Succulents For Outdoors – Winterhart And Exotic

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If you already read this article, it is called – you are a succulent fan or want to learn more about the beauty of these particular plants. We are pleased to see you here. Here, you are just right, because in a series of interesting articles we report on different succulents and their characteristics, give you useful tips and help you to grow these plants at home or outdoors in the garden. On our website you can find creative Decoration ideas with succulents And tips on how to successfully get a terrarium in your own four or one rockery Outside. About the Succulents for indoors You can also learn a lot of interesting things. Today we take another group of these plants under the magnifying glass, namely the succulents for outdoors.

Succulents outside decorate the garden and give it an exotic touch

Succulent species for the garden creative decoides

In the outdoor area, it is recommended to plant persistent species from these perfect survival peoples. Among the many succulent species there are those that are definitely winterhart. Like all others, these succulents are also easy to clean. The plants originate originally from the subtropical regions, where it is much warmer than with us, and they have developed good storage organs.

They have fleshy leaves and thick trunks, where they can accumulate perfectly water and easily survive long dry periods. The succulents like sunny locations outside, where the soil is well-drained. If you want to place these exotics directly in the garden and make groups of succulents there, you would introduce a strong exotic touch into your outdoor area. Without much attention or effort, the succulents will refine your garden look and make the whole outdoor area even more attractive.

Our tip : Watch with the watering, because the exotic thick-leafy plants can barely tolerate too much moisture.

Typical”southerners”attack the German gardens

Succulent species for outdoors agave and kiessteine

Succulents grow outside in German gardens

Winter hardy succulents are the classic in any Mediterranean garden. Here with us these typical”Southlanders”among the garden plants can survive well a snowy winter. They do not need to clear the thick snow layer during the cold winter months, because it serves the succulent as a protective layer. But rain and wet do not do the plants well. Choose a wind-sheltered, possibly southern slope, and in this way you will create the best conditions for your further development.

The care tips for all succulent species are similar

Succulents in the garden garden path of stones

If you know this well, you might not have any problems with the care of these exotic plants

Succulent echeverien gives the garden a stylish look

Our 5 favorites among the winter hardy succulents for outdoors

To complete the picture we want to present the popular succulents for the outdoors. This is not just about the well-known fat grove and the attractive housewurst. We have selected other varieties and want to direct your interest immediately.


These are evergreen succulent plants, originally from Mexico. Their name is due to the Mexican illustrator and illustrator Atanasio Echeverria y Godoy. The plants form well-formed leaf rosettes with thick-fleshy leaves, often without trunk. Their flowers are real eye-catchers, mostly in pink, red, orange or yellow. There are currently Echeverien species that are winterhart and adapted to the cold winter weather in Europe.

Echeveria are exotic thick-leafed plants that defy the cold

Succulent Echeveria in the garden cattle


Worldwide about 420 Sedum species are known, with us these thick-leaf plants are called Fetthennen or Mauerpfeffer. These are winter hardy succulent plants that decorate numerous German gardens every summer.

Sedum species can not be imagined by German gardens

Succulent sedum in the garden with stones combine


Agaves are conspicuous succulent plants that thrive indoors in pot and outside in tubs or directly in garden soil. Originally they originate from the deserts of America. More than 200 species are known worldwide. They are all predominantly due to their thick-fleshy, sword-shaped, green-colored leaves. There are, however, agave species, in which the leaves are bluish-green and have white streaks. This coloring enhances the decorative effect of these succulents. The plants store enough water in their leaves and survive any drying time easily and easily. We have some winter hardy species. Outside in the garden, they must be planted in a well-drained and nutrient-poor substrate. In order for these exotics to overwhelm us well, they need a well-protected winter quarters or have to be protected outside the frosty winter weather in Northern Europe.

The agaciform green leaves of the Agave fall immediately

Succulent agave in the garden in flower heads decorate the stairs

Fig cactus (opuntia)

Last but not least, we show you two cacti that make your garden even more exotic. The Opuntia is also known under the name Feigenkaktus. Originally the plant comes from North and South America, where it has become accustomed to different temperature fluctuations. In Europe, the cactus has been best used in the southern Mediterranean regions, but it is also found here. There are species that are winterhart and can well weather the frosty winter cold in our areas, but in principle this cacti species would have to overwinter in a sheltered place. The fig cactus decorates the gardens from the beginning of spring, where it thrives well at temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. The prickly cactus can reach an enormous height of 5 m and can certainly turn into a view in your outdoor area. But beware! He has fine but dangerous thorns! Its flowers are charmingly beautiful and delicate, usually colored in yellow, pink and orange.

Fig cactus – the definitive view in the garden

Succulent species for outdoors fig cactus

Barrel cactus

The next succulent plant with thorns is the Kugelkaktus, in the Volksmund as a mother-in-law chair or mother-in-law seat. The bulbous cactus likes a bright, sunny site in the garden, the direct sunlight is good for it. Only in winter the exot needs a cool place, where the temperature is around 10 degrees. At the beginning of the cold winter period, its period of rest begins, so that the watering and fertilization must be adjusted. The ball cactus is considered to be easy to maintain, even for beginners in gardening it is well suited.

Design your garden as interesting and diverse as possible

Succulents for outside kugelkakteen breed

Design your garden as interesting and diverse, with winter hardy succulents

Succulents in the garden fig cactus in the blumentopf

Succulents in the outside are usually expressive and hardy plants

Succulent in the garden echeveria

Their thick-fleshy leaves are mostly green, but can also have a different color

Succulents in the garden bring a dose of exoticism

The succulents outside can be planted individually or in groups

Succulent species you can breed in the garden

In both cases, they are always very striking

Succulent for outdoors agave

Robust, winterhart and eyecatching!

Succulent ways for outdoors to embellish the entrance

Discover the limitless world of succulents!

Succulent types of stones and stylish plant containers embellish the garden
Succulent species decides with plants for outdoor use
Succulent species plant beds and gravel roads

Succulents for outside with stones decorate
Succulents for outdoor gardening and decorate with succulents

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