20 Cool Window Niche Decoration Ideas

cool window niche decoration ideas Bay classic

A window is a window project, which is placed on the main walls of a House, forming a Bay window in the room either square or polygonal. Such window niche can be found usually in pretty old buildings, but some people use them in contemporary homes. There are various ways to decorate this Bay window and use. They can leave empty, so that the room looks bigger. You can convert this space into a comfortable work area, for example in a reading corner or something. Here is a gallery of ideas that will help you to find the best choice for you. Have fun here!

Attractive living room – elegant window recess

Bay window high floor white furniture equipment

Elegant dining area – white & accommodation dining area cool window niche decoration ideas whiteBay window overlooking the garden window Bay idea decoration window recessCompact window recess – practical shutter, beige window Bay niche comfortable sofa cushion beige

Natural light in the living room window shop decoration idea Bay living roompink & accommodation – cosy window niche window niche decoration idea cool pinkWindow niche decoration ideas green color

Oversized, white window recess – colorful furniture and decorative pillowswindow niche decoration ideas great blind

Facilities in the eclectic style – atmospherewindow niche decoration ideas great white blackpeach coloured facilities – Bay blinds window niche decoration idea great sun rayscozy living room idea – classic elements and pieces of furniturewindow niche elegant decoration idea KensingtonCurtains Bay idea design modern PVCcombination of dark and light shades classic equipment window niche sofa carpet stoolminimalist style and classical motifs – comfortable deck chair modern lounge chair White Leather window niche decoration

natural light cool window niche decoration ideasround window niche decoration idea yellow wallsstylish Bay white color cool window niche decoration ideas pompous facilities – dark walls and classic elementsliving room armchairs cool window niche decoration ideas

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