Trendy Colors In The Interior You Would Love

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Today we want to take a closer look at the color trends this year and introduce you to four of the favorites among the most popular colors in 2017. We take this overview with the aim of giving you even more information about the tendencies in the design of the room and thus to make your color selection easier during the next renovation and reconstruction at home. Because in the own four walls everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed and the problems of the workplace completely forgotten, right? For this reason, in our article today, we want to present delicate color nuances that are not only highly trendy, but create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. These are delicate shades that some of you would surely agree with, and inspire others with creativity and inspire a third group. These are trendy colors, which the room designers love and the house owners increasingly choose when refreshing the interior.

This colorful interior radiates a cheerful atmosphere

Colors in the living room combine yellow wall design and green carpet and furniture

Sometimes it is not necessary to demolish entire walls in order to create a stylish ambience. There are more elegant ways to make the home trendy and comfortable. Even small rooms can be cozy and modern. Learn first the visual power of the colors and draw full benefit from this knowledge.

Because colors can change the look of your home and delight your eyes and soul. Here are the delicate nuances that lead to the optical balance.


Some people find that Altrosa is a powdery color, which especially spoils the girls’ children’s room and creates a romantic atmosphere. If you also take this opinion, you are wrong! Altrosa has been up-to-date for several seasons and this trend is likely to continue. It is wonderful as wall paint, because the muted shading is very stylish and versatile. Altrosa can be combined perfectly with many other colors, especially with light gray and olive green. It can be paired with neutral colors like creamy white or light blue. The delicate color fits wonderfully to modern wood furniture, so you can choose different room accessories in this nuance. Decorative cushions, throw blankets, floor-length curtains in Altrosa are always great eye-catchers in the interior. Put a few accents in the room through Altrosa and you will reach a trendy room look.

Altrosa introduces a special sublime and high style into your four walls

Colors in the inner design altrosa wall paint in the living room

light purple

This bright, trendy nuance of violet brings new freshness into the room, because it is inspired by nature. Many homeowners also connect them with their favorite orchid, which they cultivate at home. This pastel color is bright enough to be unique, but at the same time it is cautious enough to look sublime.

Violet as a pastel color refreshes the whole room

Furnishing ideas for the bedroom in violet

Lavender is equally appealing in the interior

In purple lilanuancen combine

If you are not sure if this orchid color is right for you, then you could choose colors from the same color palette. Besides light violet you will find there a delicate lavender on one side, purple violet on the other. All these shades are trendy, radiate exaltedness and style in every interior. These are rich colors that can be breathtaking and serve as accents in a white-gray room. Be brave and courageous and design at least one room in light violet. To show high style, best taste and stay in tune with the latest color trends.

Purple purple is breathtaking and makes many hearts beat faster

Furniture ideas for the nursery purple wall paint and purple carpet

Sunny yellow

No other color can brighten a room like the sunny yellow. Even steamed versions like straw or honey gel have a cozy effect and can darken rooms visually warm up and create a joyous atmosphere. Play with the different shades of yellow by inserting shades ranging from light to dark. Choose the saturated yellow nuances and you will get an interior that will infect you with a good mood.

Sunny Yellow – the color of the sun introduces warmth into the interior

Colors trendy colors in the living room yellow accents

Sunny yellow in the interior helps to keep the summer mood at home

Furnishing ideas for the living room yellow walls and beige living room sofa

Even one – two yellow color pots could work wonders in a room. If, however, you want to use yellow as an accent, you must use the warm color in two or three places in the room. For example, decorative cushions in sunny money could remind you of the summer and bring much warmth into the room.


Now we go over to a color, which can be combined perfectly with all the hitherto shown gentle shades and secondly this balances wonderfully. This is the absolute classic in the modern interior – gray! It has dominated in room design for years and sets the tone. Gray often serves as a neutral backdrop for other colors, on its background these are very effective. It can also be paired with creamy white and the trendy color duo provides a sublime look in the interior.

Gray has been a classic in space design for years

Colors the living room in gray painted it a flooring in wood optics

In every room, gray can be used as an accent. Gray wall paint, natural textures in gray, carriages or wicker baskets match wonderfully to weathered wood surfaces. This color balances a colorful interior and arouses more interest in it.

Gray is easy to combine with soft colors

Decorating gray walls and yellow armchairs

Altrosa awakens forgotten romantic feelings

Colors altrosa walls and black fireplace make a beautiful figure

It looks playful and comforting

Colors in the bedroom altrosa combine textiles with natural colors
In yellow the kitchen walls yellow
Furniture idea for the modern bedroom purple is beautiful as a wall paint
The bathroom design in purple
Furnishing ideas for the modern bedroom yellow accessories and yellow armchairs
Decorating ideas in yellow fresh bedroom walls and bedding in blue tones
Furniture ideas in yellow and white the bedroom design
Furnishings ideas in light lilac for the baby room
Furniture in purple for the nursery with white furniture
Colors in the innendesign altrosa brings romance and comfort
Colors in innendign light violet for the walls and white furniture
Colors in the bedroom altrosa accessories and light green walls are a wonderful combination
Colors in the living room yellow accessories in the living room
Colors in the living room yellow accents in the neutral room
Color gray is a universal color that combines with many other color shades
Colors combine in inner design
Colors modern living room in gray design
Color bedroom ideas in gray
Colors stylish ideas in gray for the living room
Colors in the living room gray wall decoration and accents in light yellow

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