Small Apartment: 22 Simple Ways To Enlarge The Small Space

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The small space has been a challenge for innersigners and householders for several years.”Setting up a small apartment”is now a special theme, which many people devote themselves to with special dedication. On our website you will also find several articles with tips and tricks on how to make a small room comfortable and make it look bigger. Today, we are going to make a kind of summary of this theme and include some additional ideas that we have not yet reported.

Acrylic small home furnishing

Mirrors, glass and acrylic furniture

Mirror and mirroring effects remain a trend in interior design. They are suitable for all types of premises. You could not only enlarge the small space, but also make it look bright. Currently, mirrors with vintage frames are particularly popular. This allows you to personalize an almost any design.

For great mirror effects, you can also handle all kinds of glass furniture. For the small room would be a coffee or dining table from this material very suitable. The small room is also magnificently enhanced by the use of acrylic furniture.

Small apartment furnishing multifunctional table with shelf

Setting up a small apartment: Select multifunctional furniture

Another typical trend for the small apartments is the multifunctional furniture. For example, An ottoman with an integrated storage space would be wonderfully inscribed into any design.

The foldable seating furniture or tables are also a popular extra for the interior furnishings and the balcony. There are always more stable and lighter models on the market, which can easily be transferred from one to the other.


Fill the tricky spots with shelves

So little space and yet so many tricky spots that can not be used effectively? This situation is well known to people in small apartments. But in most cases one can only claim one’s own imagination and come up with wonderful solutions. For example, you can install shelves around a window. On the same principle, you can also use the surface in different corners and wall niches.

In our models you can see that the whole wall height is used.


Setting up a small apartment: gain more space through suspended objects

Also the storage rooms would have to be used as effectively as possible in a small apartment. Many of the dishes can be hung instead of stowing them together. Below you will see different ideas on how to do it best. Many can be realized as a Do-It-Yourself project.

In addition, you could use hooks to hang your clothes, bags, and anything else. This leaves a lot more space on the shelves.

farbpalette-small-apartment-set gray-brown-white-neutral-

Decide for monochrome color palettes

The wall color is also of great importance for whether a room feels small or large. The monochrome colors, and especially the bright ones, have the ability to make the rooms brighter and wider.


Neutral colors

The neutral colors for the wall design are a further, well-tried means for room enlargement. This may also be the reason why we are experiencing a much greater variety within each of these shades with each coming year. 2017 colors of the year are a great example in this regard. Vibrant and energetic shading served as the basis of gentle, neutral colors. They make the space appear characterful and individual, as well as full of dynamism. At the same time they allow the atmosphere to be gentle and relaxed.

Setting up glass doors-with-figures-small-apartment-

Use glass doors wherever that is possible

Where possible, you should install glass doors. For example, They make your bathroom appear much wider than if they were to put curtains there.

floor design

The same flooring in all rooms

The uniform look of the floors in all rooms will contribute to the broad appearance of the apartment in general. So choose a material that fits well anywhere and use it in all rooms.

Let the windows appear wider by hanging the curtains properly

You should hang the curtains far above the window. The curtains should also be wider than the window frames. As a result, the whole room also has a greater effect.


Use the space under the beds

You can make your beds slightly higher and thus opens up more storage space underneath. You can use it effectively by various methods. You can gather the items in storage boxes. In addition, you can integrate into the bed construction drawers or shelves.


Use different baskets and boxes

Just look at the drugstores, furniture shops, catalogs and large shopping chains for great storage boxes and crates. These come in a wide variety and are intended for many different types of objects. This allows you to easily and quickly manage your home without having to spread your storage room.


Refrain from opaque curtains and allow more light to enter the room

You should not hang up any opaque curtains. Or you can combine them with others made of light textiles. This second solution would fit the bedroom. So you can pull the tight curtains at night and sleep peacefully, but let a lot of light inside again during the day. This is important for the small rooms to be comfortable and bright.

Kitchen practical wall shelves

Open shelves and room divisions through curtains

The open shelves can be installed easily, quickly and conveniently. This allows you to save a lot of space in a small apartment. However, it could be a problem that all objects are visible. This is no longer so great, if they are not the type that wants to clean up constantly. However, in combination with curtains that conceal the shelves on request, this could be the perfect solution for your home.

This is an easy way to protect your own private space. In addition, you can divide it into various functional zones without restricting it.

Very practical small apartment furnishing

Be sure to make the entrance area

In some small apartments the entrance area is missing. There are several ways to get the impression of an entrance area. Here you can create a small iron corner, or keep your sports equipment. Space for the shoes should not be missing in the entrance area. In some cases, cutting through curtains would also make sense.

No matter how you shape your input area, its existence has a very positive psychological effect. The apartment is fully furnished.

Dining practical design with a corner table

Functional design of the room where you can prepare meals

Even in the smallest apartment, the space for the food preparation and the enjoyment of the meals must be very pleasant. This is the only way to prepare healthy food and enjoy great moments with family, friends and acquaintances. The work surface in the kitchen should be wide enough to allow you to prepare everything conveniently and quickly. The crockery and cutlery, which you often use, would have to be easily accessible.

The dining table should be very comfortable. In a small apartment, it is enough if there is space for three to four people. Great and ergonomic solutions are the round and small dining room tables, which are easily installed in a corner. You can take a table. It will save you more space if required. In the remaining time, it could serve as a working or storage area. The combination of bar and small dining table are very modern and stylish. At this point, we would like to remind you that the transparent materials also contribute to the optical room magnification.

The small living areas are modern. This trend can be explained by the fact that our lifestyle is increasingly associated with travel, changing workspaces and is generally characterized by greater flexibility.

But the small space needs to be extremely creative and skillful, so as to provide us with the comforts we have come to know from traditional apartments and apartments. The funds shown are very representative of the trends that serve this purpose. In recent years, they have been dominated by designers. We believe that they are groundbreaking for the further development of the theme”Small housing set up”.

Small apartment: transparency

Acryl chair dark seat small home furnishing
Acrylic Caffeetically small apartment set up
Acrylic small home furnishing transparent vases
Small flat furnished
Modern apartment with transparent furniture and decoration
Furniture effect in interior design
Table and wall with a mirror effect

Small apartment: Multifunctional furniture

Fold out bed small apartment furnish
Foldaway bed sleepfloor
Several tables block construction
Multifunctional bed great construction
Seat bookcases on the side
Seat with lamp in one
Seat side integrated books
Table construction fold-out furniture
Table chair multifunctional furniture

Optimal use of the space by shelves

Bathroom comfortable shelves
Corner shelves wood small apartment furnishing

Minimalist wooden shelving small home furnishing
Practical use of the corners by comfortable shelves

Wall-mounted small apartment

Save space by hanging

To hang out
Comfortable stow away of furniture in the kitchen
Cutlery comfortably stowed in the kitchen
Bicycle hang up small apartment set up
Hanging on the side
Kitchens hang up
Kitchen spices
Pans hanging kitchen small home furnishing
Bags hang up small apartment set up

Matching color palette for a small apartment

Blue white small apartment furnishing
Gray white neutral color pallet small apartment furnishing
Minimalist color palette neutral colors small home furnishing


glass doors

Glass doors, small doors
Glass doors
Glass doors to the garden
Wood and glass doors
Small apartment furnishing glass doors
Sliding glass

Organizers are now in!

Book organizer small apartment furnishing
Dresses organize small home furnishing
Organizer for cosmetics
Organization in the refrigerator

Matching curtains for the small apartment

Blue monochrome color palette small apartment furnishing
Thick and sheer curtains in combination
Bright and light curtains
Light curtains
Room divider with curtains small home furnishing
Pink curtains light drapperie

Ideas for the entrance of small apartments

Entrance area furnished with a mirror small apartment
Small apartment furnishing entrance area

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