15 Designer Projects Outdoors For Pets

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Designer projects outdoor pet yard cat

15 Designer projects outdoors for pets

The love and care to the pets enrich your porches and gardens. Look at the ideas themselves, as the pets live out there safely and comfortably. Then send us pictures with your pet projects in the open air.

The new “tree” for scratching and climbing is fastened with metal base to the ground

Designer projects outdoor pet cat

After the failures of the last tree in the small garden, something for the cat should be established. So, the 3-meter-high wooden pole is emerged, wrapped in the stainless steel rope with Frost glue and u-shaped brackets.

This cute rabbit Hutch in Costa Rica accommodates three rabbits need a cool place

home design grass courtyard garden design pets

For more ventilation, both sides on both sides are identical – to a door and two Windows, plus a high window.

The roof made of galvanised sheet reflects the Sun and is may for easy access. It was built no floor. The rabbit is about 2.5 meters of Earth with shadows covering high.

This fountain is made of Green Granite drilled in and river stone

Designer projects outdoor pet dog stoneIn the hot Arizona climate water is critical for the dogs. This fountain is made of Green Granite drilled in and river stone, with circulating underground water, that every day will be refreshed from a plant. The size fits exactly to the dog.

The oasis attracts birds – on the screen we see wild lovebirds

Designer projects outdoor pet bird water

The owner of these two big dogs wanted to find a favourable solution of water, where the water circulates, keep it clean

Designer projects outdoor pet dog water bowl

So she made a fountain from a flower pot and garden pump.

The dogs spend much time outdoors and have a great refuge

Designer projects outdoor pet fence huts

The dog Oscar and his friends all have verandas like.

Susan Kauffman has refuge even made the horses and formed

Designer projects outdoor pet horses

The desire was for something more aesthetic than the usual. And that they more inviting for the horses is, so it is built according to the nature and thinking of the horses.

The 1.5-meter-high walls ensure air circulation and look for the horses. The ceilings are made of shingle which are much quieter than metal in the rain. On the ground rubber mats are nailed down to Earth, so that the horses take up no sand at dinner. The horses very successfully use the hut rain protection, sun shade and to eat.

On the screen we see a renovation of the dog-friendly backyard

Designer projects outdoor pet dog backyard,the courtyard has no grass and all the plants are dog tolerant

Designer projects outdoors for pets dog-tolerant plants idea

This is the place in the inner courtyard, where the dog in the Sun is located and recovered.

The dogs have access to the fence, to visit their neighbors without damaging the plants

Designer projects outdoor pet sitting area

This backyard terraces and a lower level for the dogs is pet-friendly plants games

designer outdoor pet yard landscaping projects

The window in the fences are made for the dogs from both sides

Designer projects outdoor pet yard cottage

So a dog not constantly digs under the fence, and the others enjoy the view of the neighbors. Now can the neighbor dogs sniff himself and watch, and you hear much less bark.

The idea has worked out very well, that a Fort was built in the corner.

The cats want to of course lie in the Sun, fresh air, watch birds, squirrels and butterflies

Designer projects outdoor pet yard cat unfortunately there are also many risks for them out there. So it has come to this solution – homemade cat cages, which are accessible from the living room window.

This cat has its own Jetty on the small deck in the condo

Designer projects outdoor pet cat place

So, the owners and the cat share same location for relaxation and recreation.

This cat tree is the Christmas present for the four cats from the owner

Designer projects outdoor pet black cat

This cat tunnel travel camper with the families

Designer projects outdoor pet yard creative

The tunnels are accessible from the Windows, and the cats come and go as they wish.

In the garage is also a Dog Kennel

Designer projects outdoor pet facade House

The input of outside leads to a lighted Interior under the stairwell with a bed and water heated in in the winter. The small children use the Kennel as a Fort.

This little hut has even a single dog weather vanes

Designer projects outdoor pet facade panels cottage

The hut is meant for two puppies and is so painted to match the House. The other end of the hut leads to the House. Inside is a carpet and the cottage guarantees rain protection on rainy days in Seattle.

Send us your pet projects as a comment below! We look forward!

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