20 Cool Accessories, Which You Can Find In The School Returning

Editor   August 30, 2013   Comments Off on 20 Cool Accessories, Which You Can Find In The School Returning

cool accessories honeycomb pattern shelves

20 cool accessories

Sometimes, before the beginning of the school years to miss the emotions? Don’t worry: The today represented accessories you can experience again these.

Magnetic Board made of bamboo

cool accessories magnetic Board for keys and notes

The name talks of the two materials, from which the table is created. It’s actually a super cool School Board!

Blue drawer shelf for documents from CB2

cool accessories of light blue Rollcontainer

Want to have organized at your about you, but in a way which reminds of the school. You can reach it by this cabinet.

Wall Panel with natural details

cool accessories beetle colorful picture

It’s a chic and vivid reminder of the textbooks on science.

Yellow Bookshelf

cool accessories lemon-yellow narrow shelf

Is this high and yellow figure, not the most correct construction, through which you can get your books in order?

Carpet with children paintings

cool accessories of funny kids carpet

Who would be motivated not by this colored carpet for learning?

Colored drawer shelf

cool accessories many colored drawers

Do you like this wardrobe for storage of post cards of different kind?

Tank for storing cables

cool accessories of elegant storage box for cables

Painted in white and covered with Cork in this container can be kept different cables.

Container for pens with a monogram

cool accessories Dove pen

I think that each student as a possession will be jealous.

Cork Board in the form of a cloud

cool accessories cloud Cork Pinboard in white

This would be not a wonderful background for gluing your memories.

Botanical table

cool accessories of floral motifs

As a subject for the House is chic and at the same time suitable to the topic of school. The details on it are fabulous for all without exception.

Cubic Bowl

cool accessories small round basin

This dish makes my heart melt. You can place this work either on the wall or on a table, but it has a wonderful effect in both cases.

Black plaque on your wall

cool accessories memo Board notice board

These can be mounted on any wall and depending on the place can be applied also the corresponding motif on it.

Kavarnvik box with lid in grey

cool accessories elegant storage box grey

You will find this beautiful piece at IKEA and it fits perfectly with any interior.

Newgate wall clock

cool accessories round watch with green and red pointer

Through this classic-appearing watch you are reminds of the time when you have high run the stairs quickly to the classroom.

Floating shelf in the form of a book stack

cool accessories fancy shelf of books

Everyone will want to have as a shelf to after enough time of looking at home.

Bookend in the shape of a cross

cool accessories cross bookend wood

In natural or a different color, this cross will support your books.

Wall shelf in the shape of a honeycomb

cool accessories honeycomb pattern shelves

Is a very popular item and in the form of a wall shelf, it’s especially beautiful, don’t you find?

Calendar with spices and herbs

cool accessories kitchen wall calendar

Now it is time to count the days until the Christmas break. This will make just have fun through this charming calendar.

Pocket for pencils in the shape of a shark

cool accessories case shark

Do you like this bag? I would take it for himself, but it fits for people of all ages.

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