Trends 2018 In Look And Feel In The Interior

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At the beginning of the new year, laymen and experts are asking what is going on in the course of interior design and interior design over the next twelve months. About some of the latest Trends 2018 we have already informed you. The topic has proved to be very interesting, so we want to continue in this post. Today is about the latest trends in look and feel in interior design 2018. What dominates the interior this year, that’s the question we want to answer. How can you create a cozy ambience based on trendy textures, fabrics, materials and appealing colors, where both young and old feel comfortable. We find all these aspects of setting up and designing our own four walls especially important. Because our main concern is to help our readers as much as possible to help them all with creative ideas and practical tips, so that everyone lives more beautiful, comfortable and comfortable in the future.

This is what a trendy 2018 interior looks like!

Trends interior 2018

No matter which aspect we examine, analyze the color scheme or discuss the choice of textures, new trends are becoming more and more prevalent in interior design. In a nutshell, the individuality of the occupants of the house through the furnishings and interior design is always better expressed. This is a tendency that will definitely continue.

The home reflects our character, style and taste and carries many personal touches that reveal individual traits, interests and hobbies. Do we want to see together, how this tendency is expressed in our selection of furniture, fabrics and colors in our own home?

Natural wood finds wide use in the interior 2018

Natural Wood Trends 2018

The gentle green nuances are back in!

Green shades trends 2018

  • Trends 2018 – unusual look and feel always go hand in hand

In terms of look and feel, the trends in 2018 are far from the conservative taste. Forget now the basic colors white and black and their color mix gray. Put on lavender, olive green and purple nuances. These are finally back in fashion and design. Saturated color palettes are combined with metals, for example, gemstone surfaces are finding ever wider use in interior design. In addition, more and more painted wall panels are used in the interior, reminiscent of the well-known, but in the past remained wood paneling. Now we see more velvet in the furniture upholstery. Only this fact allows more flexibility in terms of color and finish in the interior design and really contributes to the improvement of the room atmosphere.

A blue velvet armchair invites you to linger.

Armchair round table metal harmony in the interior

You are welcome to combine a velvet couch with a small round coffee table made of metal

round coffee table

  • Which textures correspond to the latest trends 2018?

Many trend researchers and interior designers prophesy that velvet will quickly become the undisputed trend in interior design. The soft fabric can be found in different shades, but in saturated tones it is even more noticeable due to its modern look and soft feel. In addition, the woven textures 2018 are on the rise. Baskets, handcrafted home accessories such as carpets or floor mats will spice up the interior of your home this year.

Woven and handmade home accessories will once again find their place in the interior 2018

Woven hand made accessories interior trends 2018

There are completely new concepts for the walls – the wallpapers celebrate their big comeback and once again conquer the interior. Now they are even more eye-catching than ever, especially in agate optics. Our photo can easily convince you. The trends in 2018 show that this beauty occurs more often in upscale interiors.

Beautiful agate optics is one of the most important trends of 2018.

Wallpaper beautiful agate look

Excellent combination of different materials – stone, wood and glass complement each other

Excellent combo of different materials

The well-defined trends in 2018 include the skilful mix of textures. Now, of course, you combine wood, stones and glass with each other and create coarse and unusual surfaces that invite you to touch them. Solid wood furniture and earthenware stand next to glass doors and velvet upholstery. These complement each other and form a unified whole that impresses. Natural elements definitely belong to the trendy interior 2018 and can not be left out of it. In the interior you can see more built-in limestone or the well-known Old Fashion tiles in kitchens that are durable and have stood the test of time well. For a long time smooth kitchen tiles in various formats were considered super trendy, but now rough surfaces are back in high demand. If you’re facing a kitchen renovation in 2018, it’s good to consider that.

Metro tiles are trendy in 2018, especially in the kitchen!

Station tiles in trend 2018 kitchen

More than ever, natural elements are present in modern interiors.

Trends 2018 in look and feel in the interior

  • Trends 2018: Nature is becoming more and more popular in the interior!

Nature is the most important source of inspiration for many designers and interior designers, which is why they increasingly try to integrate them into the interior. Beautiful views of a charming ocean panorama or breathtaking forest landscapes are now highly desired. The role of flowering or evergreen indoor plants is highly valued, as they do not refresh the air in the room, but complete the interior and make the room look beautiful and inviting. Actually, this is not a new trend, but it will strongly dominate in our four walls in 2018, because the contact with nature is particularly important for modern man. On the one hand bring the natural green a lot of peace and serenity into the interior, on the other hand, you can express his style well by the choice and plating beautiful houseplants. And as we have already emphasized, the individuality in the interior design 2018 is counted among the best developed trends.

Green house plants are an absolute must in the modern interior of 2018.

green houseplants

A successful mix of textures and highlights

Mix trendy textures natural materials highlights

Opulence is also a top priority this year!

Trends interior 2018

In the modern living room you can successfully combine different materials and textures

Trends 2018 modern living room

This tendency is becoming more and more prevalent!

Trends 2018 Mix textures

Invite nature home!

Trends 2018 nature in the interior sublime

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