15. Exposed Interior Design Myths

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interior design myths eclectic luxuriously with Zebra skin rug

15 exposed interior design myths

For years, there were certain rules that you should adhere to, achieve the perfect House. Fashion and decor but need to change also. In many cases the old is once again fashionable, if rules is not about decoration. There are two paths here: the rules are made to be injured, or there are simply no rules at the decoration more…

Small room should be in white or a pale neutral color

interior design myths crystal chandelier sky blue upholstered armchair

It was previously thought that white or pale rooms look brighter and larger. Sometimes it is true, but it depends much more on, how big are the furniture and are placed in the room as they. And sometimes one wishes to have a really small room that is warm, inviting, comfortable and private. The wall, duvet or accessories – warm up your small room colors.

Small room should have “small” furniture

interior design myths comfortable armchairs and sofa in white marble fireplace

This is probably the dumbest myth. The small pieces of furniture in your small room make your home look more as a doll’s House. In a small bedroom space should not necessarily be for a King size bed, but if there is the possibility for a Queen size bed, you perceive them. Rather fill the room with one or two larger pieces of furniture than with several smaller. That’s where the space is limited, you think in terms of style and function. A wardrobe is better than a chest of drawers. A luggage compartment made of wood at the foot of the bed is an elegant, classic look.

You shall comply with all of the “rules”

interior design myths oversized Ottoman of Minzgrüne

And we say that the rules are hurting! If you decorate your home, you need to represent your personal taste and style – this should be the first rule! What are you like? What are your popular colors? Styles? Hobbies? What kind of artwork do you want? Are they modern or classic? Are you inspired by Asian influences? You’re always DIY? Your House should be your own tastes and passions.

Dark rooms are the rooms look smaller

interior design myths Limefarbige leather armchair and Buntgemusterte pillows

Dark rooms offer warmth, texture and dimension. You can make the rooms elegant and dramatic. Dark walls are beautiful canvases for further work. A work of art, hung on a dark wall, is much more impressive. The color of the walls is not so important to feel how big the room is, as the placement and size of furniture within the framework of the dark walls. You have proportional furnishings in the room – if you like larger pieces of furniture, then less make. Leave the room and fluent. The rooms look smaller when they are crowded.

Dark ceilings make low/small room look like

interior design myths of convenient geometric pattern and frame dark blanket

As the top point, that’s not right. The colorful ceilings give texture, dimension and drama. The room can be capricious. In a smaller room, you could opt for lighter walls and equipment and dark ceiling. They may add more decorative mirror in your small room so that they produce additional light.

No patterns and pressure mixtures

interior design myths a great mix of colors and patterns

And we say, why not? There is no better way color to give a room texture and individuality as the mixture of patterns. Yes, strip, gingham and flower pattern live quite harmoniously together.  So that’s good, you need adhere to a color palette. Can materials and pattern mix, no matter whether you are working with blue and grey, pink and green or black and white.

Stay with a focus

interior design myths modern wall art dining table from glass white kitchen island

And why? We not one-dimensional are our rooms, too. Each living room has four walls, why just the one to serve as focus? Is your Bay window less or more important than your fireplace? And the great work of art that you have inherited from your grandmother? The window, the fireplace and the great work of art deserves the attention. With a focus on each wall, give texture and measure your room and show of course your own individuality.

Stay with a style

interior design myths Eclectic furnishings mixed styles very colorful and elegant

Or tell someone that he a sport or hobby or just a passion should remain… We are versatile, so our homes also. And if you are a world traveler and have collected works of art from Greece, China, Japan and France? Can you choose a popular work among these? Mixing and harmonics of different styles gives your home a sense of the overlay, which you can represent best your style and ego to meaning.

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture

interior design myths low stylish armchairs and coffee tables from Walnut

If nothing else! Perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your House is your dining table, Bookshelf, an old rarity… or your sofa. But it really depends on your House and lifestyle. Rather, for a young and very active family, the sofa would be important in terms of functionality than fashion. Normally, the sofa is the focus in the living room and thus it should be aesthetic and satisfactory. If you have small children, you would buy an expensive. Leave it for later.

Do not paint you vintage furniture?

interior design myths antique furniture dresser in blue

Why not? Recycling and Upcycling is becoming more and more popular. It is environmentally friendly. The fresh paint of the vintage is back in fashion a piece of yesterday’s furniture.

The dining table to match the Dining chairs

interior design myths colorful patterned Dining chairs and chandelier with turquoise beads

Adjusting the furniture and fabrics is madness! You can integrate different styles and materials. Remain but better in a color – take either bright or dark wood. Or, if you do this or have also mixed the styles, then consider pillow of a color or a fabric.

The art of children should stand on the fridge

interior design myths children drawings of the wall patterned carpet and stool with flowers

Exhibiting the art of your children if they live with you. Organize a Studio or gallery wall, that is the best way more color to add wonder and whimsy. Sometimes the simplest painting can contribute so much to the ambience of the room.

The rooms in white are not inviting

interior design myths white as background elegant candle holder factory lamps

The white spaces are actually what you have done. White spaces can be boring, empty, and anonymous, but they can be too introspective. As already mentioned, the materials and individuality are the key words for elegance.  The white can have many shades, so if you set up a white room, you take some white tones for depth and warmth. Ivory white walls, linen sofas with white cushions can give a feeling of calm. The white must be non-sterile and cold.

Restrict the use of carpets

interior design myths beautiful carpets of sisal and pattern in light brown

Not really! The rugs are a great way to have more color and texture on the floor. Their overlay can warm up the room. You can soften the hard wood floor and add depth and texture to the walls. The rugs can tie together pieces of furniture and living room. Here again, you could make overlay pattern, if you stay in the same color.

Each room needs some splashes of color

interior design myths grey and white shading Dim lighting

Might want to attach color to any room, but it must be not necessarily. You can get enough contrast and diversity with the use of different tones and shades of one color. If you stay only in a shade, then the room will look too monotonous and one-dimensional.

So, go ahead and violate the rules!

Subdued colours and soft lighting have also their advantages

interior design myths discreet wrought iron mirror frame

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