To Create A Special Atmosphere Through Clever Design

Dark and unfriendly spaces always leave a negative impression on every inhabitant and viewer. Even if you do not consciously perceive this as an inhabitant, it is often subconsciously nevertheless the case. Light-flooded rooms, shining with clean lines, give the soul space and air to breathe through. Simple things, such as the color-coordinated furniture and accentuated placed decorative items, are enough. Matching the wall color and curtains at the window. The flooring or even the fluffy carpet in front of the Sofandschaftschaft. Or just a few cushions on the sofa in bright colors, reflected in the window curtains or the wall paint. Even doors and windows can be integrated wonderfully into the room design and from a rather dark and unfriendly room, turns out after the transformation a friendly, comfortably warm residential palace with lots of optical highlights.

Room decor

Let the walls speak

There is no limit to the imagination, especially when it comes to coloring the walls. In doing so, one does not even have to limit itself to the color design itself with paint roller and brush. If, for example, you want to give something to a room, you can simply paint three walls in one color and add a wall with earthenware or wood. In the living room are walls, which are covered with stone tiles or plates very well. If there is still the possibility, to offer a fireplace, perfect! For this can and should only be against a fire-resistant background. If you think of wooden walls, you may find simple wooden panels that are placed on the wall. This is a mistake, because especially wood is now popular again. Pure nature and a wall in the kitchen to cover with wood disks is the moment of Renner. They can be easily attached and provided with an air-permeable varnish, they can also be cleaned and washed at any time.

Wood panel wall design living room ideas

A wall in the room must be able to speak for itself and accordingly, it should also be designed. The room walls in old buildings, for example, are only plastered 90% and not wallpapered. And the coarse the plaster is applied, the finer the later look. Since the rooms are usually relatively high and even decorated with stucco decorations on the ceilings, any wall covered with a wallpaper is a true disgrace for such beautifully beautiful rooms. Sometimes it is less easy and more often, walls are already painted in cool white without much Dazutun simply for themselves.

Cimmertuer cpl white

Also look at the doors closer

Even a beautiful room can give a room the final touch of harmony and harmony. Especially when it is also matched to the chosen wall color or the furniture. If a room is rather dark and not exactly flooded with light, you can, for example, wonderfully choose a door that is equipped with sight elements and which allows daylight to radiate into the room. Or you can choose a room that is made entirely of glass. However, one should bear in mind, however, that this door allows for any transparency in the room and if children are in the household, the glass must be safe.

Sliding door milk glass room for living room bedroom

Milk glass, for example, choose a lot when choosing a room door, which should allow daylight to pass through, but should not release the entire view into the respective room. This applies, for example, very frequently to room doors for the sanitary area or for bedrooms. Room doors can therefore have a great influence on the character of a room and play an essential role in the design of the room itself. The Room rates on For example, offer these advantages and much more, which is desired from a high-quality door.

Modern interior design living room white walls black seat furniture

With furniture and decorative accents set

The furniture should not only be beautiful, but also cozy and usable. However, when choosing a sofa, one should not, for example, use dark and dull colors, unless the walls are painted very brightly and the floors are covered with light wood and Co. Then dark furniture is not wrong, because they should be able to stand out from the rest of the room visually and still not come monotonously. If, on a dark sofa, you set accents through bright cushions and blankets, and spread these color pigs all over the room, you have a great effect.

Colorful pillows white sofa living room set up

Also Flower vases on the window sill Or a decorative bowl on the living room table, as well as matching window curtains and perhaps even a carpet that lies in front of the sofa, can set the right accents – and you have already created a pleasantly appealing space in which everyone feels just as at home and so It should finally be. The floor does not always have to match the furniture in color. However, if you want to create an exceptionally friendly space, you should rather choose brighter colors when choosing the floor. A dark floor over the entire floor area can very quickly become sad and uncomfortable.

Innertuere white with casket
Room white