15 Creative And Original Decorating With Light Bulbs

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decorating flower pot

Creative deal with the light bulbs

You have creative thinking, you can easily come up with many ideas. The trick is to look outside the box and to invent new options outside of the traditional use of the things. Think for example of the light bulb! She has not many areas of application. The only thing that actually you think is that she lit up the room. Is it true or not?

Shows we us together on the following decorations and you’ll understand what I mean…

Creative decorating for Valentine’s day

decorating bulbs Valentine's day

Take the bulb, pull out the contact and break the glass insulator. Carefully clean the bulb! With a red wire, you can make small heart strings yourself, then make them down on a piece of wood. The light bulb comes on the heart strings attached.

The small terrarium

decorating bulbs terrarium

A great idea for small terrarium. Remove the Interior of light bulb, as well as the metal tip and glue silicone buffers on the side of the light bulb to keep it stable. Then add a little sand and plants and you have created your small, DIY terrarium.

Tinker old ship

decorating ship inside

A more interesting version of the ship in a bottle. Remove the tungsten and tinker even a ship or use an existing one. Make water imitation with hot glue gun!

Make oil lamp itself

decorating oil lamp

We try something else! An oil lamp from light bulbs. All you need are liquid paraffin, a wick, 2 light bulbs, a piece of wood, black gloss paint, magnets and epoxy.

Flower vase

decoration flowers vase

A flower vase is easy to make. Take a burned-out light bulb, remove the wire and everything else, and hang them somewhere. Good luck!

Tinker planter

decoration bulb planter

Instead of a vase, you can make yourself a pot.  I will skip the first steps to avoid the repetitions. Put Earth in the bulb and add the seeds.


decorating bulbs decoration

The light bulb can be a lovely decoration. Lay adhesive on the outside surface of the entire light bulb so that it looks even. With a Purring piece, make a loop and wrap the light bulb.

Table decoration

decorating bulbs on the table

Craft cards

decoration light bulbs cards

Tree decoration

decorating bulbs tree

Topiary gardens / shape cutting garden

decorating flower pot

Concrete wall hooks

decorating bulbs concrete hook

Pendant lamp

decoration pendant lamp

A burnt out light bulb can be used still on a pendant. Here, you can use an acrylic paint to make the pendant more interesting.

Cards terrarium

decorating bulb card

Heart of light bulbs

decoration glass flowers

This is a rechargeable light bulb centerpiece.

Pears from light bulbs

decorating cable branches

Branches, light bulbs, glue and wire are all that you need for this project. Break the twigs and glue them to the top of the bulbs. On top is the bonded rope.


decorating bulbs rope

Is still an idea for your decoration at home

decoration bulb table

Ignite your imagination, using my creative decorating and discover the otherworldly, unprecedented capabilities of light bulbs! Have fun!

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