10 practical interior design ideas that refresh your home

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10 simple interior design ideas that refresh the apartment

The beginning of spring is the ideal time for refreshing interior design ideas. In this case, we do not mean expensive and expensive renovations. It is about very simple tips, however, the space completely transform.

Art on the wall

A neutral home furnishings enriched by large-scale art pieces is a very trendy trend in 2017. This would also be the first option we would suggest to you to renew your interior design. Choose a large piece of art and let it be an accent or select several that together make an exciting plant.

The art pieces will give the room more elegance

Refreshment for the apartment

New panel for the decoration cushions

Is not it time for new decoration pillows? Neutral, but also other internal devices, can be greatly modified by such a simple and obvious step. Decorative cushions can also easily and safely introduce trendy colors and patterns into the interior design.

The decoration cushions should combine with the design of the room

Artworks for the modern apartment

Find matching space for more mirrors in the room

The mirrors make the rooms appear brighter and more spacious. You can also enlarge them visually. Similar to the works of art, both individual great accents, as well as constellations from several such, look great. In the second variant, you need a connecting element between the different mirrors. The possibilities are many: the shape or the size of the frames, their material, etc.

The mirrors can serve as wall decorations

More mirror in the room

Grell shaded carpet

The eye-catching carpet not only changes mood and atmosphere. Depending on the size and pattern, you can completely change the perception of the spatial dimensions.

The atmosphere is enhanced with a striking carpet

Decoration with dekokissen ideas

What about new pot plants?

If you love the house plants, you will surely like the idea to renew them again and again. Find new colors and textures that enrich your interior design.

Design your apartment with attractive potted plants

Design pot plants in the room

Replace the bedspread

In the bedroom, the bed is always the most important and most important piece of furniture from a designer point of view. That is why you will completely change the mood in this room by changing the bedspread.

Change the mood in the bedroom

Mirror in the room as deco

DIY projects with old furniture

Do you feel like new furniture, although the old ones still look good? Perhaps you can realize a few DIY projects with your furniture and refresh the ambience. Design these with new colors and patterns.

Renew your home with old furniture

Old furniture in the room

New decoration in the bathroom

We start and finish our day in the bathroom. Refresh this room with new interior furnishings ideas, you will positively influence your mood for the whole day. Maybe you can just take a curtain in a new color?

Refresh the room with attractive ideas

Art as deco design

Organize your workplace again!

At the workplace, we spend the majority of our daily lives. A reorganization will raise your mood and give you the feeling of a major change.

The work becomes more harmonious and relaxed

Workplace design designs

Decorative cushions are a must for every living room

Decoration designs

You should strategically position the works of art in the space

Art on the wall

The decoration cushions should be designed with the right color

Matching color dekokissen

Design mirrors are extremely up to date this year

Mirror in the interior room

The potted plants provide a natural look

Potted decoration and designs

Potted plants in fresh colors

Potted plants in the stairs

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