Street Art Ideas That You Can Also Steal For Your Industrial Design

Street art as inspiration for the interior? Well, of course that’s possible, but we also admit – this connection could have been a bit too far… It’s more a reason for us to look at some great ideas of this kind together with you. We observe the main principles in the design of such paintings. The street art ideas basically try to make the most of the environment and to find the beauty and the amusement everywhere. And certainly that’s something you could use in the interior as a setting.

Such Wall Art makes you laugh, right?

brown figure street art

Street art and industrial design

The street art can be found everywhere. However, it is most popular where the”ugly”signs of ours are industrial towns are most visible. It is the tubes, the various facilities and facilities for electricity and water. Street Art appears in places where the robust materials with less attractive appeal are particularly noticeable and visible.

Or on buildings that look particularly functional, but have a rather rough aesthetic. Logically, these ideas are inspired by homes and buildings that are either built in an industrial style or a bit outdated. Urban courtyards would be just as great a field of application for such art.

Decoration ideas for a harbor – you need it all over the world!

frog idea street art

Funny provocation and messages

More specifically, the street art depictions are often full of deeper messages. The first one was already mentioned in the introduction: One should not take everything seriously! After all, even in the ugliest environment, something inspiring can be found. You just have to use this element in the right context or street art concept. Street Art continues to teach you how to provoke others in an amusing way. Various social themes are addressed by showing distinctive depictions like those of street musicians, elderly people and children. Finally, it helps pedestrians to review their own knowledge of iconic pop culture figures. Likewise are representations of famous personalities and Fashion icons often also part of the eclectic modern interior of urban apartments.

Street musicians are a popular street art theme!

musician on the street street art

Different colored accents

Sometimes an ambiance, whether out there on the street or at home, just needs some color to get a whole new character. A not so inviting Kontept can turn into something pompous and optimistic. Again, this is particularly evident from the street art representations we show below. Green, purple, pink and other cheerful and kid-friendly colors dominate there and make our lives more enjoyable!

Colors like purple always improve the mood and are therefore often selected for Wall Art

athletic animated figures street art

You have to keep this in mind as you draw inspiration for your modern interior design!

First, you should consider where such street art ideas can be used in your home. The right context would be about an eclectic interior, as well as a garden or courtyard design with many industrial elements. Furthermore, the chosen themes, shapes and motifs should correspond with others in your design concept. This is the only way to bring diversity into your interior and do not spoil the uniform look of your entire interior design. Take a look at all of our great examples!

The funny provocations make up to a large extent the character of Wall Art!

street art line system

A small wall art accent transforms the whole lookout of this urban corner!

street art blue little bird

Sometimes street art can create whole installations

street art cone idea

Such wall art you can certainly klaunen for your own home and garden!

street art funny insect

With this green color, the hurdle is better!

street art funny crocodile

… and we bet that street art makes sitting at this harbor more fun!

street art lustuger cancer
street art man with a drill
street art pink flamingo

Simple but great street art idea!

street art love snakes
street art crushed fly

Wall Art for a typical retro brick wall

dancing figure street art
old man street art
be happy embassy street art

gray baby face street art

Wall Art has many messages for modern people!

poem scene street art
little dragon street art
line street ground street art

Another great Wall Art idea in garish shades

sci fi street art

street art woman with flowers
street art building at the corner

A modern, simple and stylish Wall Art idea! Certainly, it is good to use as a wall decoration at home.

street art autumnal motif
street art funny elephant
street art girl on the line

Small details can make a wonderful wall art!

street art mouse at the bricks
street art mouse in the river
street art mouse and autumn leaves

Street Art is also suitable for stairs!

Street art stairs with great motives
Street art birds at the garage
street art wall with a colorful bird

You often rely on the surprise effect in Wall Art!

water from the wall street art