The 10 Most Common Setup Errors: What Can Go Wrong During Setup?

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You set up and set up your rooms…. Nevertheless, you are never really satisfied with the result. Where could the problem lie? What was most likely wrong? Relax first! Because not only do you feel so in your own four walls… Many of us have felt this unpleasant feeling from time to time. Yes, it is true that living and setting up have their own taste and personal preference, but these are not always sufficient to create a successful interior design.

One should already A and O of furnishing and decorating To know some things and avoid the most common device errors if possible. Many interior designers and other experts in this area often give numerous practical tips in printed and online magazines and include important mistakes in setting up. We also researched and created our own list of the 10 most common setup errors. Stay with it and look at it in peace. Perhaps this will arouse the”Aha effect”with you.

Error number 1: Too many colors, styles and materials mix

Variety and a successful mix of styles are, of course, also very welcome in living and are often recommended by many interior experts. But it must not be exaggerated. Very quickly a room becomes too hectic and tasteless when there are all sorts of colors and textures to be found. Focus on two to three complementary colors and pay attention to a balanced material mix. Do not forget:”Less is often more!”

Stylish apartment furnishing with sofa chimney retro chairs living room furnishing error

Error number 2: Stuffed book and wall shelves

Be the first! Never leave your bookshelves loaded with loads of books. This does not only look bad, but also creates even more cozy nutrients for the dust mites and you really do not need to do that. You should also minimize the number of small items on the open shelves – for the same reasons.

Be sure to use beautiful storage boxes or smart containers that hide your mess in an elegant way.

Messy bookshelves book furnishing errors

Error number 3: Do not pay attention to the light factor

Light always plays a decisive role when it comes to a homely atmosphere – especially in its own four walls. Just a ceiling lamp with a bit of glaring light is simply simple: uncomfortable! So, create several light sources with muted and warm light, especially in the living room. This makes the room immediately more comfortable and inviting. If you prefer, you can use the floor lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps. This also makes it possible to determine many different zones in the room better. Try it out!

Lighting chandeliers floor lamps table lamps living room furnishings

Error number 4: Group accessories and decoration in straight pieces

Even numbers are even in nature somehow… unnatural. If, for example, you want to group different items such as vases, candlesticks or flower pots when you set up and decorate, you can see straight numbers of pieces. Such combinations do not look particularly successful, and instead of giving the room a certain something, they tend to stare at you and are felt by many as a disadvantage.

Flower decoration glass vases grouping commode residential furniture

Error number 5: Place all furniture boringly on the wall

Especially in larger rooms, it is simply too bad to put all the furniture on the wall. Thus, the room turns into a boring living space with museum flair and loses in comfort and relaxation. For example, turn the work table into a 90 degree angle or place the sofa or the couch table at an angle to the wall. Even if you move some pieces of furniture a few centimeters far from the wall, you will immediately notice the soothing difference.

Living room set up furniture sofas couch wood

Error number 6: Decorate walls with pictures unsuitably…

Bare walls are the least. Even worse, if the wall decoration is carried out awkwardly. For example, if you want to embellish your walls with pictures and photos, you should already group them into groups or themes. Just placing a picture somewhere in the middle of the wall has no charm!

Wall decoration with pictures sofa black glass bottles vase

Error number 7: lack of courage to wall paint

With white, you can not go wrong with walls? That may well be true. It does not necessarily mean that white walls provide comfort in your home. Just like light, color is one of the most important factors when it comes to comfort and comfort. Do not miss this opportunity. Have the courage to color and look for pleasant, best slightly muted or neutral colors for your walls.

Wall color neutral wall decoration living room furnishing ideas large sofa

Error number 8: Messy, unstructured zoning

Simply placing the furniture here and there is far from enough. Try to introduce more structure into the rooms. Create cozy reading corners, a quiet workspace, TV station, dining area, etc. Spacer, screens, flower stands and many other pieces of furniture like Sideboards & Co.

Typical furnishing errors avoid living room dining area book shelves

Error number 9: Ewige Baustelle – Flur!

Do not forget your corridor, because it is literally the business card of your home. The hallway is the first thing not only to see you every time coming home first, but also your visit. Overloaded clothes hooks, overstuffed shoes and scruffy cloths and hats do not look inviting at all, but rather frighten off. So, here it is synonymous – get nice baskets, unused clothes always immediately into the wardrobe stash, shoes sort out… the hallway must always look well-groomed.

Beautiful hallway furniture wall shelving braided baskets

Error number 10: Curtains – too short or too long!

And yes, last but not least: If you choose curtains, choose them so that they do not fail too long or too short. Dear”twice measure, once cut”, as the Volksmund beautifully said. Color and fabric also play an important role. For curtains and curtains, choose one of the main colors from your wardrobe or an accent color to round off the room ambience.

Curtains to measure right window

There are, of course, other set-up mistakes, which many people often commit and disturb the harmony in their own home. We have not been able to enumerate all of these, but we would like to give you a sense of how a balanced, subtle arrangement should be conceived.

Hopefully, all of our tips are helpful to you. Have fun with the setup and… make yourself comfortable!

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