Trendy Colors 2017 – What Color Shades Remain Topical In The Room Design?

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It is high summer and many people want to fully enjoy the carefree days until the fall of autumn. However, we also work in the editorial team on high-speed tours and research everything new and trendy in space design for our loyal readers. In our investigations, we came across interesting information, which we would like to share with you. In order for you to be well prepared for any transformation or renovation at home, we would like to introduce you to the latest trends in the dominant space nuances. Do we now want to keep track of which colors will remain up-to-date until the end of 2017? If you are also interested in trendy colors 2017, please stay with us and read on. The info is worthwhile in any case!

1. Dark, saturated colors indicate the tone

You could easily say that there are some surprises this year in the prevailing colors of the modern interior. There is a long expected trend to warmer, saturated colors with more than one undertone. Rich colors have several undertones, which complement and compensate. These dark, rich shades of color can give a room an additional dose of comfort or make the ambience look even a bit hellish.

Warm, saturated colors with dark tones like Vintage Navy are in!

Dark and rich colors can make a statement when balanced with white or creamy neutrals in a room. For example in modern kitchen such contrasts are always welcome. The color of the kitchen cabinets could be saturated navy blue, which is completely balanced by the light gray background.

Dark and rich navy blue in its nuances is very relevant in space design this year, it is gaining more and more popularity and our forecast is that it is still highly trendy.

Make a statement through the dark colors in the room

Colors in innendesign the 2017 are trendy navy blue

2. Other blue shades remain trendy

In the blue color palette there are different shades – from Himmelblau to delicate pastel tones to dark blue with black undertone. All blue nuances will continue to prevail in the interior, according to the current color prognoses. And because the trend towards deeper, darker colors is dominant, the blues are enriched by two – three balanced undertones. Blue-gray and blue-green shades are already very popular among interior decorators and homeowners and this trend is likely to continue.

Saturated navy blue is high in the course

A rich blue with a gray undertone is a great color to visually highlight a wall or cabinet. The combination with light gray or white remains classic and could be easily replaced by another color duo from the interior.

How do you like this wall color?

Colors for a modern wall design in 2017

Try to create a contrast between the wall paint and the room furniture

3. Warm shades of gray do not go out of style

It is no surprise, gray will continue to be the popular color choice of the interior designers and this trend will continue to be established until the end of 2017. The current gray shades are now somewhat warmer and they will remain so in the next couple of years. We observed this trend to a warmer gray since 2015.

Obviously, gray with a balanced mixture of warm and cool undertones will continue to dominate the modern bathroom. Exactly in this room the absolute charm and the sublime appearance of the gray color can be applied to the best. A great plus is still to be mentioned – gray can be perfectly combined with almost all other colors and undertones in one room. If you want to give your bathroom a timeless look, put on gray and you could not do anything wrong.

Gray with warm undertones exudes majesty in the modern bathroom

Colors for the modern bathroom light gray

4. The classic color selection for all times remains white

It is an unquestionable fact – white is the absolute classic among the popular room colors. And this is not without good reason: white emanates cleanliness, symbolizes innocence and freedom. All these are arguments that prophesy us, white remains the popular color worldwide. Now, however, you go only one step away from the bright white and prefer the combo with creamy neutrals. This is in full agreement with the main tenet, which we have already shown. So it is in the direction of warmer color nuances.

The white laundry room – there must be absolute cleanliness and perfect order

Colors which are fashionable combine white and gray

White Dove by Benjamin Moore in the bathroom

Colors in modern bathroom White Dove

5. Deep black – the latest shading of rich black

Here we have to admit it immediately – Black was always up-to-date and can never go out of fashion. This basic color should simply be present in any interior to a greater or lesser extent. Now the black is enriched by saturated dark undertones and so one gets the rich black, short deep black. If you think so, yes, this dark black nudity would stand on your kitchens, but you are wrong! Deep black is not just intended for cabinets. It is used more and more as a wall paint in small rooms, emphasizes an accent wall more or serves as a view here and there in the room. Decorative cushions, vases from black glass, elegant candlesticks or hanging posts in deep black now conquer the room design and make it breathtaking!

A dark accent wall falls immediately

Colors in the interior black accent wall in the living area

Before you plan a redesign of your own four walls or start a renovation in the coming autumn, you have the color trends presented here in mind! They help you make your home unique and up-to-date.

Other photos:

Vintage Navy

Furniture ideas in the bedroom Vintage Navy blue

Behr Polished Aqua

Behr polished aqua in the dining room

Benjamin Moore Sea Star

Furniture ideas in bathroom color design

Sherwin-Williams Popular Gray

Colors which are trendy in 2017 are light gray in the bathroom

Benjamin Moore wish

Interior ideas for the home office neutral color design ideas

Benjamin Moore white dove

Furniture ideas Benjamin Moore white dove

Benjamin Moore Ebony King

Benjamin Moore Ebony King in the living room

Sherwin-Williams Caviar

Decorating trendy trendy Sherwin Williams Caviar

Dunn-Edwards MacKintosh Midnight

Furnishing ideas for the nursery with trendy colors
establishment of ideas for the living room-gray nuances
The furniture lamp is a great accent in the living room
Color wall design in blue in the bedroom
Color gray wall paint in the bathroom and accents in dark gray
Colors in modern bathroom white walls are classic

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