Window Screens As Discreet Window Decoration Design

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window screening flexible blinds pleats

Window screens – modern of protection methods of of view of for Windows

Modern people increasingly prefer the open floor plan when building a House. This is meant in different aspects. The view is always important when choosing an apartment or House. If you have beautiful views of the surrounding nature, you want to use also no borders between them.

Also, modern people place high value on your privacy, as well as on the good light, heat, and point of view isolation. How do you get all these together again access to massive walls or thick curtains and blinds? The answer lies in the modern solutions for window screens.

Find the perfect solution for your elegant window screens!

privacy of window blinds window blinds Office window decoration

Isolation and screening

If you are planning modern window design at home, don’t forget, that isolation and privacy are two different things. For both, there are modern solutions which are in line with the aesthetic requirements of the inhabitants.

Mostly it’s that already thinks the insulation installation and choice of glass and their frames. A good window screens can be achieved more easily through various methods.

Valuable rustic look with bamboo of window blinds

window screening woven wood blinds tropical exotic living room

If you buy a simple window, you become more complicated life. For difficult matching solutions, subsequently serving the insulation, as well as the privacy.

In the following, we will discuss some solutions for the privacy of the Windows and the insulation methods to recommended.

Black webs give the room a proper masculine appearance

window screens black curtains window decoration Sun designer furniture

Colored glass

A version for the Windows privacy is the use of coloured glass. The various nuances are obtained by specially modified ion. The disadvantage of this method is that the view from both directions, is restricted. But most people want to be seen only. You would like to post views out there have.

Its window can turn into a real work of art

window screens window decoration stained-glass flowers

Depending on the taste and style, you can opt for different patterns and motifs

window privacy stained-glass work kitchen window

All light apertures can be fitted with colored glass. Therefore, they can be too thick or better insulated.

Coloured glass can be purchased in various shades. These offer different advantages and disadvantages for the indoor and the outdoor atmosphere.

How about E.g. with wide stripes in blue and green

window privacy stained-glass window decoration modern design striped

Or do you rather prefer a colourful mosaic like this on

Frosted glass

A method, which we want to recommend for the privacy, is the frosted glass. It is neutral, because it does not color in conjunction with the change. Frosted glass makes no problems as regards the thermal insulation of the window.

We have discovered these delicate tendril patterns on

window privacy frosted vine pattern Fitthehome

Films allow the unilateral vision protection

In contrast to the just mentioned point of view protection methods, the foil can be integrated subsequently. This is somewhat complicated and the film would have to be replaced after a certain time.

Firstly, it is much more flexible with the slides. They can be purchased in different shades and sizes and with different thickness. Films allow the change in the type of view protection depending on the season or depending on the internal and external conditions.

Discreet screening solution with frosted glass in the bedroom

window privacy frosted window film window decoration bedroom

Some films also allow the unilateral window privacy. They are pretty cheap. At least that applies to Windows, which already have a built-in unilateral privacy screen.The films can offer heat – and sound insulation depending on the model.

Blinds and curtains

Blinds and window curtains have experienced in recent years also a new heyday. For this reason you should not discard it as an alternative. For example, the built-in blinds are very effective and modern. Modern fabrics on the Windows provide including better isolation. You can subscribe to different style rooms.

This minimalist window shutters are an excellent alternative – can be found on

Sustainable window blinds made from bamboo –


Sometimes, you reach the best possible effectiveness of isolation through the combination of different methods. People who want to like classic or vintage interiors and still reap the benefits of the modern point of view protection methods do. In this way it ensures more comfort and aesthetics at home!

Intimate combination of fabric and shutters in the dining room

window privacy work flower pattern blinds dining room dining table chairs

Classic patterns and elegant discretion with window shutters in the kitchen

window screening bamboo of window blinds rustic pattern classic

Neutral colors for the sophisticated living room furniture

window privacy, discreet design window blinds beige Brown

Stylish sunglasses for your window

window transparent privacy modern elegant design Sun

Room-high blinds on

Gray shades for more rest and relaxation in the bedroom by Hunter Douglas

window privacy Grau Hunter Douglas window blind

More freshness in the living room with cute floral patterns on the window blinds

window screens of window blinds flower pattern

Filigree scroll pattern for the fine taste of design

window privacy of window blinds tendril pattern bedroom

Modern window screens and romantic bathroom

privacy of window blinds window blinds Hunter Douglas bathroom

Natural materials provide more comfort in the room

window screens of window shutters rustic practically

Woven window blinds combine with the furniture

window privacy wood window blinds woven kitchen

Simple blinds write perfectly in the industrial style

window privacy blinds light grey modern elegant living room industrial style

Modern window screens for your retro kitchen

window privacy blinds retro kitchen

And how to find the Vista blinds by

Northern clarity and refined design on

Far eastern mysticism for an ultimate Zen-feeling in the living room

window privacy blinds discreet modern Japanese style

Subtle pleats and stylish living room furniture

window privacy modern pleats sunscreen living room

Privacy, which does not prevent the freedom – again at Hunter Douglas

window privacy pleats transparent Sunscreen Hunter Douglas

Modern cellular innovation – the pleats for your window decoration

window privacy pleats honeycomb cellular technology


window privacy pleats blue modern design

There are of course also Cordless right pleats

window privacy pleats Cordless

Set fresh color accents in the room

window privacy red blinds nursery

Wide blinds fit particularly well to designer furniture in white

window privacy white blinds wide modern designer furniture

Webs made of white linen for your perfect sea panorama

window privacy white blinds rail lines

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