Window Display As A Subtle Window Decoration

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Modern people increasingly prefer an open floor plan for house construction. This is in various aspects. The view is becoming increasingly important when choosing an apartment or house. If you have a nice view of the surrounding nature, you do not want to set any boundaries.

In addition, modern people attach great importance to their privacy, as well as to good light, heat and visual insulation. How do you get all these together without reverting to massive walls or thick curtains and roller blinds? The answer lies in the modern solutions for window vision.

Find the perfect solution for your stylish window visor!

Window blinds window blinds blinds office window decoration

Insulation and visibility

If you are planning modern window designs at home, do not forget that insulation and privacy are two different things. For both, there are modern solutions which are in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of the inhabitants.

It is usually the case that the insulation is already thought of when installing and selecting the glass and its frame.

A good window visibility can then be achieved more easily by various methods.

Valuable rustic look with bamboo window blinds

Window view protection braided wooden rollerless tropical exotic living room

If you buy simple windows, you make your life more complicated. They find solutions that are difficult to fit, which can be used both for insulation and for visibility.

In the following, we will discuss some solutions for window visibility and the insulation methods to be recommended.

Black sliding curtains give the room an appropriate masculine look

Window sill protection black curtains window decoration sun protection designer furniture

Colored glass

The one variant for the window visibility is the use of colored glass. The different nuances are achieved by specially modified ions. The disadvantage of this method is that the view is restricted from both directions. But most people just do not want to be seen. You would like to have a view outside.

Your windows can turn into a real piece of art

Window glass window decoration

Depending on taste and style, you can choose different patterns and motifs

Window view protection colorful glass window decoration küchenfenster

All light openings can be provided with colored glass. Therefore, they can also be thicker or better insulated.

Colored glass can be purchased in different nuances. These offer different advantages and disadvantages for the indoor and outdoor ambiences.

How about e.g. With wide stripes in blue and green

Window view protection colorful glass window decoration striped modern design

Or rather you prefer a colorful mosaic like this at

Window vision protection window decoration colorful mosaic

frosted glass

One method which we recommend for the visual protection is the milk glass. It is neutral because it is not related to the change in color. Milk glass does not cause any problems with regard to the thermal insulation of the windows.

We have discovered these filigree vest patterns at

Window vision protection milchglas rankenmuster fitthehome

Foils also allow one-sided visibility

In contrast to the above-mentioned visual protection methods, the film can be subsequently integrated. This is a little more expensive and the films would have to be replaced after a certain time.

First, the films are much more flexible. They can be purchased in different nuances and sizes and with different thicknesses. Films allow the change in the type of visibility depending on the season or according to the indoor and outdoor conditions.

Subtle visual protection solution with milk glass in the bedroom

Window view protection milk glass window film window decoration bedroom

Some foils also allow for the one-sided window visibility. They are quite cheap. At least this applies to windows which already have an integrated one-sided screen.
Depending on the model, the films can also offer thermal and sound insulation.

Blinds and curtains

Roller blinds and window blinds have also experienced a new heyday in recent years. For this reason, you should not discard them as an alternative. Very effective and modern are e.g. The built-in blinds. Modern textiles on the windows also allow for better insulation. You can enroll in rooms of different styles.

These minimalist window roller blinds are an excellent variant – look up

Window blinds window blinds brown minimalist

Sustainable window shade made of bamboo –

Window visibility bamboo window blinds natural

Combine …

Sometimes the best possible isolation efficiency is achieved by the combination of different methods. This is done by people who like classic or vintage interior furnishings but still want to benefit from the advantages of the most modern visual protection methods. In this way, you can look forward to more comfortable living and aesthetics at home!

Cozy combination of fabric and blinds in the dining room

Window blinds window decoration window blinds dining room dining chairs

Classic patterns and elegant discretion with window roller in the kitchen

Window protection bamboo window blind rustic pattern classic

Neutral colors for the refined living room

Window vision protection decent design windowless beige brown

Elegant sunglasses for your windows

Window transparent modern elegant design sun protection

Room height blinds on

Window protection glass window decoration modern

Gray nuances for more peace and relaxation in the bedroom of Hunter Douglas

Window screen protection window blind gray hunter douglas

More freshness in the living room with cute flower patterns on the window roller blind

Window blinds windowless

Filigree vines for fine design taste

Window sill protection window blinds bedroom

Modern window blinds and romantic bathroom furniture

Window blinds windowless blinds hunter douglas bathroom

Natural materials provide more comfort in the room

Window view protection windowless rustic practical

Braided window roller blinds combine with the furniture

Window blind wood window blinds braided kitchen

Simple blinds are simply perfect in the industrial furnishing style

Window blinds blinds light gray modern elegant living room industrial style

Modern window visor also for your retro kitchen

Window blinds louvre retro kitchen

And how do you find the vista blinds by ?

Window visibility blind vista

Northern clarity and refined design on

Window sill protection jalousie white elegant

Far Eastern mysticism for an ultimate Zen feel in the living room

Window blinds modern decent modern style

Subtle pleated and stylish living room furnishings

Window protection modern plissees sun protection living room

Visual protection, which does not hinder freedom – again at Hunter Douglas

Window visibility plissees transparent sun protection hunter douglas

Modern cellular innovation – the pleating for your window decoration

Window vision protection plissees honeycomb cellular technology

Please check

Window visibility plissees blue modern design

The right pleats are also cordless

Window visibility plissees cordless

Put fresh color accents in the room

Window blinds red blinds nursery

Wide blinds fit particularly well to designer furniture in white

Window blinds white blinds wide modern designer furniture

Sliding curtains of white linen for your perfect marine panorama

Window blinds white blinds rail lines

Window blinds flexible blinds plissees

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