The Perfect Bedroom Set Up: Important Tips And No-goes

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sleep? Now honestly! Can you answer this question much more often with a smile or rather with a long face? Recent studies show that every third person in Germany occasionally suffers from sleep disturbances, which are often also chronic. Of course, many factors influence the quality of our sleep, such as unfavorable life situations, work stress or health problems. No less important is the furnishing of the bedroom itself, because it depends on how comfortable and comfortable you feel when you sleep.

Consciously or especially during sleep, we spend a large part of our life in the bedroom. Therefore, this room should suit your taste perfectly and be perfectly adapted to your needs. Or in short, the bedroom concept simply has to be right. Luckily we are different Bedroom Styles Which can be selected according to taste and personal preferences.

Modern living room sleeping room

Find the right home for your bedroom

There is actually no proper furnishing style. The right thing is what pleases best. Main thing, you feel comfortable in your own four walls. It is also not absolutely necessary to set up all living rooms in the same style. Many successful living concepts emphasize the contrast – every single room is designed in a completely different style of living. And why not? Variety always brings an invigorating dynamic and fresh wind, not only in general life, but above all also in living. Create your perfect retreat at home with the style you like best and fit your personality. You can mix different elements together. A small guide will help you make decision-making assistance.

The modern style of living

This style is characterized by clear lines and puristic design. Furniture often has wardrobes with high-gloss fronts, beds with rhinestones or glass shelves. Minimalist design and maximum functionality are very popular with this style of living.

Bedroom furniture classic hardy

The classic home style

Classic setting means giving the living room an appropriate portion of simple elegance with a refined, timeless touch. Balancing and harmonious contrast are simply unthinkable by a successful classic living concept. Furniture and living accessories are often referred to as specific periods, and simplicity is striven for.

The country house style

Also called rustic style, this style of living is very comfortable and inviting. Stained or lacquered furniture with or without wood carvings are commonplace here. The entire living atmosphere is therefore also quieter and more comfortable and invites you to relax.

Rustic bedroom furnishing residential

Trend colors, materials and textures

Although Greenery by Pantone Institute for Trend Color No. 1 this year, it is by no means the case that you have to cover the entire bedroom with it or buy furniture in this color. For a colorfully harmonious bedroom, many other colors are just perfect. Like pastel shades as well as earthy nuances such as brown, gray, olive green and cream. In principle: warm and softer colors are welcome in the bedroom and provide more peace and relaxation.

Harmony and of course, materials and textures should also work. Linen, cotton, silk and leather in the home textiles as well as real wood, cork and rattan are among the most popular and mostly chosen materials at all.

Absolute no-goes with a successful bedroom-set

  • Bright colors and bright neon light
  • TV, Computer & Co. as well as other electrical appliances – electrosmogs due to
  • Metal furniture – they create an additional electromagnetic field
  • Open workplace – home office
  • Soil feels too bare or cold when barefoot
  • Strong, artificial flavors and pollutants


Your bedroom is no storage room! Ironing boards, dirty laundry and a lot of small things have absolutely nothing to look for.

Modern bedroom furnishing bedroom furniture

Extra tips for the bedroom Furnishings:

  • Find the right place for your bed: to secure a sufficient back cover, e.g. The wall or a stable space separator
  • Installation of a mains circuit that minimizes electrosmog
  • Monochrome furniture and color accents by living accessories
  • Select the darkening of the windows correctly
  • Beautiful decorative items such as vases, candlesticks etc. always group in odd numbers
  • Create more comfort through the combination of several light sources – night light, indirect backlight, ceiling floodlight etc.
  • Cleverly tidy and tidy – on the night table, in storage boxes, in baskets and boxes
  • Take a closer look at all the pieces of furniture and home textiles, and ensure that you have sufficient certification and good quality

Order muffle, watched! A chic daycloth saves you the constant bedding and ensures a tidy look in the bedroom.

Bedroom furnishing light wood modern style


To create your ultimate Schlafoase, you need a bit of time and energy. It is best to be deliberately involved, as this will pay off a thousand times later.

Luckily, many experienced traders, such as Hardeck, offer high-quality furniture from high-quality brand manufacturers and in the widest variety of living styles, both in their stores on-site and online. Hülsta, Musterring, Wellemöbel, Rauch DIALOG, WIEMANN and Loddenkemper are probably one of the most popular furniture fires in this area par excellence.

Whether you want to combine a boxspring bed with a sliding door cabinet or a upholstered bed with a chic chest of drawers and compact nightstands, you will find the matching bedroom furniture which is right for you.

The editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and success!

Bedroom furniture wood furniture modern

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