Halloween Decorations For Your Home In The Form Of Attractive Sculptures

victory sign plastic decorating Opiary

Decorating for your home – living sculpture by Opiary spices up IhreWohnung on

You don’t know what to do with the decoration of your garden? Or you put on extravagant decorating for your home? Then read the article right, because today we want you introduce some simply stunning sculptures from the imperial collection of Opiary. Certainly you fall for them, because they seem attractive and fresh at the same time. They can be organic, modern and classic details to your interior design, as well as to your exterior.

Apollo plastic

decorating for your home Apollo


decorating for your home gauntlet

Is it art or is it Botany? Only your gardeners can say that with certainty! This incredibly vibrant sculptures are at once lively and static, they are a subtle combination of art and botany, Unmaterialem and fabric. And how lovely each of these would look in your garden! Their uniqueness extends from the classic Apollo (the first image) to the modernist hanging curtains (the last picture). Made of galvanized steel and covered with solid concrete, these sculptures fit great in your garden because they are wettterresistent, but also great suitable for the interior design.

Male body

decorating for your home body

Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander the great

decorating for your home of Bucephalus

The light makes the concrete color appear as grey, almost white grey, what can be combined with any other color. Made by skilled craftsmen from the United States, are these sculptures to the fine surface sanding. But the real charm of this figure are the MOSS and the greenery that grow out of the cracks. Each individual sculpture is growing, living, breathing art. This can be compared more with nothing.


decorating for your home bust


decorating designer sculpture Venus

Mother nature Solitaire

decor sculpture mother nature Solitaire


Samurai sculpture fancy decorating

Victory sign

victory sign plastic decorating Opiary

Which are swept back Knight

of himself returning Knights

Female body armor

body of woman plastic Austrahlt


dog plastic great Austrahlt


Austrahlt Interior ideas scale sculpture

The hanging curtains

hanging curtains sculpture Austrahlt