13 Original Ideas For Decoration From Tree Stump

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stump decoration idea glowing candles fixed

13 beautiful and aesthetic proposals – decoration from tree stump

You would have thought sure a tree stump can be as useful. Tree stumps can be used for so many things and some designers create such furniture and decorative objects made of tree stumps. Nevertheless can build many of these things myself – we want to show you now some thematic projects.

Beautify decoration from tree stump – your apartment!

Sidetable off stump idea House soft carpet corner sofa

For example, you can make a stool, a table, a lamp, a vase and even a flower pot from a single tree trunk. You can then place many of these things grouped together and that will look even better. Each piece will be unique. Take a look at these 10 original ideas for decoration from tree stump and choose your next project from this do it yourself!

Simple and small flower vase from tree stump

decoration from tree stump flower vase light color pink

Square tree trunk serves as a Board

decoration from tree stump Board picture frame white slopes

Funny stool from tree stump – practical decoration idea

decoration off stump stool comfortably

Tree stumps serve as decorative side tables

decoration from tree stump chairs page table

Wonderful white table lamp from tree stump

decoration from tree stump table lamp original nature

Extravagant living room interior – a side table from Stump to

decorative side table from tree stump idea house design

Interesting idea for your garden or backyard – oversized pots from tree stumps

backyard garden tree stump flower pot idea decoration

Cosy Studio at home with white brick walls and dark table

coffee table stump stool idea white black stripe rug

Practical and stylish – retention of snags in the winter

storage tree stumpfe fireplace stove winter floral pattern Red Chair

Interesting table on rollers made of tree stumps and a metallic floor lamp

table roll soft white carpet stump decoration floor lamp

Festive idea for Christmas – homemade garlands

Christmas tree stump Garland self made hell soft carpet

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