10 Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For A Tropical Atmosphere At Home

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tropical ambience to home fresh colors outside10 tips on how to give a tropical feeling your hospitality

Why should you stay in establishing everyday and create not a tropical ambience for the guests? We have put together some easy and creative tips for you hereby, as your guests surrounded by large Palm trees and a turquoise-blue sea can feel comfortable.

Exhibit your memories – a tropical experience at home

tropical ambience to home shelves plants decorative fresh

An artful arrangement of tropical souvenirs, postcards or books is certainly a topic of conversation, especially if they tell an interesting story.

Make the shelves look not messy, keep a particular color combination or at least select a color that combines everything together. The deep wooden shades here are reviewed with the shelves and the Cabinet and let us see the bowls, vase, and the work of art.

Serve tropical fruit

tropical ambience home shelf decoration pink lime

The non-earthly delights inspire guests. A specialized market nearby, a farmer’s market or ethnic market, you can buy exotic fruits such as this Rambutan and Knippa on the image. The food of unknown fruits is an unforgettable experience for your guests quite fun and safe. But researching the fruit for the first time so it is a safe and secure experience for all and make a good impression. If Dragon fruit too scary sounds, you better try with pineapple. This is the international symbol of hospitality.

Use leaves as a dramatic arrangement

tropical ambience to home kitchen summery white establishment

Only a sheet can even allow the room look tropical. Some leaves of Mexican mountain Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) or Kentia Palm (Howea fosteriana) make you feel surrounded by large Palm trees. They can stand in a vase, form as shown on the picture, a natural table runner, hanging on the wall, on the mantelpiece or windowsill. If no palm leaves, then use the leaves of other tropical plants.

Integrate into your interior tropical artworks

tropical ambience to home wall decoration decoration photo

This painting of my mother, Nancy Asbell, is not simply a work of art, but a window of a joyful and sunny landscape in Florida. The look is complemented by the rattan boxes and the bright chandelier wires.

Alternatives to the original paintings are inexpensive framed pictures or tropical press. You can make an own pressure by Palm fronds with ink and good paper. You may also further their own ideas.

Make the House plants in the Center

tropical ambience to home living room round coffee table in zebra pattern

Often indoor plants have the role of supporting actors in the decor drama, but a well-placed piece has sculptural power and connects with the space outside the rooms. If you have still any houseplant, you can buy large Palm trees and other architectural plants almost at the same price as a flower bed.

In this room a subdued color, tropical wood textures and a fun zebra pattern are used, and the exotic look attracts attention to the pruning Caudata (Strelitzia nicolai) in the corner. For plant care, please follow the instructions on the label or from Internet. Usually, (but not directly) to ensure just lots of light, so that you can enjoy them more easily and she thrive better.

Unusual collections apply texture

tropical ambience at home Peel chestnuts

Minimalist designs can be warm and interesting with a little bit natural texture, especially when the pieces tell a story.

Even the most mundane things can arrange a boring table, without clutter. A flat woven box for coffee beans looks rich and exotic, and it smells great too. The Pine Cone and the seed pods in the garden are probably non-tropical origin, but can seem in the right facility.

Make the required flower arrangements

tropical ambience to home glass vase green leaves

If you have a houseplant or tropical bulbs in the garden, consider your combination with cut flowers so that you form your own artistic arrangement. Almost every flower would fit with your help to large tropical leaves, but most flowers (except Cymbidium) are potted plants on my balcony. If you can’t find the tropical plants and leaves from the flower dealer, then go to the Garden Center. Houseplants, which are suitable as cut flowers for floral arrangement are Peace Lily (spathiphyllum wallisii), delicious window sheet (Monstera deliciosa) and large Flamingo flower (Anthurium andraeanum).

Collect holiday souvenirs

tropical ambience to home closet shelf decoration sea

Even a postcard can be a work of art with the help of a picture frame, this lobster is available in dark wood frame and surrounded by interesting collected findings in its natural location.

Display cases and shelves are the ideal exhibition possibilities for found treasures such as shells and souvenirs. Not even tropical things can look exotic and intriguing, exhibited in a museum.

Put flowers in unexpected places

tropical ambience to home glass vase flowers wall mirror

A flower arrangement in the dining room is fine, but in the hallway, Foyer or bathroom suggests your thoughtfulness and hospitality. So, better you scatter flowers everywhere for a tropical ambience.

If you in the garden fragrant flowers as gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) or moon flower (Ipomoea alba), let it float in a Cup in the bathroom.

Pick some flowers

tropical ambience to home glass vase flower red

Sure, you need not a complete floral arrangement to have the tropics on the table. A hibiscus – flower in a coral pattern vase can be so you feel, as if you don’t have holidays in Polynesia. The tropical favorites such as hibiscus, Heliconia and Ginger are usually available in garden centers, as seasonal potted plants. Buy once, and then use the flowers and leaves all season long.

Trendy, cosy living room

tropical ambience to home fresh colors solid wood table sofa rattanAlso, you need to set up not kitsch of Tiki culture, feel your guests at a seaside resort. An elaborate exhibition of well selected objects enough to bring an exotic excitement in your home, and that will cost a half a fortune.

Bright bedroom green shades tropical ambience at home green wall design floral bedroom

Contemporary, urban bedroom

tropical ambience at home fresh colors corner sofa comfortable Orange

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