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Yes, many people are fond of succulents! And not without good reason. These thick-leaved plants are the best survival professionals among the garden and room flowers. Hobby gardeners and flower enthusiasts are particularly fond of them, firstly because they are extremely easy to care for, and secondly, because they can thrive everywhere. And we appreciate yet another advantage of the succulents – they are a wonderful decoration for house and garden! They are eyecatching and bring a fresh, green touch into your four walls. Succulents in the mini garden or outdoors are always interesting and peculiar. If you are currently looking for a way to complete your home or garden, simply read on! Here you will find simple and easy-to-implement ideas for how to put the succulents on stage!

Succulent species in a vessel

Succulent as mini garden for decoration in modern apartment

Succulents and their positive properties

Before we continue with our decoides with succulents, let us emphasize again the best sides of these cultivated plants. Succulents can store enough water in their leaves so that they can withstand long periods of drought. If you do not have time or do not have a planting irrigation, the succulents are just right for you.

In addition, they do not need much soil and thrive wonderfully even in small containers or glass vessels. They feel right at home when they are drifting through the driftwood or between their roots. Succulents grow quite slowly compared to other garden plants, however, they are resistant and durable. They also show a boundless variety of forms, which can only be admired. Their evergreen thick leaves shine in the sunshine and gently attract all glances.

Creative ideas for a fancy decoration

Succulent captivate the view

Succulents as decoration at home

Warmly welcome your guests and hang a self-made succulent wreath on the front door! This DIY project is easy to replicate if you have good handshake and enough imagination.

Make an extraordinary decokranz

Succulent make a great dekokranz itself

Succulent species can be planted in different vessels and placed in the scene. The good thing about these thick-leaved plants is that they do not need a lot of ground soil and get along with little light and water. Arrange them in glasses, already unusable porcelain chairs or kettles and create a great view at home. Also a small vertical garden of succulents is a great idea. Let your creativity come into play and bring you freshness and natural beauty in your own four walls!

Let the rustic charm of your home unfold!

Succulent with twigs combine for a wonderful table decoration

Succulent decoration in the garden

It is difficult to say whether the decoides are more numerous with succulents for indoors or outdoors! These decoration tips and design options simply do not end! Their thick leaves look beautifully between white stones and gravels within a skillfully designed stoneware. Or in the shade of a tall tree, in the immediate vicinity of the tree trunk, or between other drought-tolerant plants, you can choose the best location for your succulents. Most Succulent species Do not want to be exposed to the bright summer sun, so they prefer a rather shady place. In addition, they can be perfectly combined with wood and metal, resulting in a charming outdoor decoration.

Dekoideen and design options with succulents do not want to end

Succulents and pallets for the unusual garden decoration

Scroll down and admire the unique decoration with succulents in our picture gallery! Let yourself be encouraged for new creations and enjoy the natural beauty of the succulents in your garden and home!

Succulents in the garden decoides with stones
Gardenide with succulents for an elegant garden look
Gardenide with succulent creative garden decoration with plants
Gardenide succulents in the backyard
Gardenide wondrous decors with succulents
Gardenide decides with succulents
Succulents in the garden are beautiful accents
Succulents in the garden provide for a lively garden design
Succulents in flower heads are beautiful decoration
Succulents in colored flower head are real eyecatcher
Succulents in hampel for garden decoration
Succulent deco for the home beautiful terrarium
Succulents are an elegant decoration for inside and outside
Succulents are superb decoration for inside and outside
Succulents and candles make a nice look
Apartment decorate unusual decoides for the garden
Apartment decorating decoys for the exterior
Apartment decorating decors for the garden with succulents
Apartment decorating deco for the kitchen with plants
Apartment decorate the window bank with beautify plants
Apartment decorating diy deco with succulents
Apartment decorating with plants
Apartment decorating beautiful decoides with plants
Apartment decorating succulent looks gorgeous in an old can

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