Solid Wood Furniture Creates An Authentic Living Environment

Editor   September 21, 2017   Comments Off on Solid Wood Furniture Creates An Authentic Living Environment

Which properties of solid wood make furniture made of this natural material so popular?

A well-designed home requires careful planning: The right combination of furniture and home decoration makes the beautiful interior design. In fact, it is difficult to set up a modern and stylish apartment without professional help… But you should certainly stick to a few rules! So you should consider the furniture at the beginning of the interior design! The furniture not only determines the look of the room, but also the feeling of living depends on the choice of furniture. And because furniture plays a key role in the indoor climate, today we want to discuss the benefits of solid wood furniture. Join us?

solid wood furniture dining table in light shade

Wooden furniture has always enjoyed great popularity. Recently, solid wood furniture has been particularly trendy in the modern interior design of its own four walls. And that’s not just because furniture made of real wood creates a unique ambience. They are high quality and easy to combine. All this makes her so in demand. Luckily, many wood manufacturers are also offering their products online, so you can browse the desired piece of furniture in the global web for a long time. Such an online shop is that Furniture store Restyle24 where you will find a rich assortment of solid wood furniture.

Why are furniture made of real wood so popular?

Furniture made of this natural material instantly captivates the view. They fascinate not only visually by their extraordinary appearance. They always provide relief when a natural sense of living has to be created. The longing for more naturalness in life, and accordingly also in the interior design, makes solid wood very popular and ranks it next to natural materials such as stone, leather, marble or linen. Special production standards in the manufacture of solid wood furniture make these high quality and durable. In their production, wood is changed as little as possible; chemically it is not processed and processed. Knotholes, cracks and bumps give the solid wood furniture its authentic look. Color differences add to their unique charm.

Another advantage of real wood furniture makes them just as popular: these can be easily combined with other materials.

Solid wood furniture in light shades and wooden floor

Other special features of furniture made of real wood:

  • In many solid wood furniture open pores in natural wood create a favorable indoor climate for allergy sufferers and prevent electrostatic charging of the dust. For example, dust accumulates much more slowly than on glossy furniture, for example.
  • Solid wood furniture has no veneer, so the natural wood is not obscured. So the real beauty of the pieces of furniture remains completely visible.
  • Furniture made of real wood has a characteristic smell that makes a beautiful and unique indoor climate.
  • Solid wood furniture has easy care: A slightly moistened cloth and clear water are quite suitable. You could also take care of your wooden furniture with special oils. Then you will ensure an interesting look and protect it even better.

Solid wood furniture in various styles

Real Wood Furniture come in numerous versions. If you place them properly in the room, you can create a rustic ambience in no time. But even very elegant interiors can be created with the use of solid wood furniture. For real wood furniture can look both rough and have a real natural look, as well as appear in very flawless designs. With solid wood furniture pieces in different shades different styles are realized. Dark wood creates a Mediterranean flair, while bright, real wood is often found in modern Scandinavian-style interiors.

Solid wood furniture in darker shades in the modern sleeping area

Do you want to create an authentic living environment in your home, then choose solid wood furniture in matching look: oak, beech or maple, teak or country style, it depends on your preferences! Robust, durable and with their own beauty, these furniture provide a natural living environment and are worth your money!

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