Extravagant Decorating For Your Home – Innovative Street Art

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decorating street art from metal cans

Decorations in the form of innovative street art

Do you need new DIY ideas? Draw inspiration from the urban art project – my dog sighs! Already ten years an English artist enriches its my dogs collection with new pieces. They called my dog sighs. A new play comes out every Friday.

Metal box with Cap

cans in art transform face

This box has particularly expressive facial features

Art Deco metal Tin face tears

It’s every time works of art from recycled materials. Look at these pieces. If you are picturesque and technically gifted, you could draw even inspiration for art in your garden.

Similar to nun

inspiring decorating for home nun

They were made from metal cans. These are to be crushed by the artist with the foot, until it is completely flat. Then, a part of the paper is removed at the front.

This part will be “The face”. The rest is wrapped with white tape

Decorating for home metal cans

Then the whole thing will be sprayed. Eyes and the other facial features were painted on this basis. First, this is made by a pencil. Then, the face gets its colors.

It looks like cut out of a magazine with animation figures

decorations from crushed metal cans

The artwork is left then somewhere on the road. It is left to the people, passing.

You can either ignore it, or even to take home with…

crushed Metaldose mustache eyes

It is also quite innovative form of street art when even simple ones. It is carried out in a form, which can lead to many DIY ideas for the home. Because can be equipped so certainly a part of the inner courtyard or garden thus. If you are searching for original decorations for IHT at home, then you are on the right track! This gives a kunstvolleren and more mysterious character.

Mother with child

decorating metal tins attractive inspirational

Orange box

decorating Orange metal box original

The characters, thus expressed, are very diverse. You could use perhaps images of the inhabitants of the House, and represent them on the works of art. It is interesting to know that a completely new project has started with the work of this artist. It is concrete by free art Friday speech. This has brought artists from around the world to let their works of art on the street. You then become an art installation, inspiration for DIY decoration ideas and symbolize our desire to protect the environment and to embellish.

Mysterious eyes

decorating for home cans eyes

Funny and interesting

Matalldose with features decorating

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