in shabby chic

furniture shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas cozy romantic carpet

Neutral colors and natural materials characterize this dining area

furniture shabby chic dining area chandelier carpet floral pattern floral deco
furniture shabby chic shabby chic living room table green sofa
furniture shabby chic cozy living room white flooring wall mirror
furniture shabby chic white carpet bin ideas basket dog
furniture shabby chic white living room set up round rug
furniture shabby chic living room open plan living room fireplace wall mirror

Shabby Chic furniture bags in white are classic

furniture shabby chic living room sisal carpet white furnishings light blue walls
shabby chic furniture fancy desk home office
shabby chic furniture outdoor area set up ideas
shabby chic furniture elegant dresser colored chair beautiful wooden floor
shabby chic furniture elegant dresser plenty of storage space

Typical shabby chic armchair

shabby chic furniture recreation area cozy
shabby chic furniture dinning room ideas
shabby chic furniture dining room round dining table comfortable chairs
shabby chic furniture cozy dining room
shabby chic furniture nursery cream colored dresser

Shabby Chic closet with beautiful ornaments

shabby chic furniture dresser with plenty of storage space
Shabby chic furniture girl's room set up
shabby chic furniture bedroom set up romantic flair
shabby chic furniture bedroom ideas bright furniture subtle wall paint
shabby chic furniture dressing table female romantic
furniture shabby chic small dining area wall decor

Shabby chic gives the home a dose of naturalness

shabby chic furniture typical features design
shabby chic furniture typical patina beautiful flooring
shabby chic furniture white dresser
shabby chic furniture furnishing ideas bedroom

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