10 Japanese Decoration Ideas To Set Up Our Apartment In The Zen Style

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10 steps to set up our apartment in the style of Zen – Japanese decoration ideas

Nowadays, it is very tiring and difficult to find, therefore, one of the few options – is a place of peace tranquillity and relaxation in life and to create comfort at home. This is the reason why the Japanese principles have become a leading trend in interior design. But what does really mean Zen? Zen in Japanese refers to the meditation. It is reflected in the interior design balance, harmony and relaxation. Although Zen is not a real design style, it has a book by strict rules. It often associated with minimalism, with the simplicity and purity of lines. Rather, this is a way to map your home and create an atmosphere to the troubles and forget the stress of everyday office work. Think about these 10 simple steps to set up your home totally Zen.

10 Japanese decoration ideas to equip our Zen style apartment

living Zen style Japanese decoration design decoration ideas

1. Zen design employs beige shade or pink beige, which have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness around with soft shades such as white, gray,. The chromatic harmony between the various elements is just as important as the Visual continuity between walls, furniture and floors. Include outlines in a monochromatic room, you can always choose to combine a dominant colour such as white paint with Mole skin or beige color with the rosewood with matching objects and structured textiles. You create a variety of colors and shapes, combine two matching colors or experiment with the different shades of your favorite color.

Beautiful garden view from the bedroom, which is decorated in the style of Zen

white Japanese decoration ideas setting up Zen style bedrooms pleasant

2. the floor is always a safe choice, as well as any massive, wooden flooring. White, greyish or each brightly painted parquet is particularly refined, but you can choose also coloured parquet. The floor coating can create a modern and pleasant atmosphere in the apartment or in the attic. Wool rugs offer a real sense for convenience, but require a higher level of maintenance. However, if you select a carpet, you can refine your Zen decoration and amplify sensation of the room by combining several different wool rugs. Pay attention to the fact that the carpet color to the floor color to fit again.

A comfortable four poster bed in the bedroom – dark wooden furniture accessories

Japanese decoration ideas flat set up four-poster bed black flooring

3. substances shall adhere to of course the same rule. The curtains, which provide for the degree of intimacy is one of the essential elements of your Zen decoration. Treat them in a special way and use natural fabrics such as linen or wool and stylishly arranged them in the room. For a more artful ambience, combining them with shutters, which regulate the light. Pay special attention to the mounting system.

Simplicity and cosiness on the sun terrace – Japanese decoration idea

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style terrace

The Flash lights replace 4 for a relaxing atmosphere with soothing candle lights inspired by nature.  Avoid a strong direct light from the ceiling and exploit all opportunities to mix a floor lamp, a lantern, and indirect light. The wall lamps are very practical for the bedroom. If you like diffused light, you can choose some scented candles.

White bedroom interior design in the Zen style

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style bedroom

5. the facilities in the Zen style is characterized by simple and clear lines, avoids the details and the excess decoration. The furniture should be of high quality and are created from natural materials. Storage furniture (wardrobes, closets, changing tables) could be painted in lively colors. Because the bedroom is usually the most important room of Zen interiors, here are some specific suggestions for his furniture are:

– Place the bed in the vicinity of a source of light and avoid the square in front of the door. The height of the bed should be the one with which you feel comfortable, but high beds (more than 55 cm) usually accentuate the sensation of comfort. Select upholstered bed in leather or one with colored headboard.

– Keep your bed decoration to a minimum: use wool or blankets made from and don’t overdo it with the number of decorative pillows.

-Bedside tables are very useful and a stylish decorative element. Again be sure to choose such night table that fits well to the bedroom Interior.

-For a reading area, choose a simple Chair, and pay attention to the simple lines of furniture.

The same device rule applies to the wall decoration: simplicity

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style simplicity dining area

6 the same device rule applies to wall decoration: simplicity. Avoid the collection of images or photos and keep only those of them you have especially fond. For a totally harmonious and first-class library cover all books in monochromatic paper.

Essential oils are one of the ways to fill your room with fresh scents

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style candles beeswax aromas

7. a homemade spray for bedding or Beeswax candles and essential oils are some of the ways to fill your room with fresh scents, they are not only soothing when you are sleeping, but also healthy effect, when it’s time to wake up.

Dark brown Liegetühle leather and a small round glass table

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style dark Braun Leder deck chair

8 electronic equipment are mostly distracting, therefore they integrate very well in an apartment in the Zen style. However, if you like to have your TV in the bedroom, make sure that it is placed in a separate area. Hide all his supply lines and cables, which can distort the cheerful atmosphere in the whole room.

Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums are a good choice

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style plants reassuring

9 the plants have a soothing effect due to their green color and because they produce oxygen. Avoid flowers that need special care. Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums are for example a good choice.

Stylish interior design in the Zen style – wood construction

Japanese decoration ideas flat Zen style simplicity

10 . keep the furniture accessories to a minimum. Remove the unnecessary and superfluous objects and keep only what is necessary, but delay is not such elements add, providing extra comfort.

stools comfortable cushion square dark table Japanese style decoration

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