The Creative Home Appliances”Sicily Is My Love”Dolce & Gabbana And X Smeg

Posted on Apr 28, 2018

Art is playing an increasingly important role in fashion and design, especially in recent years. Some famed fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton have helped. Handbags, various garments and shoes are some of the items that are spiced up with very popular paintings. Obviously you will find a big favor and want to cross your own borders. This line is also followed by the great collection of home appliances”Sicily is my Love”, inspired by Sicilian folklore. It was realized in cooperation with X Smeg. Let’s have a look at the home appliances nearby!

The small appliances are from this year!

Household appliances of a unique kind

The modern kitchen design often relies on wide, shiny surfaces. A seamless appearance is sought after and is considered modern and trendy. In this context, household appliances very often play the role of accents in the room. The Dolce & Gabbana designs from the collection”Sicily is my Love”fulfill this role very well.

At the same time they meet the lifestyle and taste of many fashion conscious and demanding customers. Several or individual articles may emphasize the individual character of your kitchen and general modern interior.

With such a Toster everyone would like to prepare his breakfast

Interpretation of the Sicilian folklore

The collection”Sicily is my Love”consists of a series of unique pieces, all of which were hand-drawn. So in some ways you can get an artistic claim. It started with 100 refrigerators last year. This year, the collection continued with smaller appliances such as toasters, juice presses, coffee makers, tea kettles, blenders and blenders. The painting represents a unique interpretation of Sicilian folklore. The triangular motifs were also taken from this context. In the traditional local language they are called”crocchi”. In addition to these, we see very subtly and artistically applied plant motifs and various pictures from the gorgeous mountains of Etna. All these motifs are surrounded by ornamental friezes.

Or would you like to squeeze out an”elegant”juice? With Dolce & Gabbana device that works wonderfully

Clever use in the kitchen equipment

As we have already said, Dolce & Gabbana home appliances can serve as accents in the interior design. But surely they will not be the only decoration in your interior. So that in fact the end result looks uplifted and stylish, you would like to stick to some rules. The colorful shades and the specific Mediterranean patterns should correspond with the colors and shapes in the rest of the interior design. A successful strategy would be to use similar patterns in the interior design – in the form of postings, textiles or wall design, for example. If you have other accessories and furniture in each individual color, then Dolce & Gabbana home blowers would weld and unify the whole thing.

You can combine such household appliances with other ethnic elements

Why exactly Italy?

The kitchen is the heart of modern and traditional cuisine. That will never really change. We need motivation to prepare homemade food. Italian culture, with its world-wide popular cuisine and especially the Sicilian region with its wonderfully preserved traditions, are simply ideal in this regard! Certainly, the Dolce & Gabbana collection will also inspire other similar home appliances designs! And yes, because food is so important to our mind and health, you should not feel bad about choosing it for your home!

All products from the collection are hand painted

Thus, the tea becomes a real culinary delight

Or you could get such a device for a small bakery!

With such household appliances you show that you are a true connoisseur!

Your guests will always be happy to return to you

Such elegant household appliances are great accents in the interior

The Sicily folklore and traditions are great inspiration for the culinary delight. You will find yourself in these household appliances again.

This Dolce & Gabbana collection of appliances turns any room into an art ambience

The kitchen d├ęcor here is perfect because the Dolce & Gabbana small appliances weld together the colors of the fruits and vegetables.

Children and adults would simply love such household appliances!

Culture and art make our life more beautiful! This Dolce & Gabbana set proves it!

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